Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: NOT DATING!

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: NOT DATING!

Rumors have been floating across the internet about Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas dating, but sources close to tell us they’re not true!

In fact, the 23-year-old actress is actually dating Brock Kelly!

Joe and Ashley hung out a few times but they’re just friends,” our source tells us.

Another shared, “Joe has been trying to date Ashley for awhile now, but it looks like it’s never going to work out for him.”

WHO DO YOU THINK Ashley looks better with — Brock or Joe?

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  • yoo




  • kk13

    tottaly Brock!

  • anonymous

    Brock. She’s a woman she’s better off with a man. Joe is a boy.

  • rosie

    joe a million times but she isnt good enough for him!

  • linda

    both are to cute for her

  • Sonya

    lol @anonymous ^
    anyways, i used to like joe but it seems like he keeps dumping his girlfriends :( thats not nice

  • MEEEE (;


    Joe, stay single. You don’t have to be with someone to be happy.
    Why don’t you work on that relationship that you began, but then quickly ended( for a dumb excuse) & try getting your dear friend, back? ;P

    worry about other grown woman, later.

  • Paula


  • cris


    I mean, i have nothing against Joe, I like him as a singer, but he “trying to date ashlee for a while now” sounded like a douge bag, i thought he wasn’t, but now I think Taylor wasnt over reacting about him…

    Now I kinda think Demi is better off without him, she was fallng big time for him, and he just prove her wrong.. im not saying shes a saint but shes not trying to date someone esle already.

  • winona

    Brock. I like Ashley and it would be the worst to here she was dumped by Papa Jonas on a cell call.

  • krystelle

    haha i need glasses, i thought it
    said ashley tisdale xD anyway, i
    like joe and all but no with her (:

  • Liz

    I love Ashley to death, as do I love Joe. But Joe has a bad track record with girls, and Id hate for him & Ashley to date then break up. I mean we no more then find out Joe & Demi are dating then wham its over. I give Joe some props, I mean he & Camellia (SP!?) lasted quit a while lol. I honestly wish & hope Joe & Demi work out in the end. But for now, Ashley is so better off with Brock.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Well, as much as I would like to go for Joe… he wouldnt be able to handle that woman! Hey! But I do… I could do it! hahaha just kiddin… I think she is more experienced that Joe in all senses… Brock works for her…

  • tiff

    wow joe is such a HO. it’s the truth, who does he think he is anyways? btw he is so ugly……..

  • ana

    I’m glad Ashley isn’t dating him! Joe goes from girl to girl, he’ll just dump her a few months later.

  • anonymous

    Ok just had a rethought. NEITHER! She’s better off with Jackson Rathbone

  • elle

    dude, he needs a rebound girl!

  • haley

    Should just date KELLAN LUTZ.

  • Kathleen

    Joe will pursue her until he get’s her, then he’ll dump her! That’s his track record. He’s all about the chase! …but of course he’ ll want to remain friends!

  • elle

    Dude, joe needs a rebound girl!

  • C

    i love Ashley and Joe but not together
    I prefer Ashley with Jackson

  • andge.(:

    im not saying this because i love joe, but i honstly think that ashley looks a little better with brock. they just look like they belong togetherr more and they have mostly the same style.

  • winona

    Jackson has a Scott Diseck quality and Kellan looks too old for her.

  • S

    Thank goodness this isnt true. She reminds me too much of Camilla Belle, she would only end up using him and hurting him.

  • pandora

    Think Joe is cute but he’s a boy that seems afraid of commitment so Ashley should date a man. Note Camilla Belle was not his longest relationship that would be his Aussie ex Amelia. As long as he does not have anymore to do with Disney Demi she seems very immature and just too much drama.

  • just saying


    I 100% agree with you!!! Those two would make one hot couple!!!!

  • KArina

    Neither. She should just date Jackson Rathbone. They are so cute together

  • Pat

    You took the words right out of my mouth.
    “trying to date her for awhile.”
    Sound like Joe is ALWAYS after the next pretty thing even when he is in a relationship.

