Demi Lovato ROCKS Glendale

Demi Lovato ROCKS Glendale

Demi Lovato cutely waves to the crowd as she performs during the Shop Til You Rock tour at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (July 17).

The 17-year-old powerhouse singer is the official spokesperson for the tour and will also be at the North Point Mall ” July 24 (Atlanta, Georgia) and Stonebriar Centre ” August 1 (Dallas, Texas).

DID YOU GO SEE Demi today?

Demi was wearing Rock & Republic’s “Rosalie” skirt.

Check out one of her performances below! 20+ pics inside…

Demi Lovato – “La La Land” – 07/17

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Credit: Michael Wright; Photos: WENN
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  • jenny

    She’s not shrieking but she sounds like she is in the wrong key. Not her best work. But she does actually look decent.

  • andrea seale

    we were there waiting since 6 loved her and thought the mall did an amazing job free water restrooms (nice) and great security GREAT DAY! pics on twitter @alexirob

  • andrea seale

    we were there since 6 am had a great time got an autograph and pic! so fun!

  • linda

    i agree i dont think it was an amazing performance but it was decent i still like the cd version better but thats cause its autotuned to make it smother and not tooo raspy

  • LILO

    People need to stop criticizing Demi’s recent performances. She’s currently working on her next album and her voice is maturing. I thought she was great. :)

  • Dustyn Wayne Lotz

    I love her!!! She does coke

  • Karly

    i see cellulites :P

  • peacechick123

    Yeah i totally agree with u @LILO people seriously need to stop criticizing Demi , I honestly think that her voice is almost better live than on her album they don’t really need to do that much work with her voice because she’s a great singer. And they most definately DO NOT autotune her voice; no need for that.

    She seriously needs a clothing line because her clothes are amazingly cute! lol

  • lalalala

    i was there today :) saw demi and allstar :)

  • Wow

    look ate her cellulitis…. disgusting!

  • rosie

    @LILO: everyone always critices mileys and selenas performances so it s fair to say the truth about demi and how shes getining you know ok now a days

  • rosie

    @peacechick123: oh so its fair for demi to get a line but not selena because shes “coping”miley no thank you demi should stick to just singing not acting or designing oh and she has a stylist

  • itsmeagain

    @rosie: and Selena should just stick to acting cause she has absolutely ZERO singing talent

  • Darius

    She looks SO. DA*N. GOOD.

    hmmm. In this performance the belting parts are still soulful and strong, but the verses sound strange. Some background music would have helped too LMBAO.

  • Laffur

    @rosie: whoooaa chill… I mean if u dont like demi y u reading this article?!?! Let it goooo if she does get a clothing line…shes got style unlike summ other ppl cough *miley & selena* cough

  • demiisthebest

    i’ve watched it live :)
    she did a great job! even though i think she was a little nervous
    but good performance :) love her!

  • rosie

    @itsmeagain: yea ok and demi cant act or look pretty at all she is just good for singing!ok but selena still has sold more albums than demi has so i guess you need looks and talent!

  • sean92

    i fink she did pretty good i wish i was there lol

  • linda

    @itsmeagain: and wats your point demi has zero acting ability at all

  • demiisthebest


  • bella

    very good perfomance
    amazing voice

  • Ellis

    Her voice is obviously gonna sound different when she does a performance like that! She only had acoustic guitars and some shaker-guy thing.. La La Land was her worst performance of the 3 she did, but none of them were bad! They were all AMAZING! I love Demi, and as for those of you talking about her celulite, what would you prefer? Some stick thin, pointy boned skeleton to represent infront of girls as a good role model? I think Demi has an absolutely gorgeous figure! &She’s super talented and incredibly beautiful! I love her <3

  • francie

    hahaha so funny how people always say selena is horrible live and “demi is the best disney singer ever!!!”…um im sorry, that was NOT GOOD and ive had multiple friends go to shows of hers and say demi didnt sound good!

    selenas singing on americas got talent was better than that!

    …and poor demi, wants so badly to look sexy and least miley has a nice body. demi doesnt have a nice face or body but shes still in tight skanky clothes constantly!

  • BSongFanatic

    @rosie: no one cares about that selina girl.

  • cane

    demi rock …selena i dont think so …and miley is miley great tooo!!! lol

  • Whatever


    I love the fact that you feel the need to come on here and start defending Selena or bringing down Demi just to make Selena seem any better than she really is. Which sadly for you, is totally NOT working.

    You want to know why people state that Selena is horrible live? Well, sweetie it isnt excatly rocket science, and shouldnt really be explained but hey, not everyone is gifted with common sense, i see.

    The simply reality is, that SELENA CANT SING LIVE.

    Hard to grasp? If yes than simply, throw yourself in front of a bus, dumb-ass.


    Aw, you think Selena sounded “good” or “better” in America got talent? Well, I would like to tell you a funny story to match your funny statement.

    Me, thankfully not being from the states, found it rather amusing how they asked someone with, well no real talent to sing on AMERICA GOT TALENT. Now dont take offense but that to a brit showed that American does lack in the talent department. But I know better, I know there are a billion of American singers on Youtube, that both look and sound better than Selena that are not even signed. Sad? Yeah, I know.

    What I was basically trying to saw was, that it was a very stupid move, to make someone with not much of a talent other than look pretty sing. Get what I’m saying? Good.

