Kendall Schmidt & Katelyn Tarver: What's Next For Kendall & Jo?

Kendall Schmidt & Katelyn Tarver: What's Next For Kendall & Jo?

The last time we saw Jo (Katelyn Tarver) and Kendall (Kendall Schmidt) on Big Time Rush, Jo wasn’t too happy with Kendall’s “flirting” with Jordin Sparks.

So what’s going to happen to the cute Palm Woods couple? JJJ caught up with both Katelyn and Kendall to find out! Check it out:

Katelyn joked, “Big time celebrity trying to steal my man! (laughs) But in the end, Kendall does stay true; it’s true love.”

Kendall followed up, “It’s funny. The first episode of the second season we actually touch on their relationship a lot. I think Jo and Kendall are really meant for each other and they’re going to fight for each other too. The first episode will definitely answer all the questions about those two.”

DO YOU LIKE Jo and Kendall together — Why or Why not?

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  • yoooo

    dude theyre sooo cute!!

  • janelle

    they’re uber cute! <3

  • hpGEEK

    LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also like Katelyn and Kendall as a REAL Couple!

  • kk13

    realality=so cute on the show,well………………..Jo’s too awesome! sorry Kendall

  • heidi

    nope. kendall should be single

  • ana


  • Shir

    I think they are perfect for each other.
    They are both cute and have distinctive eyebrows.
    I call them the perfect eyebrow couple!

  • BellaDonna1802

    I love Jo and Kendall together, I can’t wait to see more of them together in 2nd season.

  • nkeeyah

    They are cute together. But I like Kendall single for now.

  • http://@joannegloriaaa Joanne

    Boo (n) they’re not perfect for each other !

  • http://@carissatann tannshush

    Omggg I can’t believe thiss <333



  • Brittany

    I think Jo and Kendall should still be on a couple on the show because they are cute together, but as for real life, I hope Kendall and Katelyn dont date.

  • Sam

    I dunno, I think Jo is a kind of pointless character, plus they look like brother and sister…

  • steve

    I like them together. I’ll always remember when Jo was first introduced, the guys were all describing their dream girl. at the end of all the things they wanted in her they said she had to be from North Carolina and literally one second later you can hear Mr. Bitters saying “well it’s not North Carolina but it’s pretty nice” or something like that LOL. this is a really good show.

  • http://@joannegloriaaa Jgloria

    Kendall schmidt is mine!

  • http://@carissatann tanlegaccy

    They don’t look good together

  • http://@carissatann tanlegaccy

    I declined them!they don’t look so good together lols

  • zacefronforever123

    No. hate them together she needs to leave

  • zariitha_20

    amO a kendall lO amO

  • someone

    They make an Excellent couple! SO CUTE!

  • bigtimerushfan

    awesome couple!
    and katelyn i love your character and kendall well i love you(:
    haha well you guys would make a really good couple on and off screen so good luck with that.

  • jackie

    I hate her love him. No i’m not jealous i just think that he can do way better I like her character i hate who she is

  • ilovekendallschmidt

    i think they are a cute couple on the show but not in real life! <3 the show !

  • Pecjr

    I think they would look cute on and off screen, but personally I think they should do more improv on the show and let their hearts drive the relationship between Kendall and Jo.

  • http://facebook lizzy de la rosa

    no i love him and jo is mean to him because before the started dating on bi time rush jo had lied that she had a boy friend and that tiped me off all the way and i love you kendall schimit

  • http://Twitter crystalcena

    I sooo think they look stupid together i agree they do look like brother and sister.

  • http://facebook s,xssl,s,ccdkmdjvbdhkjd

    hey its me kendall you are right we are a cute couple in the show.YOU ROCK

  • http://Facebook Amy Rose

    Uh Ur Wrong Everyone Kendall + Jo=Together Forever

  • Punxarox


  • http://none uner

    i think kendall a jo should date in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://verizon auner

    kendall and jo should date in real life

  • bigtimerushlover

    awwwwwww…..they should be together on and off screen!

  • jackie

    She’s the fakest thing ever. She just gets mad at him all the time and tries way too hard. That’s not the truth it’s an opinion

  • bianca

    Y LOVE
    Mery my?

  • http://levelkeneked bianca

    love you
    james maslow
    mery my???

  • Big Time crush on kendall

    Dump her Kendall dump her real hard and go out with me i am super hawt

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    @Jgloria: nope hes mine

  • maiden sk8erboy


  • http://Kendall Kayla

    This is Kayla

  • Christine

    They very cute together….I like there relationship…GO KenJo!!!

  • Raikim

    I think Kendall is better with Camille though. Joe just dosn’t fit sorry.

  • jonathann

    kendall and jo looks very very very very cute


    shut-up!!!!!!!!!!kendall ANDkatelyn are perfectttttttttt……………..just mind whAT bad uu guys have to say and leave them alONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ur hurting their feelings and UR GONNA MAKE THEM THINK THEIR NOT MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u guys are awesome(kendall and katelyn)you are welcome to be a couple

  • maquii90

    me parece que son perfectos uno paranel otro no digo nd sobren la vida real porque eso es obio que es desicion de ellos y de sus sentimientos pero se que si estuvieran juntos seria HERMOSO porque osea ellos hacen una hermosa pareja se ven muy bien juntos….

    me encanta Big Time Rush y Kendall y tambien Katelyn los amo <3<3<3<3 8) :D

  • rock’n'roll angel

    for one they really look like they could be brother an sister an it looks nasty when they kiss its like kissing your twin gross they really should have been bro an sis or just really good friends one the show them together as a couple was a bad choice maybe james an jo should have been together he seems lonely



  • kendalllovesme


  • ilovebtr!

    omg!yess!!!!!!!but maybe kendall and kayslee would be a good match!

  • http://fgfud dimi

    Kendal Schmidt and Katelyn Tarver should get married and live happily ever after