Scream and Shouts for Nick Jonas!

Scream and Shouts for Nick Jonas!

Nick Jonas walks straight into a mob of fans after performing as Marius in Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre in London on Monday night (July 12).

The 17-year-old actor/musician was more than happy to sign autographs for awaiting, screaming fans.

Nick and his entourage, including Les Mis costar Samantha Barks, left after a while and headed back to his apartment.

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10+ pics inside…

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Credit: Matrix; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • Tay

    the mystery gal is his castmate samantha barks. : )

  • stephy!!!

    is good to see him happy… but jummm i dontt like see him with sammy or lucy … I think I’m team Niley ..i know is over and all jajaj but however good luck to Nick!

  • Skye

    I’m team niley too but not against Nick dating if Miley is. Not that I think he’s dating. Why would he start up something when he’s about to leave London anyway? Oh well, we’ll never know what’s going on, probably just friends though, funny it was only her that went back to his apartment though but still doesn’t have to mean anything I guess???

  • Yolanda

    Oh no yesterday he posted this on twitter – “Ohh Feelin alive, feelin alive”!!!! Clearly he has done the nasty with her!!! She probably helped him release his man juice orally!!!! I guess what happens in London stays in London LOL!!!!

  • Jj

    There is no proof they went back to his apartment. They could have just gone out and got something to eat. Too many people jump to conclusions. Why is Nick really not allowed to have friends? He is a teen, let him hang out with friends without being slandered.

  • Jj


    I hope you kidding! Let him have friends without more gossip.

  • julie

    It was his Mom’s birthday yesterday and he is staying at the apartment with Big Rob, His Mom and Dad and his little brother Frankie. I don’t really think he was taking a girl “up to his room” so to speak.

    Nick looks so happy in these pictures. He’s seems to be really enjoying his run in Les Miserables. And I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the theater critics. Great job Nick!

  • julie

    That looks like Samantha Barks in the picture. She a castmate of Nick’s in Les Miserables. I’m pretty sure she has a boyfriend.

  • Eric Shinn

    @julie: So true!!! Nick cannot stop smiling since moving to London – he should stay there if it makes him happy!!!!

  • http://deleted Marimadness

    he DOES look happy. Wow who is this kid haha. Just kidding. He looked so weird to me but its probably cuz i bearly woke up and saw the pic. But he sure looks different! To me at least. I was like ‘oh no here we go again’ when it said he was with a mystery girl. I seriously wanted to roll my eyes. But hey, its his life and im pretty sure she has a bf. I think. Anyway cant wait when he comes back. If he does (just kidding) and i hope hes still happy wen he does. P.s. Niley= NO.

  • Jen

    I am so happy to see Nick so happy. He is really loving London and hanging out with friends, his own friends. I have heard he has done really well in Les Miserables.

    Just a side note, he and Samantha could have easily been going to get something to eat after the show. He and his pals do that often. Besides have we seen proof that he went back to his apartment with her. Pretty doubtful! He has herds of girls outside his apartment every morning and night, they would have went balistic. Plus his parents and Big Rob are there. Lets let Nick have his fun without gossiping and spreading rumors. He is a hardworking kid and deserves to have fun too. Also noticing he still has his purity ring nicely around his chain.

  • Jen


    I know! I love seeing him smile. He has made some really great friends. Just because he is seen with a girl doesn’t mean they are together. He has hung out with many of his castmates individually and as a group. He is having fun and acting like a teen for once. If he is seeing this girl and she makes him this happy well I am all for it. Thinking it is kind of doubtful though since he is leaving soon. Just happy he is happy!

  • jenny

    Nick looks great in these pictures. It’s nice that he is happy. And nice that he can do something with his castmates and friends during their off time.

  • dianajonas

    Nick looks great as always , I’m just hopping that he is not dating any of his costars
    we need you here :)

    Thejonasbros are better than bieber for sure!
    Need it to clear that up

  • dianajonas

    he is soooooooooooo handsome !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ljmz

    he should be happy for himself!:)
    i saw him 2 weeks ago in Les Mis and he was amazing in it! Plus the crowds are outside after every Les Mis performance, the mob i was i was huge! Plus, the atmosphere was amazing, everyone was singing JB songs and chanting Nick, i got some really good photos considering he was constantly a moving target!

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    I love him, I really do.

  • eli jonas

    he is sooooooo cute and i love him
    jobros are totally better than anyone as well as justin bieber
    he isnt sooo good like joe or nick
    joe and nick are amazing
    i love both of them

  • selena

    Hi Nicky!!! How are you! you look so great in this picture!! you are so cooooool!!! i love you realy!! by-by! 8) (3 love you!