Demi Lovato: I'm Not Dating Travis Clark

Demi Lovato: I'm Not Dating Travis Clark

Looks like Nick Jonas isn’t the only one extinguishing dating rumors — Demi Lovato has to do it too!

After a “sighting” made it onto People‘s website, the 17-year-old actress/singer took to her twitter to set the story straight. She tweeted, “Bahahahahaha @travisrclark and I are NOT dating…. Idk WHERE that came from!!! Hahahahahaha.. Wow… where do people get this stuff?

Demi has been in the studio a lot as of late, preparing for the upcoming Camp Rock 2 themed tour and her junior album. She posted on her twitter, “Yes!!! Finished writing a song that I’m so proud to call my own!! It’s moments like these that make me never want to stop writing music.. :D”

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  • Jenny

    i feel sorry for these celebs if must be awkward hanging out wiv someone once ur “romatically linked” with them

  • jenny

    People got the idea from her constant “I’m with Travis clark” tweets. No sympathy. She does it for attention. Nick doesn’t broadcast who he’s with and then wonder why people jump to conclusions. Her recent tastes in music are not along the same lines as me so I’m not expecting to enjoy her junior album. Better to face it now and maybe be surprised.

  • Dave

    So if you hang out with someone of the opposite sex, that automatically means you’re dating them? Wow, that is just wrong.

  • Jess

    If hanging out with a guy means your dating them I’m in a lot of trouble!! 90% of my friends are guys! Guess I get around a lot… hahahaha!

  • Jessica

    @Jess: Same here, and i guess were cheating on every single one of them with the other guys xD dayyuumm were in trouble

  • taylor

    honestly this girl OBVIOUSLY googles her self. i mean she is always the first one to clear rumors up on her TWITTER. she’s obsessed with that thing.

    she LOVES the attention it gives her! you can’t deny that. she says things that she knows will get people talking and then act as if it never happened and be all like ‘wtf, the media is pathetic! hahahahahahaha im so FREAKING happy hahahahahah who comes up with these stories? hahahahahah i still love life hahahahaha. (: !!!!!’

    literally that’s how she tweets. she seems to be happy A LOT. and sure that’s great and all, but nobody gives a F.

  • none

    Everytime there is a rumor about her dating it turns out to be true. For example she said she wasn’t dating Joe and then all of a sudden she’s dating Joe. Then she says she’s not dating Trace Cyrus and the next thing you know guess what. She’s dating Trace. I don’t know if this is true or not but if she tweets she is dating this guy I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Ceecile

    @none Except he’s been with his girlfriend Sasha for 8 years now (check his twitter) and he’s also been on tour, no where near LA for quite some time. That thing was bull.

    @taylor She was prob just checking her replies and saw people asking about it.

    @jenny She never tweeted “I’m with Travis except for when she was performing with him, doing promo. Anyway, he’s her friend and they have a successful duet together. She has every right to tweet him. How is her tweeting her good friend asking for attention? You can’t even see it on your timeline unless you’re following both or checking her twitter account.

    You guys need better excuses to hate on her.

  • none

    @Ceecile: That is why I said I didn’t know if it was true. It just seems like everything she says she isn’t dating a guy she is dating hime.

  • Ryan

    All these rumors w/ D dating this guy & that guy ever since she split w/ Joe is getting so redundant & tiring, give it a rest! Not only that, it’s as Ceecile pointed out already, Travis has a GF and has been w/ her for 8 years. I don’t get why people automatically assume that just because D worked w/ Travis, Hunter, & the guys on We’ll Be A Dream and made a few special guest appearances w/ the band during a couple of dates on the Warped Tour that they’re romantically involved. Can’t she be friends w/ guys & not have the media say they’re dating? Apparently not. The same goes for Joe & all the gossip of him dating Ashley Greene or Nikki Reed from Twilight.

    As well, I agree w/ C in saying that you guys need better excuses to hate on Demi for.

  • linda

    @none: i agree she always turns out lying to her fan hahahha

  • LOLO

    @linda: she has fans?
    her albums have never even been certified by any country, her ”show” is low rated, barely anyone watches it..

    she doesn’t get movie roles, all she is known for is being the Jonas Brother’s sidekick and Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend/BFF..
    That must be a real honour….

  • LOLO

    she is recording her third album and she’s never even sold 500,000 copies.. of her any of her albums.

    That is what is ”sensational” these days?
    I understood why Vanessa Hudgens was talked about, but this girl’s Camp Rock did not get good ratings. HSM did. This one didn’t.
    What is up with all of these ”’famous for what?” people?
    they sing, they ”act”, they design ”clothes”, they ”dance”…
    what next? they strip?