    He is acting like a boy still.

  • Ashley x Jackson

    She should date Jackson Rathbone!

  • Nadya

    Totally ashley better with brock, and I think Joe and Demi soooo perfect together,they’re the cutest couple in the world,and I hope JEMI 2.0

  • pandora

    Dream on If Joe and Disney Demi were sooooo perfect why did he want out so quick!!!

  • anonymous

    ALL guys like the chase but especially if there are rich and famous. With so many girls always chasing after them they will want what they cannot have.

  • tara


  • rock

    deff brock kelly. they have the same english look.

  • elaine

    i love ashley and joe, but ashley is way better with brock! i love joe, but i don’t want ashley being heartbroken by joe! i love joe, but it’s like he’s just playing.. you know..two months with demi..then your sources say that he’s trying to date ashley for months now..i don’t like demi, so i don’t pretty much care..but i love ashley, and i don’t want joe to cheat on her! xD

  • mourning4jemi

    i love ashley greene .. but with Joe ? i think it wont last if “IT” happens . Hw i wish i know demi’s feeling about this . Nw, joe is not trying to look nice for girls cause he’s a serial dater LOL.

  • Ella

    Ashley belongs with BROCK because JOSEPH belongs to MY HEART. <3

  • RathboneGreene

    Psssh, she belongs to Jackson, not Joe or Brock. SO YEAH.

  • aang

    It would be a mutually PR beneficial relationship. They both need the boost.

  • http://JEN123LFC@AOL.COM JENNA

    @dANIELLE: That is so true. He belongs with Demi. :)

  • bedford

    thank god she’s not dating joe. because, I love her to death, but I also love Demi. And I would’ve been so angry if she’d dated Demi’s ex. 6 weeks after they broke up.
    She’s cute with Brock :)

  • Kiundrea

    i know right joe is cute but he’s not that cute to slide by and get away with that kind of stuff fans love him but he’s just a player ashley would be just another name on his list then he says oh i realized that i just wanted to be friends with her he dumped taylor because he said he wanted to be with camilla belle he just dumped demi and now he’s already trying to make a move that shows you who he really is ashley is just his rebound chick thankfully shes dating someone already because it will be a two month realationship then it’s over with he’s just a player he cant tie himself down to one girl ,he gets tired of bieng with one girl he’s just sad and pitiful sometimes

  • evielou8

    i kinda like her with joe they make a cute couple and are both adorable :D

  • julia

    joe is kinda getting pathetic.
    he can not survive without having a girlfriend…seriously.
    and he lost his “best friend” for a pathetic excuse.
    maybe he should take time for himself and learn he doesn’t need a girlfriend to survive in life.

    then maybe he’ll realize what a doushe he’s been to however many girls he brokeup with and maybe he’ll actually feel bad.

    until then, he needs to work on getting his best friend back. because he really hurt her.

    i don’t mean this to be extremely hateful. cause i love joe, i’m going to see them in concert in august.
    but he needs to mature a little before he should be in a relationship.

  • Flooor (:

    Joe is too much for her.

  • j

    I think he scare of being dump or heartbroken, but we all go through it. He’ll never truly be a man, if he can’t face it.

  • http://smsantos18 Shainee

    href=”/2010/07/13/ashley-greene-joe-jonas-not-dating/comment-page-1/#comment-10944915″>MEEEE (;: Totally agree with you!

  • Trishaaa

    Uhhg , I think Joe is really bad at relationships , [ & also Nick Jonas for the record ] , because I DONT THINK NO DECENT MAN WOULD DUMP HIS GIRLFRIEND IN A 27 sec FONE CALL.. & WHAT HAPPENED WITH HIIM AND DEMI WAS JUST SOO FAST .. SOO Joe worry about gurlz later :P .. [ no offense peepz , i LOVE joe , juz for the record ]

  • Trishaaa

    Ohhhh .. & + Jackson Rathbone is so much betta for her! Jashley!

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