Selena Gomez & The Scene Have Talent

Selena Gomez & The Scene Have Talent

Selena Gomez chats it up with Nick Cannon after her performance on America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night (July 13).

The 17-year-old starlet performed her new single “Round and Round” with her band The Scene.

Sel tweeted earlier this week that she shot the artwork for their upcoming album — it hits shelves on September 28th!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Selena & The Scene’s performance — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Round and Round”
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  • polina


  • http://xoxomira37 xoxomira

    Actually it’s Hot cause she’s getting better and better everytime I’ll heard her sing…♥ her

  • amy

    she definitely improved and it was better than the performance by dwts. But she needs to keep her breathing a little bit lower.

  • Lucy

    Love the album but her live performance is a mess. Not good at all.

  • nICOLA

    I really like the song :) Think I have to buy it! And her performance was good! Love her!!

  • Sahina

    pretty good live.

  • michelle

    not!! she looks insanely terrified and awkward on stage.

  • brenda

    She can’t perform and really needs to learn how to sing,
    her performance was horrible

  • Ceecile

    Yeahhh not good. Good have been worst. But not good. Plus it’s not like you need a huge voice to sing this. And still she makes it so dull! There’s no life! And she’s so awkward. No stage presence. It’s a dance song Selena, move a little!
    It’s like bad karaoke.

  • Ellis

    She’s SOOO much better live now than she was! She has improved incredibly! I think she should be seen as a respectable recording artist now. I love her, and her songs (:
    However, you can tell she’s new to the whole performing thing, because she just walks around everywhere, and it’s kinda awkward.. but with time it’ll come (: She’s really talented, and I love her to pieces! She’s my role model (: <3

  • Meh

    Ok, so… she’s cute and all, but I just feel like she has no energy to perform! a PERFORMANCE is about engaging the audience and putting on a show with scenery and costumes that illustrate the song. This is why Britney Spears is considered a good performer – consistency with the song. This is something that Selena doesn’t have. I love the dress and all, but I would like it so much more if she wore a trench outfit like she does in the video, and maybe had some dance moves or props or something. Cute voice.. the vocals isn’t what I am questioning here…then again the song isn’t exactly challenging so it doesn’t really showcase her potential…I feel like she could’ve changed it up a bit to show her vocal props maybe…

    Overall… just an ok performance. I still like Miley Cyrus’ performances better. Take this one and compare to Miley’s performance on Dancing with the Stars. Then you’ll see what I mean.
    Selena’s cute though, just needs an “oomph” factor. Some spice.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!HEY!!!!!

    i love selena but she cant perfor on stage…if u look at demi..shes dancing and jumping and everything!

  • Ceecile

    People saying that she is new at this. Well that proves that she isn’t a natural. She did tour last year and has performed for live tv shows several times. She’s defenitely gotten better, she can hold a tune. But that’s not what being a singer is all about. This song is supposed to be a dance song but her voice is like ___________ Flat line. There’s nothing! Could fall asleep during that performance. It was so boring! Thank God for the band.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I like SELENA IS NICE!; but please stop pretending to be a singer. Her performance is kinda plain, almost zero rythm and her voice, sorry but her range is low and poor. PLEASE STOP THIS SEL; STICK IN ACTING!!!!! OMG

  • izzy

    i think she did well for someone who is new to the whole performing on stage,give her time and she will get used to it and improve even more and if it dosen’t work out she is still an incredible actress

  • Skye

    I love Selena!!! She looked so beautiful. I thought her performance was really good. She’s getting better at those live performances. Can’t wait for her new album.

  • elif

    im her no 1 fan! And my angel is awesome

  • bugs

    a boring performance…one of the judges should have hit the X.

  • COurtney

    She looks so awkward and scared on stage. But with time she will get better and performing live

  • harley

    She’s definitely improved since her first live performance.

  • natalie

    she should stop she is embarrsing herself

  • liri92

    you guys are f*cking rude.. I mean ok she isnt that great we supposed her to be.. but she is nervous.. its her first time performing that song.. & I thing she did good.. you will see in a few times of performing this song she will get better!!!

  • kara

    Not perfect but this is not that bad. At least, she can dress appropriatly… ;)

  • glen

    wow, that was an amazing performance, shes getting better and better. i love her dress, shes soo pretty.

  • Lea

    She has improved but she has terrible breathing she doesn’t seem that fit either because she gets tired by walking and singing thats a little worrying. I think with more lessons and work on her use of her diaphragm and intercostal muscles she will be good :) and that will also clear away that sometime nasal sound she produces. Good luck to her shes a fantastic actress i love her :) just hope she improves more on the singing :)

  • Livvi

    She would have gotten the buzzed if she was a contestant.
    truly awful.
    She’s not a singer, she’s an actress she should stick to acting.

