Victoria Justice: Girls Can Totally Be Friends With Guys!

Victoria Justice: Girls Can Totally Be Friends With Guys!

BFFs Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia enjoy the view from atop an In-N-Out sign on Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles (July 17).

The 17-year-old actress opened up in the most recent issue of Popstar! mag about girls and guys being just friends and nothing more.

Victoria dished, “I have a lot of guy friends, like Avan Jogia, who is on the show [Victorious]. I think girls can totally just be friends with guys. I know it’s a big debate where people are like, ‘Can they really be just friends?’ but I definitely think they can!”

DO YOU THINK guys and girls can just be friends?

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  • Eric Shinn

    I totally agree with Victoria!!!! She will have to get used to playing the role of the guys “friend” as she portrays the role of “Beard” throughout her Hollywood life!!!!

  • kk13

    i know everyone says they cant but they can. those freaks need 2 chill.

  • dakota

    yes, I agree that we can be friends w guys. what happens tho is that when ur guy friend gets a girlfriend she might get jealous :(

  • sara

    puh-leaze! any guy that’s friends with victoria has a secret hope of being with her. she’s gooorgeous.

    i don’t think there’s such a thing as a platonic friendship…there are ALWAYS hidden feelings

  • Nikki

    I got loads of guys who are just friends nothing wrong with it.

  • I have a problem where ever guy I’m friends with ends up hitting on me and then they say they like me too much to just be friends. Only I just want to be friends, so they leave -_-

  • Galinda

    I sometime think her voice sounds like a dude, so maybe Avan’s the “beard”.

  • http://deleted Troy

    Can a guy and a girl just be friends? Absolutely. But when you go on a vacation say to Europe (like Victoria and Avan did of course I think her mom also went) tongues are going to start wagging. I don’t if anything other then just friendship is going on bet\wteen those two but when you do things that could indicate that there MIGHT be something more going on you can’r really get too defensive when that question is asked in my opinion.

  • PUP

    Ofcourse you can be friends with guys. It’s when you get “in a relationship” that their is a problem. Would you want your bf/gf being close to the opposit sex? Don’t THINK so.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Ofcourse they can. Unless your Demi Lovato and you make out with every guy you know. Just saying.

  • http://Com High

    Okay, Going too the movie and then in-and-out burger.

    sounds like a date too me.

  • Evie

    Okay, have you people not seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally”?

  • Shannon

    They have been friend long before Victorious came out. It is her, Avan, and Josh Hutcherson. For the longest time everyone thought her and josh were a couple because they are usually together a lot. Then Victorious come out and now it is her and Avan. Just look at Josh’s myspace. I think they would be a way cuter couple.

  • Jaeoh!134


    Everyone use to think her and josh use to be a couple because they were.

  • Jaeoh!134


    haha! That made no sense. I meant to say: the reason why everyone though her and Josh were a couple because at one point they were. But they have since broken up.

  • Gilmore

    I do think guys and girls can be friends.. However I don’t exactly know if they are.. If they are just strictly friends than that’s cool but I can’t help but shake this feeling that they are more. IDK maybe its all in my head but she seems to talk about him all and how much she quotes ‘Loves that kid’.. Either way they look cute. ;)

  • Shir

    boys (who like girls) and girls (who like boys) can not be just friends.
    I mean REAL friends, good friends, besties.
    One person will always like the person a little bit more than just in a friendly way. I’m sorry, that’s just how the world works. Romantic feelings will be felt!

    Avan is such a cute piece of boy. J and A are soups cute together.

  • sofie

    I seriously don’t get why people think that guys and girls can not just be friends, and to @High: I’ve gone to the movies and eaten at sunset before with one of my friends, who’s a GUY! He’s one of the sweetest people I know, and there’s nothing sexsual about it in anyway

  • ella

    Victoria is a pretty and nice girl. JOE JONAS should date her. Just saying. ;)

  • Yolanda

    @ella: Yeah Joe needs a new beard (and I’m not talking about the one on his face LOL!)

  • putty_tat

    I know girls want to think that, but this guy – like any other guy – would trade in an eternity of bestestest friendship for a teeny tiny one night stand. So would I, so would you

  • none

    I honesty dissagree. My girlfriend let me at the altar for her male best friend. So no guys and girls can’t be just friends.

  • LoveSelAlways

    Truth is …..if the girl looks like Victoria….you cannot just want to be friends(If you are male and straight :D)

  • Kayla

    Victoria is totally right even though I have no friends of boys or girls.

  • selenagomezcity

    its hard but possible

  • Claire

    Man, Victoria has a lot of guy friends. Avan , Josh and Taylor. Why not ?

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