Zac Efron on Miley Cyrus: She's Taking the World By Storm

Zac Efron on Miley Cyrus: She's Taking the World By Storm

Miley Cyrus was the first to admit that she’s obsessed with Zac Efron.

The 22-year-old actor caught up with Access Hollywood over the weekend to promote his new flick, Charlie St. Cloud and checked out what Miley had to say about his hotness. She shared with Billy Bush recently, “Zac has a special place in my heart. If it wasn’t creepy and he wasn’t my friend, I would have posters of him on my wall.”

Zac‘s reaction to Miley‘s confession: “Wow, I do not even know what to say to that. I’ve known her since she was a little girl. It’s amazing what she’s done. She’s blossomed into this beautiful lady and taking the world by storm. I’m so proud of her.”

Zac Efron – Access Hollywood, 07/17
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  • julia

    Cute! Love they both.

  • rania

    I love Miley and Zac

  • emma

    They are soo cute!!

  • heba

    i love miley & zac soooooooooo much

  • zam

    awww,,cute ^_^

  • Jenny

    I found this amazing, really loved this clip its just nice seeing a massive star reacting to something said by another massive star… and the bit where she said ..”he sells sex” true btw but his reaction was priceless

  • anon

    They would make a hot couple :)

  • rockstar

    Zac has such a way with words. LOVE him. (:

  • abby

    Haha thats so cute but something about hearing Zac say “She’s blossomed into this beautiful lady” just kinda seems………wrong lol. I have no idea why lmfao.

  • nathalia

    show interview
    awkward for anyone
    zac was only polite

  • mike

    what can i say hes a nice guy

  • Zanessafanforever

    Zac bascially just said that to be nice.
    He’s a nice guy; he’s not gonna go bash someone else
    or say crap, like other celebrities **cough cough*** miley cyrus, demi lovato **cough cough ***

    Zac is just mature enough to know when to and when not to say anything.

  • tessa

    @nathalia – Zac love Miley as friend .. Miley,Zac,Vanessa are best friends

  • aly91

    did she just imply that he’s not a fantastic actor…harsh.

  • Unbelievable

    I noticed that to. I’m surprised that didn’t annoy him a bit, maybe it did and he just brushed it off.

  • roxana

    so sweet!!!! interviewer to zac- so she(Vanessa) loves the old zac. Zac to interviewer- all shy looking down, yeah we’ve been through it all….so freaking sweet…..i love to see a pic of him wearing those gaps, lol he was very nice to say that about Miley and even though i dont like her much and wont judge i will have to agree on what she said before about him…Zac is the most faithfull bf in hollywood… true…not many are like him thats why v is one lucky girl and so is him..

  • Thumper

    That’s a little rude. I mean yes Zac might have a superb body but he is also a good actor. If she saw him in Me&Orson Welles she would have known that he didn’t take off his shirt once and he is great in it.

  • alice

    I love this pic Zac, Vanessa, Miley, Jonas Brothers

  • peggy

    Implying he’s selling sex was just plain rude there was nothing sweet about it.

    And I think he’s good at covering the surprise and is always a gentlemen.

    If V had said it you’d be all over her. Just goes to show the dumb crap you can get away with when you are white. And I’m white.

  • brenda

    Zanessa and Miley are best friends, it is so cute!!!!

  • kami

    ♥ zac is so nice, so kind and so diplomatic. ♥

  • shirley


  • kami

    unlike miley girl, zac took the high road. he has class.

  • shirley

    Zac is extremely mature. What miley said was kind of rude.. i don’t know if she knew what she was saying but it came out all wrong.
    zac is incredibly faithful and anybody would kill to have him as a boyfriend. no joke.

  • taylor

    @shirley miley NEVER knows what she is saying. and most of the time, what she says makes her sound like an idiot/bitch. and this kinda made her sound like both. because well not everyone just goes to zac’s movies to see him. many people know how good of an actor he is and want to see him show it. and she’s basically saying that’s the only reason people go see him. and that’s obviously not what he wants to be known for.

  • taylor

    unlike you miley, zac can actually act. so don’t try to say that people don’t care about that. don’t try to cover up your bad acting skills by saying people only go see, someone with great acting skills, because of his looks.

    i mean i really don’t think she was intending on sounding rude. but she did.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @taylor: dude, I love how u take time to bash on Miley like she actually cares what you think. LOL! Miley is entitled to have opinions just like everyone else in the world.

  • Divine Goddess

    He’s SO SWEET when he talks about Vanessa. “She knows. We’ve just been through it all together” ♥ Could he get ANY more adorable? And he handled the Miley comments quite well LMFAO. Such a gentleman.

