Taylor Lautner & Sara Hicks: Back On Again?

Taylor Lautner & Sara Hicks: Back On Again?

Are Taylor Lautner and Sara Hicks back on again?

According to Life & Style‘s Scene Queens, the 18-year-old actor and his former high school sweetheart are back together!

A source tells the mag, “Taylor and Sara are definitely back on. She’s absolutely gorgeous, and Taylor has always had a thing for her.”

Sara actually tweeted after Taylor had jetted off to the east coast, “saying goodbye SUCKS… sitting in the airport bathroom by myself. I’m a mess.”

ARE YOU ON Team Taylor&Sara or do you like Taylor with someone else?

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  • amy

    is that her in that picture?
    She looks so much older than him.. maybe that’s just a really bad pic though, idk?

  • Ellis

    ahhh. I love Taylor with Selena. But who am I to pick his couples?! As long as he’s happy, so am I :)

  • yvonnejonas

    FIRST!! i’m team taylena!!! :):)

  • Dany

    absolutely NOOOOOOOO!!

    Shes ugly and he MUST be with me

  • jasmine

    nope… Taylena all the way… :p…

    i mean, both Selena and Taylor are good and down to earth and both are nice. And they just looks simply gorgeous, adorable and cute together.

    well, unfortunately they don’t feel sparks between each other. Let’ sjust hope they become better friends? :)

  • http://Twitter.com/maggh Zv_f

    http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/photo-gallery/223531/taylor-lautner-sara-hicks-chiropractor-02/ she is not that bad gurlz
    but im sooo team taylenaa!! I want them together soo bad :\

  • http://@heytherebriana Briana

    She tweeted that days after he left for Pittsburgh, because he’s been in Pittsburgh since the 30th

  • Kelli

    she is not pretty at all
    Taylor can get much better :)
    Shes probably only in so she can get known.

  • Lilly

    She is so lucky!

  • http://twitter.com/phoe5be Phoe5be

    ewww. i lyk taylena more. they so dont match

  • http://j chelsea

    just a rumor i think, life&style is not the most reliable source

  • Tassibelle

    justjared…you’ve totally just ruined my day.
    and she’s not pretty AT all what-so-ever…just sayin’.
    and from the other girls he’s supposidly dated…(taylor swift, selena, etc) i highly doubt them two are dating

  • Precious

    Ewww, she changed her hair to black!!

  • Hanni

    I like Taylor with Brenda
    and Sara is so gorgeous!!!

  • Hanni

    I love Taylor with BSong, I saw a 2004 picture of them.. they look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS TOGETHER!! Brenda+Taylor=Fainting.

  • sarahlc

    Im definitely a Taylena fan! (:

  • fdsf

    omg guys just shut up
    we all know he is with that vampire girl
    jezuz!! grow up guuurlzzz

  • teena

    That’s cool. Love love. SMH @ the fangirls who call her names and call her ugly. That’s just freakin sad.

  • MariA

    I think that he should get back together with Taylor swift. They make such a cute couple. <3

  • cam

    I love T squared – Taylor & Taylor. Every picture I see of this girl she looks mad. He seems too sweet to be with a grump. I say Taylor & Taylor or Taylor & Selena – both of those girls are sweet & seem to enjoy Taylor’s company.

  • Yolanda

    I guess he had to do something to quash the gay rumors!!!

  • bush efron

    heheheh but he is still gay@Yolanda:

  • Rachel

    everyone saying she ugly… if you look at other pictures of her, like not candid pictures she looks absolutely beautiful :)

  • LoveTaylorForEvaer

    she’s well ugly , ; //

    but if he’s happy. well thats all that matters for me .!

  • blair

    taylor left at the end of june. she didn’t tweet that until july 6th. sooooo i highly doubt it was him that she was talking about. false alarm people!

  • liri92

    she is uggly their both uggly.. that suits.. but I do not hate taylor.. I like him more with selly<3..

  • nic

    ew. im not saying she’s ugly but she does look much older than him.
    i like selena much better!!

  • winona

    totally thought he was dating Lily Collins.

  • blair W

    I think he should go out with selena or alyson stoner

  • wildcatfan13

    she isn’t talking about taylor, she is talking about her friend from overseas, if you read all of her tweets she had to say goodbye to her friend forever. Plus she had a layover in philly, wouldn’t she just see him then?

    yeah false report, think they are just friends.

  • Eric Shinn

    @winona: No Taylor is dating Sean Fox Zastoupil !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • winona

    @Eric Shinn:

    Guys are extreme when they are jealous aren’t you? Spreading gay rumors does not make girls dislike him but gains him more male fans. So, in the end your helping him be even more loved. Ironic.

  • lilfish

    I love taylor with sara. they look good together. They knew eachother long before he became famous.

  • daniella!!