    And She was beyond horrible, for lack of better words.

    Demi doesnt sound great here, but what singer doesnt mess up a few times. = channel

    Watch that. Now compare it to the best Selena performance which i needless to say doubt actually exsists. And yeah.

    You would end up with this conclusion

    Demi > Miley > Selena

    If not, then trial and error, eh?

    Thank you for your time. ;)

    Demi sounds and looks great.

  • Darius

    @Whatever: Wow…Tell her how you really fell xD

    I agree with everything you posted though.

    I also laugh at the females on here who claim Demi’s not attractive. Teehee.

  • Darius


  • Jenny

    Has she damaged her voice… some of the notes she could easily reach have become hard for her…hope she lets her voice recover…on a plus side,,,she look AMAZING

  • http://FACEBOOK catherine

    @Wow: hallo demi is not a skinny person and by that i mean that she a curvy girl and just healthy. strech marks and cellulite are part of human beings. even the skiniest of girls have them. and i am sure that you ahve them and you will get them. you are just hating on her.

    she looks amazing

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @francie: dear, it’ll be nice of u to learn the difference between SINGING and MUMBLING . What Selena did on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT , THAT’S CALLED MUMBLING and having a MINOR ASTHMA ATTACK with all that freaking breathing she did. What Demi did at the Dodger’s Stadium last Sunday, THAT’S WHAT SINGING SOUNDS LIKE

  • Demi Lovato is the only singer who actually sounds good LIVE!
    i feel so happy everytime i hear her sing!!! :D

  • Jenny

    PATHETIC how ppl are trashing demi’s singing… that just proves you arent fit to comment on people’s singing you would know that her voice is

    a) either damaged, she could be ill or something
    b) her voice may be changing and when that happens, it can be hard to reach higher notes

    And fyi she can sing better than selena

  • ally

    You know what’s crazy? Pretty much every morning, Demi tweets about how she just did an “intense” workout, but yet she hasn’t lost any weight/gotten any fitter. She looks like she might have actually GAINED… anyone feelin’ me?

  • alex

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Demi resembles Rachel Ray in these photos?

  • MArkamara

    @Whatever: Amen.
    Demi did an incredible job here – as per usual.
    Did any of you see how shockingly awful Selena’s performance on America’s got Talent? Yeah me too.

  • soughtful

    selena can’t sing don’t compare her to demi, the only reason selena sold more albums it was because disney is advertising her to no end and was selling her cd for 2.99 disney don’t advertised demi or miley as much as selena bad voice. they are trying to make selena like miley but it will never happen selena is not as talented and natural as miley. Miley can do everything selena can’t miley and demi have the lungs of a singer and selena just talks on her song she should just do rap.

  • sunshine

    love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE FOLLOWED CHRIS BROWN ON TWITTER!!!!!!! <3 <3 she’s a great role model showing us that we should forgIve people and give them second chances. she is the best singer on disney. =D =D

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    demiiiiii…..i just lovee yooooooooooou sooooooooooo much
    my reole model,my idol,my hero iyou are great
    beautyqueen loove yoou <3

  • Evie

    People need to stop calling her fat and commenting on cellulite. First of all, Demi is muscular. She isn’t bony like Selena. And when you are short like Demi, muscular can look a little chunky. Just look at the gymnasts from the olympics. Are they fat? No. As for her cellulite, bone thin models have cellulite too. It has nothing to do with how fat or thin you are, just with how your body stores reserves.

    Jeeze, you people are relentless. You either say a celebrity is too thin or too fat.

  • Mariana

    I don’t like what Demi has been wearing lately, it doesn’t fit her, but that’s her business I think she’s very talented and so is Selena.

  • demiisthebest

    selena was horrible at america’s got talent
    if this was demi she’ll do it better
    and in this video demi was nervous and this the first song she sang it there!
    if you donot like demi so why are commenting in this possssst
    you guys are annoying
    i dare one of you sing this song better than her ? I DARE YOU

  • selena

    francie i agrea with you

  • maddie

    Okay why is she screaming? At the end when she said machine, that was so unexpected the way she just screamed it.

  • j

    It’s not the best performance she done, but she still looks good though.

  • Dani

    The 3 performances of Demi were very good. The problem is that we are used to listen to Demi singing exactly like in her cds when she has a concert. But this is an ACOUSTIC performance, so it’s natural it sounds different – but still good! Her voice was still fantastic.
    The problem is that some people see a GOOD performance of Demi and they criticize her and say she didn’t do a good job, just because they are used to have AMAZING performances, so GOOD isn’t enough. In Selena’s case, we are used to see bad performances, so when she is AVERAGE many people say she improved a lot so she was great! Really?
    Compare the difficulty of singing ‘la la land’, ‘here we go again’ and even ‘catch me’ with ‘round and round’ and ‘falling down’. We don’t need to have a great voice to sing Selena’s songs and she still can’t do more than an average job. Fan of Selena in ‘wizards of waverly place’, but seriously, singing?
    To sell lots of cds you don’t need to be a good singer… and to be a good singer you don’t need to sell lots of cds – so the argument of who sold more cds is not valid, cause we are discussing quality not quantity!
    As for Demi’s appearance, in my opinion she looked beautiful as usual (although I would like to see her less tanned), but once again, that’s not what’s important.
    [Sorry any mistakes – English isn’t my first language, I’m Portuguese]