  • Pat

    Demi has the best voice that I have heard so far in Disney.
    True her album hasn’t sold as much as it should but that is a combo of management mishandling, and not having enough mainstream songs.

    Demi tweets whenever she feels moved to do it. If it is a picture, catching up with friends then we all do that. She is a teenager. Some teenagers/adults put the weirdest stuff on twitter.

    So what Demi didn’t want people in her personal business with Trace and Joe.It’s her business but to say she is the type of friend to mack on a guy friend even though he has a GF is just not Demi.
    Demi is too upfront about that and she can get guys without stealing someone else

    So if you want to dig for something to hate on Demi for just admit that your envious, and leave it at that.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @LOLO: and what are ur honors dear? In case u don’t know Demi’s show is doing really well. It now averages over 3-4 Million hits each episodes and a lot of the episodes have been selling really well on itunes as well. And none of that success came from being linked to a JONAS hun. If Demi had not been picked up by Disney, she’d be as big as big as both BIEBER AND MILEY slapped together. So shut your TRAP and get ur jealous hating cheecks off of DEMI’s POST!

  • itsmeagain

    New Demi photos! She looks so pretty!

  • Jessica

    “idk where you people got that from” BECAUSE YOU GOT CAUGHT MAKING OUT WITH HIM. gosh, i am pretty sure she is the one who dumped joe because she has been caught with so many guys already. SHE MAKES HERSELF LOOK BAD. & joe is TOOOO good for her.

  • Laffur

    @Ceecile: Omg!!! I totally agree wit u!! & the h8rs need to get lives i mean reeeaally!!! U clicking on a story wot sumone u h8…. Yeah u guys must hav awesome lives ;)

  • lolo

    @mrsdestinyhope: Demi’s ”show” isn’t doing well, based on the Nielsen ratings it’s a flop.

  • Lolo

    @mrsdestinyhope: JONAS is getting much higher ratings than Demi’s ”show”. Source: Disney Channel and the Nielsen Media Group (the company which gathers the ratings).

  • Lolo

    @Pat: None of her 2 albums have even sold near 500,000 copies worldwide and she is not even an indie act. There are non-mainstream singers who sell way more than her without the massive promo she gets. Her songs are mainstream, she gets large promo from Disney, but you know what? no one cares.

  • Ceecile

    @Lolo Lmao! Demi’s show is doing so much better than JONAS! Nick shows always get better ratings. A victorious REPEAT – not even an actual episode – beat a NEW JONAS episode, by A LOT. JONAS is a failure. Sure, not as much as last’s season was. But still.
    Plus, SWAC is always #1 when it comes out on Itunes. JONAS barely sells on there.
    Her first album debuted #2, her sophomore album debuted at #1. Both did get certified in South America.
    She doesn’t get massive promo. Disney, Hollywood Record, Jonas Group don’t promote her like they should. They’re to focus on Miley and Selena. And Jonas Group only cares about JB.
    She also got recognition by huge respected names like John Mayer. And appeared on a show like Grey’s Anatomy.
    So even if she doesn’t get the success she deserves, she still is more respected by the people that matters for her TALENT and not for the millions of hormonal tweens wanting to get in JB’s pants.

  • againandagain

    @jenny: nothing nice to say then dont say it at all! i love demi and she is amazing! i cant wait for her new album and i cant wait to see her this summer!! <3

  • http://cathy90323 nana

    that is sooo lame that is stupid these paparazzi think they know everything just cause u hang out with the person of the oppossite sex does not mean that u r dating them!!! and even if demi was dating him y should the paparazzi care its non of their business?????

  • Laffur

    OMG PPL SHUT UP BOUY OTHER CELEBS!!!!!!!! This is A DEMI LOVATO POST!!!!!!!!!! talk bout her or Travis whats his face… i say all the time…HATERS GET A LIFE!!!!

  • andreea

    I only have something to say:
    we don’t care that you people don’t like her. even if she is not so popular, at least she’s got talent rather than others.

  • ljmz

    so glad to know that Demi isnt mad… afterall who would swap Joe Jonas for Travis Clark?

  • ashley

    ya,ur just sleeping with him!

  • matchbookromancexx

    wooww k honestly everyone who doesnt like demi just shouldnt even bother writing stupid comments.and you all say she wants attention?? not demis biggest fan but her personal life and her decisions are her sure if all of you had your lives splattered about the media someone would find something to say about you.and quit it with the omg her show is so low..uh aw its so high!!..who even cares she has a show which is more then most of you.