Fashion Faceoff: Winter Kate 'Jasmine' Cardigan

Fashion Faceoff: Winter Kate 'Jasmine' Cardigan

Miley Cyrus wraps herself up in Winter Kate’s Jasmine cardigan as she heads back to her hotel during her recent trip to London last month. The 17-year-old singer/actress completed her comfy look with short jean shorts and Alexander Wang “Freeja” booties.

Ashley Tisdale returned from filming in Toronto to a mountain of new clothes and instantly put on the same cardigan as she headed out to the salon. The 25-year-old actress completed her look with Loeffler Randall Mabel Very Strappy Open Toe heels and a Louis Vuitton bag.

Who wore Free People Best -- MILEY CYRUS or ASHLEY TISDALE?
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Credit: Will Alexander, LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • lena

    definitely miley!! love her shoes 2 =)

  • miley.

  • preskoo

    Ashley FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • izzy

    ashley always looks stylish

  • .

    It looks good on either girls but Ashley made it look like a blanket. She’s so short that it’s way down her knees. So I’d say Miley wore it better.

  • jk

    I love Miley’s outfit. She looks cool. Ashley looks so awkward wearing it, and the shoes don’t go with it.

  • V

    Ashley. I love Miley, but Miley looks like she’s wearing too much on the top, her outfit doesn’t balance out and makes her look slouchy. She should have gone for longer shorts and it would look better.

    Ashley’s outfit balances out and makes the outfit look great. Something like what Ashley wore is photoshoot worthy rather than Miley’s since Ashley looks good. Usually I’m not a fan of Ashley’s style but I love this outfit.

    These are one of the many things I learn about the fashion choices at university.

  • emaly

    i love both of them <3 but miley has a better fit and it makes her pop more than ashley. ashley can totally pull off other clothes (:


    Sorry Miley i love you Ashley for sure =)

  • federico

    ashley tisdale!!!!

  • victoria

    I dont like that ashleys is so long… it looks weird.

  • vania

    ashley tisdale are the best forever yeah love ashley ♥♥♥my heart jiji for you

  • gonzalo


    I love you Ashley!!!

  • ashleyna092

    Ashley Tisdale OMG

  • 123

    ashley tisdale

  • cane


  • KASS


  • KASS

    mileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but ash look sooo pretty too

  • jessica

    definitely ashley. she looks really pretty.

  • rachel

    mileyyyyyyyyyyyy4ever :) love you !

  • sean92

    i fink miley deffinatly wore it better shes so gorjess lol

  • Shir

    Miley did it better.
    It’s to long on Tisdale.
    that’s how the dice rolls on this topic.

  • kat


  • tam-zin

    miley’s shorts are so short that the cardigen is longer than what she’s wearing underneith. it looks weird! if her cardigen was done up it’d look lke she was wearing a dress and you wouldn’t be able to see anything. i don’t think neither of the 2 wore it particularly well. but i think ashely btw.

  • zacc

    ashley ashley ashley!!!

  • 777

    of course ashley!!!

  • gomez

    ashley tisdale!

  • gomez

    loe u ashley!!!
    she the the best

  • yellow

    love ashley’s outfit.ashley is better.

  • andrea

    love ashley…

  • zachary


  • ^tisdale

    ashley is the best!!!

  • amanda

    of course tizzy

  • mmm

    Ashley for sure… Just look at Miley. She looks like a slut. Too lightly dressed. And Tizz wore it way much better!

  • moss

    I think this cardigan looks better when the person wore it with jeans; it looks more classier! So I’ll say the Tiz ^^.

  • nessa

    Ashley gets her OWN FASHION STYLE .
    Having her own style doesn’t mean wearing unique clothes and bags
    It means being able to mix clothes ur own ways and still look stunning
    .Better than Miley,that b*tch’s fashion style is now being judge harsh bcuz of her “mature adult” style
    Wearing clothless clothes doesn’t make Mil bcome an adult .
    It makes her bcome a nasty naughty freaky Miley .
    And judging over everything u said
    I c ur nothing but a Trace,either
    And by Trace , i mean a new kind of b*tch

  • fela


  • Sad

    why must miley wear shorts everytime doesn’t she have long pants. PLUS, she wears realllyy short shorts.

  • musicgirl

    miley, she looks amazing:D ashley’s is too long and the shoes doesnt match with the cardigan.

  • Pennethaa

    definetely ashley!!!! i proper hate miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go ashley! vote ashley!

  • ZACC


  • ZACC


  • OHNEDich


  • hamy

    I think Ashley wore it better, resembling that she’s VERY trendy/stylish with her clothes. Miley Cyrus wore it like she just woke up with her shorts and loose top (as usual) and threw on a “bathrobe”. Seriously, she wears it as if it’s a bathrobe… :p

  • http://ziber2 camila

    ashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhley the best for ever

  • Tabata

    ashley is the best!

  • taylor

    love ashley’s style more, but miley wore this better.

  • linda

    Miley much better

  • hello

    miley made it look all ugllyyy

  • Aly

    Definitely Miley

    Ashley makes it look like she forgot to take off the salon robe