Miley Cyrus: Sushi in Studio City

Miley Cyrus: Sushi in Studio City

The girl loves her sushi!

Miley Cyrus keeps it cool in short shorts as she leaves a local sushi place with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in Studio City, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (July 13).

The duo were joined by pal Justin Baldoni. He’s dating Miley‘s The Last Song costar and pal Melissa Ordway. The foursome have been spotted dining out together many times before.

It was just announced that Marlo Thomas will be playing Miley‘s grandmother in L.O.L.

20+ pics inside…

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Credit: RIV; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • liri92

    I like those shorts.. (:

  • bbygirl

    i like how theyre still going out.(:

  • gmoney

    OMFGGG at her legs!! jesus there hot

  • umm

    they are so cute love them <3 miley is beautiful

  • cane

    she is so prettyyy!!!1

  • Courtney

    Pretty as always!

  • eduarda mello

    brazil loves miley :)

  • lol

    He is so ugly, especially with that hairy face & those shoes he is wearing look like girl shoes. She looks good here.

  • Trang

    Her leg…. her leg…. i want it <33333

  • anonymous

    i want her legs

  • miley is so ugly

    look at her fat bloated greasy face. yuk

  • MEgamileyfan1

    I’m a huge fan of miley’s,& looking at at her in these pictures,just goes to prove what l’ve always said about her,miley is,& always will be,the most beautiful girl,to ever walk this earth.l love to see miley,walking around,just chilling,she shouldn’t have to feel,she has to put on a show,for the photographers.Ppl should just accept her for who she is,a perfectly ordinary teenager,just out with her boyfriend.l think miley,is total perfection.There’s nothing l would change,about her or the way she is.Thnx miley,for just being you.God bless you,liam& ur family.XXX

  • menna

    ummm isn’t she a little too inseperable w/ her boyfriend. i know she hadn’t seen him in awhile but that was like back in april. they’ve been hanging out non-stop, they’ll get bored of each other. Just like the saying: Time apart will make the heart fonder. And don’t they ever eat at home? he should cook for her! I would laugh if she dumps him for her new LOL co-star. He is fine as hell. Ok….i’m done….haters rap on.

  • Jenny

    @menna: LOL i know what you’re saying…. and I agree about her LOL co-star… Douglas Booth just looks so fine… but Liam aint bad aswell

  • aly

    she has such great skin!

  • taylorlautnerrr ;)

    this is decentt!!! <<33

  • arcy

    well she’s defenitively thinner than she used to be

    I think she is just becoming like every other actrees en the business just worried about the looks, I liked so much more the autentic Miley that said she don’t care of being skinny but healthy, even when she wasn’t ast thin as other actresses

  • fra

    I WANT HER LEGS!!!!! :(

  • Jam

    Yay! I love this Miley so much better! No bra showing, not trying to put on a show for photographers, just having fun! I heart Classy Miley, not Trashy Miley!

  • miley is so ugly


  • jess!

    so cute

  • jess!

    love her

  • luisana


  • luisana


  • luisana


  • sean92

    shes so beautifull i luv her so much i hope shell gett board off liam pretty soon then i will ask her out lol

  • izzy

    @menna: totally agree, miley’s young male co-stars in LOL are hot

  • UzTawkin2me

    I dont think the’re out together to much. The’re about to start shooting separate movies. LOL starts next week in Mich. They look so cute =]

  • juju101

    miley is so cute i love smiley miley not the other way around i want her skin, i mean i want my skin to be like hers perfect is as if god made her with a skin perfection terapy reliever naturslly seriously her face is perfect i want her skin s badly anyways shes gorgeous no homo she is LOL

  • rachel

    @eduarda mello: +1

  • blahblah

    can i have her legs? i love her legs and her style as well!

  • jjzz

    Someone wants her legs? Can you say kankles? No, NOT jealous, I work out & run laps to get my legs in shape. I think what bothers haters most about her is that she is concieted!

  • blahblah

    i love the way she dress like vanessa..

  • ilovemileyfans

    Cute !!!