  • Evelyn

    I’m sorry, but she should stick to acting. She’s the best actress Disney has, which is something she should be proud of, but she is definitely not a good singer.

    And actually, being a good singer hasn’t been enough for a long time – you must be able to entertain the audience (think of Beyoncé, for instance). If she can’t sing properly when the only other thing she’s doing is walk around the stage, how can you expect her to one day be able to sing and dance (which would have been perfect for this performance)?
    She could have used her acting skill to show more emotion: if her voice fails to do so, her face should be able to do it.
    I do admit that she has improved, but she isn’t new to this: she went on tour, she has done several other live performances, … You can’t expect her to improve much more than this.

    She seems like an incredibly sweet girl, but she’s just not cut out for this.

  • courtney

    all she did was walk around and raise one hand in the air.

  • Diddley14

    Wow…why didn’t they X her?


    Honestly horrible..anybody with ears that can hear over the tape and the fans can hear that is bad.

  • saby

    I’m sorry, but this was NOT good. The song is not vocally challenging, yet she demonstrates no vocal strength and she depends heavily on a backing track. I don’t follow her music career, but this is supposed to be an improvement?

  • jenny

    Not seeing the talent. She does dress more appropriately though.

  • carla

    welll.. at least she looked PRETTY :) haha

  • Ceecile

    @saby Exactly! That performance was so boring. And this is supposed to be a DANCE song.

  • ashley

    i’m no fan of nyone..

    But selena cant dance… its a fact.. shez doesnt hav a flexible figure.. so she caant move on stage…

    at this point of performing in lives and rocking people.. i think.. Miley is best teenager..

  • Joochi

    It’s a shame on Disney to offer these innocent kids a record contract knowing that they can’t sing to save their souls, they’ll use these kids to every extent they can to obtain the bottom line…MONEY!!!!!. It’s also a shame on the parents of these kids to go along with it knowing that they can easily say no! again….it’s the bottom line…MONEY!!!!, it’s also a shame that kids will make their parents spend their hard earned money to actually buy tickets to see these talentless kids, such a pathetic way to rob people.
    She (Selena) should stop singing, she just hasn’t got it at all even as she gets older.

  • Barbara

    Definitely hot!

  • halle

    Guys, she was wearing 3 inch heels. You try jumping around stage in those.

  • mbart

    she looked awkward and ridiculous, sorry selena stick to wizzards

  • mbart

    @polina: were we watching the same thing???she looked scareda and out of place…a bit embarressing in from of the other “talent”

  • daniella!!

    Yes she is new at this so she isn’t as vocally well as she is supposed to be. But that’s because she needs time. Singing is what she likes to do so i say go for it selena and in time she will have a better voice. she likes to sing so let her. she has many fans of her music soo dont act like you think no one likes her music cuz her music videos get millions of views. And plus who the heck cares if she ins’t veryyy good live because 1. she will get better and 2. we will basically only listen to her finished song on like youtube, radio, itunes, etc so it dsnt matter and plus her songs get great reviews by critics soo if critics give it good reviews thats good enof for mee

  • Evelyn

    All I have to say is that TALENTED performers can do that: have you never heard of Tina Turner and Beyoncé?

  • lol




    so SHE IS HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soughtful

    she can’t sing the people on the show are better than her, the judges didn’t even get up for her. When miley sang got a standing ovation and for selena they are ehhh that was not good. she not a performer or a singer.

  • Marissa

    Selena is improving a lot and it’s all that really matters. At the end, she’s performing for her FANS, she’s acting for her FANS, she’s making a NEW record for her FANS, she’s having a clothing line for her FANS.

    Obviously YOU dont like and its your opinion, but I dont think it even matters because she’s working for her FANS. (go ask the 6.3 mill fans she has on facebook) :D

  • misesi

    i was there!!!! she is so beautiful and has so much talent!!!!!!!! (her heels were like 5 inches tall!) that was a great first time performance :D

    good job selena!

  • iLubyou

    I just adore her!!! She’s so beautiful and she has so much talent!! She’s a great role model for kids!! I just adore her!

  • Kim

    i bet if she had auditioned… she wouldn’t have made it in

  • daniella!!


  • Robby

    I WENT.
    Selena pointed to me multiple times.
    Afterwards we met, she was so great.
    I was so amazed because she personally requested to meet me!
    Im still mezmorized

  • Shannon

    Selena on America’s Git Talent? How Ironic.

>>>>>>> staging1