Daniella Monet is Non-Stop in Vancouver

Daniella Monet is Non-Stop in Vancouver

Daniella Monet is on the move as she enjoys an afternoon walk in downtown Vancouver on Saturday afternoon (July 17).

It’s rumored that the 21-year-old Victorious actress will be starring in the Fairly Odd Parents movie alongside Drake Bell.

The Fairly Odd Parents movie will be a live action movie of the week on Nickelodeon. According to DrakeBell.org, the film will have Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and evil Vicky. Although, Wanda and Cosmo will not be played by real people, but be through computer animation.

WHO DO YOU THINK Daniella will play?

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Credit: Kred; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • LOLO

    Why is she photographed by the papz? She doesn’t even star in that show. I bet the paparazzi confused her for someone else, because she’s not famous…. and it must suck getting photographed while jogging.

  • anon


    The paparazzi follow actors like her because they know blogs like Just Jared Jr. will write stories about them and buy their pictures.

  • anon


    Nickelodeon isn’t paying the paparazzi to take photos of their stars… and you saying that just prolongs the so-called “rivalry thing” that you think is “obnoxious and boring”.

  • http://www.twitter.com/sahina91 Sahina

    i hope she plays Vicky!!!

  • shannon :)



    if you’re gonna have a Nickelodeon star on your site, have Victoria justice.

    im laughing that the paparazzi took pictures of this girl. lolol

  • lolo

    @shannon :): me too! lol lol

  • Just Jill

    Wow, you guys are mean. We do write about her!

  • daniella!!

    prob vicky and heyy we have the same name ahahha

  • kara

    You know guys, everyone has to start somewhere. Personally, I love someone took pics of her! That’s an awesome thing!

  • llalla

    finalyy! someone different!
    yay! i love thid girl in Nancy drew <3

  • :)

    shes so pretty luv her :)

  • LOLO

    @Just Jill: Yes, you are right.

    ”Jealousy is a neurotic disease.”

    May God forgive me for being ‘mean’. :( :( :( :(
    I hope she never reads these comments. EVER! :(

  • LOLO

    Someone deleted my 2nd comment. THANK YOU to whoever did it. Peace!!!!! I hope Daniella Monet never reads anything hurtful and negative online, however I do believe the ‘haters’ make performers stronger rather than weaker. But it depends on the person, like Baby V became consequently stronger. Miley became stronger.

    + Gossip sites are filled with malicious haters. They are the majority making these sites flourish, just look at the JJ Rachel Bilson posts :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( poor Rachel. Moreover, just look at the Lindsay Lohan posts :( :( :( poor LiLo.

  • kay

    good lord, NO to a live action fairly oddparents. WTH are they thinking, do they want to ruin everyone’s childhoods?!?! that has fail written all over it.

  • jessica

    @kay: i completely agree with you. i mean that that is just a bad idea and it will ruin peoples childhood.

  • cmeesmile

    @Just Jill: OMG! It’s you! Sorry, it’s just really rare to see you guys popping up on the comments. Well, we love your website since most of the people reading this didn’t get this on accident. Thanks for keeping this site positive =]

  • Darius

    @Just Jill: True That!

    Everybody starts somewhere.

  • kk13

    exactly, but she would make a pretty vicky! GO DANIELLA!

  • Marieke

    Probably Vicky, cuz I think she would play a great Vicky

  • http://canadagraphs.weebly.com Canadagraphs

    Daniella was photographed, because young, hot & female sells.
    The pap was completely aware of who it was.
    Reality is, there hasnt been a lot to shoot in Vancouver recently thats new.
    Someone that is young, hot & female, who doesnt get papped much, is a near sure sell. Thus why he shot her.
    The fact you are reading this article validates this often proven theory.

    For the record, I met her a couple hours earlier when she was heading out for her walk. Super classy girl.

  • http://imixandmatch.com Shir

    love her. Excited to see the fairy odd parents live action movie!!!! It makes me happy that it will be live action! Good choice on that producers

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