Ashley Greene: I Don't Want Twilight To Define Me

Ashley Greene: I Don't Want Twilight To Define Me

Ashley Greene licks her lips as she picks up a few things at her local Ralph’s grocery store in Santa Monica on Tuesday afternoon (July 13).

The 23-year-old actress, wearing a Melinda Maria Army Magic ring, recently opened up to Elle mag about how Twilight made her an insta-star and her upcoming projects.

Ashley shared, “I’m very thankful that Stephenie Meyer wrote a character that I happen to look like. The fans were already there. Before they knew Ashley Greene, they knew Alice Cullen, and they all had an idea of how she looked. I’ve gone from zero to 60. As much as I adore being part of Twilight, I don’t want it to define me.”

She also dished on her upcoming role in Butter: “My character’s father [Ty Burrell] is, like, the Elvis of butter carving in this small town—he is the god.”

FYI: Ashley was wearing J Brand910” skinny jeans in phoebe and a SimdogLove Shades” tee.

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Credit: Mark Pillai, BJJ; Photos: Elle, WENN
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  • zanessa94

    i love her not just because is alice cullen, i mean is perfect for alice but i cant wait to see her in different movie, she’s so talented :)

  • mehrnaz

    she is nice

  • eyeh8twilight

    Sorry, Ashley, Twilight is going to define you. It’s going to define you as a horrific actress that’s in an even worse movie franchise that’s going to be made fun of for about 100 years or so.

    Everyone that’s doing Twilight right now WON’T have a career as a successful actor. You can see it at Every Twilight actor recieved a tomatometer reading of less than 45%. If people are only seeing you for Twilight, then you’re going to be forever known as that horrible twilight actress.

  • Nijah


    To be honest, I already knew most of the actors before I even knew Twilight existed. Rob in Harry potter, Kristen in Panic Room, Taylor in Cheaper By the Dozen and so on.
    They’re being judged on Twilight, but they can act better in different movies. Really, watch older movies with the actors. They’re way better there than in Twilight.

  • Ashley rose

    Ashley is my favorite of the twilight cast. Followed closely by the Rest of the supporting cast (Jackson, Kellan, Nikki, and Dakota). I think she has a chance of getting out of the role of Alice (unlike Rob, Kristen and Taylor, who are unforunately doomed)

  • Ashley rose

    I think people just get sick of seeing them or hearing about them, and vote very low. If you get a chance or are open to it, you should watch Dread, or S. Darko, Jackson Rathbone is in it, and they are amazing movies, not box office amazing, but indie amazing. I think you might be pleasntly suprised.

  • aang

    she should stay away from horror and try to succeed in comedy. Perpetually playing the high school student like in the new Miley Cyrus movie won’t do her any favors.

  • taylorlautnerrr ;)

    she is so amazingg <<33 beautifull aandd talentedd!!

  • roy

    she’s great

  • anonymous

    Ashley has amazing potential. She’s just surprisingly not so confident. Every time I hear her talk about how she ‘used to have’ low self esteem I can’t help but think you still do girl. You have to look closer to see it but she’s not as confident as the image she’s trying to give of herself. She can be a great actress and some of the reviews of her new movie prove it but she needs to get rid of those insecurities first to unleash all that potential. You’re smart, beautiful and talented Ashley there’s nothing not to be confident about.

  • uh

    her nose is so ugly lol i’m sorry! she should never have her head in that position posing for a photo ever..again! It’s very michael jackson!!!

  • liri92

    she is the most beautiful on the cast.. kristen stewart is the uggliest!!!



    And that’s why she’s already got a bunch of leads in about five other movies right? Rottentomatoes doesn’t know anything and you can’t believe everything they say.

  • eyeh8twilight

    Wow, I thought I was going to get the usual “OMG, they’re good actors, you’re just jealous because they’re famous” routine that the usual twi-tards give everyone on here.

    I’ve seen Rob in Harry Potter, of course because I’m a HUGE HP fan. He sucked in Harry Potter. He was A LOT better than he is now, but he still wasn’t a good actor. At least he looked clean.

    The MAJORITY of fillms that Rob, Kristen and Taylor Lautner have done were rated ROTTEN on You tell me to watch their other movies, yet on movie websites, they movie’s have gotten HORRIFIC reviews. So, they’re bad either way.

    @Ashley Rose: I’d rather kill myself or die in a pool of my own throwup than watch anything these twilight “actors” have done. Reviewers are professionals, they don’t just give their movies a low rating because they’re sick of them. Cheaper By The Dozen got like a 12% like rating. They can’t act, deal with it.

  • Ashley rose

    I@eyeh8twilight: I siad nothing about cheaper by the dozen, I would never watch that type of movie. It doesn’t appeal to me. But even a movie like that can get bad reviews while having credible actors in the lead.
    You can’t base a good actor on one role, nor on what critics say about a movie as a whole. You also can’t bear witness to someone’s acting ability when you refuse to actually see them act.
    I can say that they aren’t very good in twilight, it’s not a movie meant to get oscars.

  • girlleader1

    finally figured out who she looks like… Michael Jackson!!! the practically have the same nosee.

  • Miss_twilight21

    She’s so amazing!!!!! <3<3<3 (but i don’t like that photoshoot -.-)

  • http://@JohnyJDP Johny

    I love Ashley green forget team Edward and Jacob I am team Alice woo hoo

>>>>>>> staging1