    Taylena forever! Taylor and Sara just don’t look good together at all and i have no idea why ahaha. Obviously nothing against Sara but they don’t look good together! And anyways i feel like it’s a rumor only because NO girl wuld right that she’s a mess in the airport bathroom because her bf left. Thats like really stalker and creepy unless theyve been dating for like 5 years like zanessa. if they had just gotten back together it wuldnt be a big deal. Soooo yaaa ahah Taylena was the best!

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    I honestly love him with Selena more than anyone, but whatever makes him happy is all that matters.

  • aylin


  • krm

    I’ve followed Sara’s tweets and formspring off/on since I read about her last year while following news of Taylor’s career. I’ve seen the cute high school sweetheart pics and videos of them, and I personally think they make a cute couple.

    Yes, he went to Pittsburg the last week of June after promoting ‘Eclipse’, then – according to Sara’s tweets – she flew from LA to Pittsburgh (on her own) on Jul 2nd to spend an extended 4th of July weekend in PA presumably with Tay (and members of his family who are there with him). She tweeted that she also returned home alone a few days later and was a “mess” at the airport over saying “goodbye”. She never specifically stated who she was saying goodbye to, but did mention she was in a PA airport and also later answered a formspring Q: that she was in fact in Pittsburgh for that trip. I don’t know about you all, but I don’t become a “mess” and cry because I have to leave my “bff” for a few months – especially when I know we can skype, email, text, talk, ect., ect. every day if need be – but maybe she’s the sensitive type.

    Anyway, Sara respectfully makes sure to answer few questions about Taylor when asked about him, and only refers to him as her “bff” (never by name), but she is primarily a “one-way tweeter” with a knack for implying a lot while only giving just enough information that can be misconstrued by people assuming she’s talking about Taylor, leading to articles like this one today at JJJr. She’s answered before that she is well-aware a large percentage of her 2500+ followers are Lautner fans looking for clues about him, so she probably puts a bit of thought into her updates/answers before posting them – which is why I’m only surprised it took this long for a gossip site to catch on to her tweets about leaving PA when the world-of-Taylor knew that’s where he is right now. ;)

    As for Taylor, I’ve never read or seen anything stating there is anything “there” for him in his relationship with Sara beyond his understandable love and respect for her as his ‘first love” and as a (no doubt) lifelong best friend. Meanwhile, he continues to claim to be ‘single’ in the media and always ops to go to every award show without so much as a guest with him, much less a date. For example, Kristen Stewart sat between her brother and Rob Pattinson at the Mtv Movie Awards this year,but Taylor’s guest seat was filled with one of his managers (??). I get why Taylor can’t say he’s dating anyone, but I don’t get why he can never share the “red carpet experience” with any family, friends or “bff’s” if he wanted to. And the fact that he never fills any of his +1 seats with anyone but his hired help then often leads to despicable speculation about him by some ardent “non-fans”. They poor guy can’t win for losing. :/

    Like any ‘first love’ situation, it will never surprise me to one day hear that Sara and Taylor eventually gave it a go and ended up together, nor will it surprise me if they don’t. The only thing that WILL surprise me about the two of them – after hearing all the testimonies from so many about how awesomely sweet, sensitive and loyal Taylor has always proven himself to be to his family, friends and even his fans – is if they ever stopped being close friends. As long as I choose to follow Taylor’s promising career, I expect I’ll continue seeing articles about him and Sara a couple times each year, and I wish them both nothing but happiness in whatever they decide to do.

  • kay

    i dont understand why people say things like ‘shes not even pretty’ when that statement has absolutely no relevance to whether they are a couple or not. i dont think people get how petty and childish that makes them sounds. its like middle school all over again (then again..)

    anyway. i think she is beautiful and wish them the best if they are anything.

  • Amy

    They are not dating. calm down people.
    He’s single at the moment, as he is filming ‘Abduction’ with Lily Collins. If anyone’s his girlfriend right now, it’s Miss Collins. Although I highly doubt that as well. Cool down people :L this is OLD news. They are just long-term friends.

  • shannon :)

    im rooting for taylena. they are so adorable.

    or even taylor & taylor<3

  • Raquel

    is it just me or does she look like mi-cy’s sister?
    taylors just hot.

  • http://www.twitter.com/biebernatic Cecilia Navarro

    I LOVE how cute he looks with Selena!! they are so for each other!!!

    TAYLENA!!! 4ever!

  • leonorcilla

    What about me ?? xD

  • Twibloodtruelight

    she looks mean, every pic I’ve ever seen of her, maybe he likes them naggy hags.

  • Jam

    Taylor and Selena! Pleeeaaasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rae

    she isn’t gorgeous and she looks older than him and not in a good way

  • j

    She can’t be 18, unless she a smoker. Then it’s understandable.

  • L

    sorry to say that sara is not pretty at all.

  • Deborah

    I really like Selena and Taylor together! They are such an adorable couple! (:

  • yulia

    hey people it’s her mother! I saw that picture together w/ his mom and dad. he’s taylor’s mom. Don’t panic.

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