Demi Lovato: Do Something Stunner

Demi Lovato: Do Something Stunner

Demi Lovato steps out on the purple carpet in a multi-colored Herve Leger mini at the 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards held at the Hollywood Palladium on Monday evening (July 19).

The 2010 VH1 Do Something! Awards will be hosted by Jane Lynch and will have a mix of pop culture, entertainment, music, and activism by celebrating young do-gooders, celebrities, and organizations that have made a commitment to social change.

Natasha Bedingfield, Lifehouse, and Travis McCoy with special guest Bruno Mars will be performing throughout the night.

The awards air live TONIGHT, July 19 @ 9PM ET/PT on VH1.

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • erin

    She tries way too hard. And she looks like a……. yeah.

    Kim kardashian may be your idol honey, but you don’t look like her!

  • ohreallynow

    I’m sorry but this is not a good look for her. Yikes…

  • joycey

    She is plain BEAUTIFUL !!!

  • LILO

    She looks gorgeous. She knows how to flatter her petite frame with that simple and nice dress. The only thing missing in those photos is her beautiful smile (showing her teeth).

  • Dianaa

    I think she looks beautiful, but the dress..

  • KC

    definitely not her best look

  • Mee

    She looks great in the third pic buT don’t really like the dress

  • youknowwho

    I love Demi, but I hate how she looks here. I’m sorry but she looks ordinary in a bad way..

  • kym

    it looks like the dress that jennifer garner wore to that work party in 13 going on 30. just in a different colour lol. its really pretty and fits her well.

  • nkeeyah

    She’s beautiful inside and out

  • Ryan

    Oh my… Demi, you looks GORGEOUS, girl. A figure-fitting dress that D pulls off flawlessly. Curvy, confident, & independent best describes her here. What a dress, WOW!

  • lol

    she has a butt at least

  • David

    Not bad, but I like her better with dark hair

  • taylor

    really ugly dress. and im sorry but her hair color just doesn’t look good on her. at all, imo. she should go back to black.

  • Jenny

    everything about the dress is beautiful and really shows off her body but the pink part should be darker… it looks too awkward… but other than that GREAT

  • abdullah


  • Jenny

    Another thing…even though the hair looked amazing at first…the highlights just dont seem to suit demi, she should go one colour, I remember the colour she had before black, it was an off black colour and it looked gorgeous and i think it wouls suit her best

  • jen

    wow she looks gorgeous….

    embrace those curves.

    Joe is there also I wonder if they said anything to eachother.

  • Jenny

    Oh and I would LOVE to see demi try a middle parting in her hair…i think it would work the best

  • SSL

    WOW! Girl has curves! Looking beautiful.

  • lolololol

    man shoulders…BAHHAHAHHA

  • j

    I knew there was some sexy curves under there somewhere. Now if only she had black hair again to match the dress.

  • Anwen

    I like her songs and i don’t hate her..but she looks awful..too much make up,messed-up hair colour…dislike the look.

  • maddie

    Ummm, what was she thinking, & now all of a sudden people are mentioning her curves since Demi talked about it, good to know nobody did before. LOL, did Demi look in a mirror? Idk she just look incredibly fake to me, and UGLY dress.

  • pandora

    Curves is just a nicer way of saying fat with a big butt. Personally prefer slimmer shapes not skinny just slim and toned. Just a personal preference so dont freak out.

  • Mimi

    At least it’s not black …………

  • LOLO

    She’s stuck in the La La Land machine.
    Looks up to fame ho, Kim Kardashian. Is sooo excited Kim K wrote an article about her.
    Another sell out. Another day.

  • Wow she is CAKED in makeup. Add the highlights and she looks really plastic and not in a good way.

  • megan

    shes so pretty…but that dress is WAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAYWAY to tight on her..she looks like she can’t breath and that its going to pop by the seams at any second. and that hair omg , demi your hair is dark an prettystop frosting it this isn’t 1984 and you dont make a good blonde. love her but seriously..

  • arcy

    I don’t like her hair, sorry.

    Not the best make up

    She has a nice curvy body, but she’s not Kim she has butt but no to much

    overall I think she look ok, for her beauty she could look better

  • arcy

    she’s like trying to look sexy and hot

  • prettylittleliarsfann

    ummm… i don’t like the dress. at all, and shes wearing A TON of make up. and i’m not a fan of the new hair color and the cut, either, BUT i love her anyways <3 ! LOVED the album here we go again <3 ! i just think she needs to start acting like herself and not copy anyone else. like right now it seems like shes trying to copy Kim Kardishan.

  • Darius


    Demi >>>>>>

  • Sam

    Oh my gosh what happened to her?! She looks terrible!

  • Jen

    I don’t think she’s really that curvey so I don’t really get her inspiration, but whatever. She really needs to tone down the make up. It makes her look old. She’s much prettier when she’s wearing minimal make up.

  • twinkleinthesky

    she looks stunning, i love love love the dress and her hair looks so good although i prefered it brown, the blonde doesn’t suit her/

  • Andrea

    I don’t really like the hair.. I prefer it black(:
    And the dress is… ok..

  • Igniz

    Sweet Baby Jesus !!!
    Look at her !

  • candy

    OMG where to begin! first her hair is god awful! not the color but the same ole style. does she do it herself? she need a new hair stylist.

    2nd- waaay overtanned, she looks artificial and orange
    3rd- this dress is sooo last summer 2009. the bandage dress is done. demi its all about bohemian or asymetrical/ futuristic dresses.

    4th- the shoes look like she got them from target. they don’t work well with the outfit, because of her legs she needs a skinnier taller heel.

    all in all- this girl needs a fashion/styling overhaul. anyone who think she looks good is probably 13 yrs old and lives in the middle east and knows nothing about fashion and style. her hair looks like she did it herself, shes over tanned and she looks like a poor mans kim kardashian!

  • daf

    she doesn’t have curves. -_- idk where she got that idea, she’s sorta flat.

  • bella

    demi she is beautifull
    demi she is perfect
    demi she is wonderfull
    demi I love you
    demi forever

  • V!!!


  • e

    Oh Demi………NOO!!!

  • pandora

    Candy agree with you totally she’s a gorgeous young girl but needs some help to refine and improve her look.

  • j

    Candy pretty much nail it head on from a female point of view that I agree with. I really hope she begins to have a mind of her own, and not let the Kardashians turn her into something she not.

  • Mariana

    I agree with you Candy, she still needs to find herself, that hair color doesn’t suit her @ all, rather go back to black Demi!

  • V

    I LOVE, LOVE Demi. She’s my favorite celebrity!

    But this look and outfit is horrendous! She looks horrible here. Everything from her hair to her spray-tanned skin (which I though she said that she stopped doing) to her dress is blech. Everything blends in, and looks all weird.

    Demi should have gone for a different look, she would have looked beautiful with a natural tone make-up, and a stunning dress that pops out instead of blending in with her skin and hair.

  • demiisthebest

    She looks stunning :)
    she’s being who she wants to be
    no one will change her!
    you rock demi

  • sean92

    i fink shes gorjess did she won an award lol?

  • cassidybarrett

    wow she’s stunning ! I don’t know why you don’t like the dress. I personally love it ! And it’s normal for her to have curves, she has mexican blood ! I think u’re taking what she said too seriously. Even if I like her less than when she first started, I think people are too harsh on her. she’s just 17 !!! let her be !