  • Karen

    Well, Miley be she rude and not—and I don’t think she meant to insult Zac–but she never thinks about what she is about to say. She just lets it rip and in more times than this she has gotten in trouble for it. Much of the problem is she is young and it shows when she shoots her mouth off without thinking first. She needs to put some thought into this problem as she has been around the business long enough now to know better. She had no business bringing Zac’s name into it in the first place. All she was doing was trying to make an excuse for herself when Billy Bush brought up how she was dressing recently. And the fact IS, she IS still just 17 and Zac is nearly 23 and he has yet to REALLY show off some ominous sex “moves”.

    But I blame that Maria M from Access Hollywood the most. Her interview was just an embarrassment. She never asked ONE professional question about Zac’s movie. She simply acted like some crazed female fan. Plus, she only showed that clip of Miley to see what kind of reaction she would get from Zac since when that interview aired of Miley, she got a lot of flack from it from Zac fans. Actually Maria M was trying to set up Zac.

  • sean92


    shut up ur the idoit who shood fink twice b-fore speeking n my gf is a greet acress n wen she has sumfign 2 say she says it she dosent finks twice nd i fink dats a good quality lol

  • Cassy

    Miley? A “Beautiful lady?” That’s just sickening. She is the furthest thing from a beautiful lady.

  • stephany

    i agree with your comment but technically the interviewer brought zac efron into the conversation and when has acces hollywood ever ask professional questions

  • linda

    Zac and Miley are AMAZING!!

  • frank drebin

    miley is a bitter angry spoiled brat. she can’t stand it when anyone or anything else is popular so she has to attack it (twilight, glee, justin beiber, demi and selena)
    she thinks the whole world revolves around her

  • miley is so ugly

    miley is NOT taking the world by storm. her last movie sucked and critics trashed her acting and now her new album is flopping. ppl are sick of her trashy behavior. she has more haters than fans. soon she will be forgotten

  • miley is so ugly

    @mrsdestinyhope: @mrsdestinyhope: ur a loser. u worship a wh0re

  • Jenny

    @aly91: not necesaarily i think she meant it in the way that he might be a great actor but that isnt necesarilly the reason I watch his movies

  • Cocolove

    i don´t think miley wanted to say something insulting but she just doesn`t know what she`s saying.
    and i loved how zac reacted, he`s just really mature and in contrast to miley, thinks before he speaks. i didn`t like him back in the day, i thought he was kinda arrogant and a bit dumb, but now he turned into a good actor whos making good choices and he`s just so humble and sweet. il love him

  • maria

    @frank drebin: I think you may be right. Cause she does attack. People may justify it by saying she’s just stating an opinon, but there is class in keeping your mouth shut if you don’t like something. I suspect her parents thought it was adorable when she was 5, and just let her mouth fly. It’s not so cute now, is it?

    And,@Karen: I agree with you on the interview. It was nothing short of ridiculous.

  • Dave

    The thing is, if Miley didn’t like Zac Efron, would he have said this? No!

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    that’s cute, they’ve both done amazing to get to where they are ♥
    i love zac and miley ♥

  • jessica

    what miley said was kind of rude. i mean its not like shes a great actor herself. and besides zac efron is an awesome actor.

  • claudette neely

    I am a 65 year old grandmother. I love Miley & love Zac even more. You are a wonderful actor Zac, a very good person and the best looking person I have ever seen. And you remind me of my own grandson named Zac also. Love you zac Efron. claudette

  • andreanne

    He is so grounded

  • girl

    ok miley but she needs to think before she speakes and for zac ..

    zac is a gentlemen and he’s really mature yes he’s being nice but
    at least he know what he’s going to say not like cyrus that’s kinda rude ..

    she’s not grown up yet she’s still immature and she needs to think before she says something stupid i mean come on !! wearing sexy outfits doesn’t make you an adult it makes you look like trash .. especially for someone who’s only 17 years old ..

    i like miley but sometimes she sounds stupid and rude .

  • beatriz

    hahhaa is really fun<3
    I loved what he said Zac Efron of Miley Cyrus

  • zohra
  • yoooo

    aww! hes soo amazing <333

  • rachel

    so sweet *—* LOVE MILEY :)

  • Kay

    Zac’s reaction was so princeless, a real genlte man! But I find it quite rude from Miley, she basicly says that ppl only like him for his body and go watch it. That;s so not true! Of course there are some ppl that do that, but I don’t and we fans love him so much because he is charimastic, sweet, humble, talented, DOWN TO EARTH, and loves him fans. There are so many hot guys in Hollywood, but no one like Zac and that’s why we love him so much. He has TALENT and that’s why we like him. If she doesn’t feel that, that’s okay go ahead and see his movies with that reason. But I find it rude that’s she like: HE sells s**, like he doesn’t do othjer good stuff! What she said about the posters and stuff was really sweet though but about him selling stuff , I just find that rude. Miley should think before she says something cause it clear that she doesn’t meant to hurt him or say something unnice to him, but it just comes to me like that.

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