Zac Efron & Charlie Tahan: He Knows Too Many Things

Zac Efron & Charlie Tahan: He Knows Too Many Things

Zac Efron and Charlie Tahan share a cute hug as they chat with ET about their upcoming drama at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles earlier this month.

The 22-year-old actor explained about the film, “We [Charlie and I] saw each other for every day [while making the movie] for so long, we really became brothers, pretty much. Every movie has its challenges. … This was challenging on an emotional level and really you just have to find that connection with something real that you can relate to.”

When asked what people would be surprised to know about his costar, Charlie replied, “Um, he’s really down to earth.”

Zac joked, “He knows too many things.”

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on July 30th.

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    he’s beautiful! seriously.. not just hot he really is so good looking!!

  • meeeee

    Zac is beautiful!!! seriously, not just hot! he’s sooo pretty! lol

    (if this is a duplicate, sorry!) but not showing up!

  • Katty

    Zac sure is getting around these days, haha. It’s nice to see him with his ‘little bro’. You can tell that Zac really is down to Earth and I hope that it stays that way. He won’t make it far if he thinks he is the sh!t, you know?

    Can’t wait to see CSC, I am going with a group of friends!

    Where has V been? Hiding? Haha, it’s been a while since she has been out and about. I guess it is good though, she doesn’t deserve to be stalked by the paps. It has to be scary for a young woman in Hollywood.

  • http://deleted amy

    cutest interview everrr! there like real brothers kind of! cant wait for CSC (:

  • Bella

    Aww bless him! He’s gorgeous. xx

  • cc

    weird how Zac Efron plays Charlie and CharlieTahan plays Zac…

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    aww that was really cute..
    I love how he stayed close with him..
    They really do seem like brothers..
    I want to have a brother just like Zac but yeah thats a little too

    I <3 how Zac and Vanessa support in each other in their other projects. They really are a great couple.

  • lauren

    can someone explaine to me how zac and vanessa relatiionship is like a valuable gift?

  • Amy


    It is a valuable gift because they have each other no matter what happens in their lives career wise or other wise. They have grown up together in this business and can really relate to what the other is going through. They are best friends and like soul mates. They seem to have similar back rounds and truly seem to appreciate all that they have achieved but don’t let it consume them or change them into something they are not. Both seem to value family , friends, each other and themselves. They compliment one another. Each has certain qualities that seem to fit together. They keep their relationship private because they like to. In Hollywood it is rare for two people let alone two people as young as Zac and Vanessa were when they met ,to stay together and support one another so well. They make it work and “keep it real ” as Zac has said.

  • mike

    like zac

  • nikki

    Awww that was ssooo freaking cuutttteeeee

  • green bay

    Zac is just amazing with kids :))))))))

  • brad

    My man is gorgeous XD

  • sandy


  • http://justjaredjr jenny.s.

    @cc: ummm, I thought charlie tahan’s character was called Sam? Am I wrong??

    I love Charlie tahan, he’s adorable <3
    Can’t wait for the movie!

    And @lauren, I think Amy has answered it perfectly :)

  • Katty


    No, Charlie does play Sam. It would be very funny if he did play Zac though… haha.

  • hailey

    Zac rockssss

  • Karen

    Frankly, anyone who doesn’t know what Zac meant by a “valuable gift” is a person who doesn’t really want to know anyway, They are just looking to be cynical and snotty.

  • abby

    Zac + little kids = cutest thing in the world.

  • sunny

    I have no idea what goes on in the V romance with him but I hope they will always be friends and not sell each other out one day like many of these famous exes do. They seem really genuine so I hope that doesn’t happen but man their friendship speaks volumes and they definitely have a great bond together. Anytime, one can experience that when their lives are hectic, that is a gift. Hope these two can make it for the long haul both professionally and personally together. Kudos for him to talk up his girl’s project too. Way to look out for her!

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    i can’t wait to see that movie!. are zac and his girlfriend are still together because i heard that they have just broken-up?

  • vic

    down to earth not in balenciega and prada

  • Ayde venegas

    CUTE♥ zac is amazing!
    I can´t wait to see CST!

  • http://justjaredjr jenny.s.

    @katty: thank you for answering :) and that would be hilarious! :D

  • Karen


    If you would have watched even half of the interviews Zac has done just this week you would know that Zac and Vanessa are still very much together.

  • lilly

    Charlie’s character is named Sam, not Zac.

  • hailey


  • Soni

    I think Vanessa is with Zac in FLorida. The video on youtube when Zac went to the radio show, it showed two limos coming and Zac was in one and then it shows a girl with a white shirt.sweater with dark hair. I could be wrong. But it looked like her.

  • beatriz

    aww so cute <3

  • Katty


    When did he go to Flordia? Is that where he is now? Can you please post the video so the rest of us can see? And the woman could be Amanda Crew or his manager, maybe even Kim Bassinger, you never know. Plus, V is probably doing rehersals for RENT seeing as it starts up in two weeks.

  • lauren

    @ karen,
    i was serious,

  • lauren

    and karen quit being such a bitch on here.
    my god.

  • Luuu

    Zac s soo sweet with charlir tahan :)

    Abby: Zac + Vanessa H. + little kids = cutest thing in the world. ;)

  • Divine Goddess

    @Amy: PERFECTLY said Amy. :)

  • Karen

    You might as well not try selling me that story because I’m not buying it. I see too many of the type comment you make.

    Did I miss something? When did he go to Florida? He has been in Philly and Atlanta then he came home to LA for the ESPY awards. Then yesterday he was in Arizona, not Florida.

  • lauren

    wow i’m done.

  • Karen


    I saw that video and that’s not Vanessa as he arrives at the TV station. Also, he was in Phoenix, Arizona and not Florida.

  • Katty


    Can you post the video??

    V is in rehersals for RENT right now. There are pix of her going to her trailer on her SP thread. JJJ hasn’t posted them yet. I’m sure they’ll show up on soon.

  • Soni

    I know I know. I meant to say Arizona. I messed up. I am so sorry.

  • Sinaline

    i love his kindness.. he is such a damn good person <3
    and how he supports his girl. its adorable :)

    go zaccy :)

  • Oh My efron

    I just adore him,
    I’m Obsesseddd! OMG! Loveee you Zacc!! <33

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Karen


    I will try to find it again. A friend sent it to me and I deleted it after viewing it to be sure it was not Vanessa in the video getting out of the other car—which I highly doubted given that Zac was only there for the day doing promos. There wasn’t much to it anyway. Just showing his car pulling into the station lot after the big security gate opened and then him and his people getting out of the limo. They were also met by someone from the station. Then it showed him coming in a back door that the announcers said wasn’t usually used for guests. Then they are showing him making his way to the interview room and making comments how there were several people who came in that day which normally wouldn’t be there. LOL