Chelsea Hobbs: Cassie & I Fight Like Sisters

Chelsea Hobbs: Cassie & I Fight Like Sisters

Chelsea Hobbs is close with her Make It or Break It costars…but even closer with Cassie Scerbo.

The 25-year-old actress opened up to Nylon mag, “Cassie and I are like sisters. We fight like sisters – we bicker about stupid things like somebody’s others hair color! We’ll like share clothes. I’ve never had a relationship with anyone like Cassie. I love her.”

Chelsea explained though, things do get sticky between their characters Emily and Lauren. “This season, things get so intense between Cassie and I. And so sometimes, after doing takes, we’ll just burst out laughing. It’s ridiculous, really.”

DO YOU WATCH Make It or Break It? Who are your favorite characters?

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: ABC Family
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  • harley

    Love Make It or Break It. I hope they keep it on until Summer 2012 to go along with the Olympics.

  • magick_girl786

    I love this show … its probably one of my favorite shows.

    My favorite character hands down is Kaylie. Emily whines too much, Payson acts kind of like she’s better than everyone else (which she is, but she doesn’t have to act so holier than thou) and Lauren is just a manipulative psycho bitch.

    I like Kaylie because she not only had to prove she deserved her title to everyone else but to herself as well and I love the complete 180 she made from the first half of season 1 to the second half.

    I hope they keep it on till Summer 2012 for the Olympics and I hope both Payson and Kaylie medal in the Olympics.

  • chelsea

    i love Payson.
    and Lauren :)
    ha ♥

  • pammi

    Emily(chelsea hobbs_) is the most talented on that show. Hands down. She’s the only one I really see doing anything else with starring film roles etc. What is she doing on that show?!

  • Katho

    i loooove make it or break it. emily is the only one on it with acting talent….but the other girls like payson lauren and kaylie are all really god gymnasts. emily is really good too.

    my favorite character is kaylie. emily isnt consistent, lauren is a flat out bitch, and payson acts like shes way to good for everyone else. emily is my second favorite, then payson.

    its so weird to think that emily and lauren could be actual friends, beacause im so used to them hating each other on the show.

    like everyone else said…i hope they continue it to 2012 for the olympics….and waaaay past that too!!! i could watch this show my whole life and never get tired of it!!! :)

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