Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Move Date was Unfair

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Move Date was Unfair

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are finally opening up about the disappointment of their new flick’s release dates.

Since the announcement of the new release date for Beastly, fans weren’t the only ones who were let down.

Zac, 22, shared with MTV, “It was disappointing. It was hard. I actually had to break the news to her. I was like, ‘I think we are moving on to your date.’ … She took it really well, but it’s hard when that kind of stuff happens. We don’t, as actors, have any control over it, so we’ll see. I mean, hopefully it will work out for the best. Beastly is a great movie, and when it does come out, people are absolutely going to love it.”

Vanessa, 21, added, “I just didn’t feel right about us having movies coming out on the same day. It’s just not right. We’re actually going to be doing some re-shoots and changing it up a bit, so hopefully we’ll make it that much better.”

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters NEXT Friday, July 30th.

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  • B

    They are so cute. I just love them.
    And I can’t wait to see Charlie St. Cloud and Beastly!

  • http://@ALISSA_lARSON Alissa

    Awwwww. They are sooooooo cute together. 4 years and still going strong. I love them so much :-)

  • joan

    THey’re so supportive of each other. In other NEWS, VANESSA is going to comic-con! YAYAH

  • cheryl

    Love them, that couldn’t have been easy for Zac to tell her himself. Can’t wait for Beastly!

  • cmeesmile

    Blessings in disguise happen all the time. Hopefully things will turn out that way for Beastly because I have been looking forward to it for months now.

  • Kro

    well it was dissapointng bt hope i as for the best, and yet again it shows us how is really their relationship seeing him breaking the news was like we are in this serious, for the long run and such, so itactually show us that, hopefully everything will turn right since V will have both her movies at the same month!

  • zanessa/scashley

    Either way, I love that they are so supportive of each-other. Anyway, I can’t wait for both movies. 2011 will be Vanessa’s year !! XD

  • cathie

    love u brother!!!

  • Jas

    Does anyone have a video or anything of it?

  • always

    Love that they’re so supportive of each other they have a great and loving relationship
    love zanessa

  • Unbelievable

    I don’t think it wouldve been so disappointing if CBS hadn’t pushed beastly as far back as they did. If they wouldve just moved it back a couple weeks or a couple months I think it would have been fine but moving it back another year really let the air out of it’s own ballon.

  • beatriz

    aww <3
    i love you Zanessa
    is the best couple in the world

  • Diamond

    I really want to see beastly this year but I guess not I will always support Vanessa and the cast of beastly because I kno I’m goin to be sitting in the theatre seat watchn beastly!! And well she said their doing reshoots and stuff so that should be fun and cool!! And it is going to be vanessa’s year go v! God bless :)

  • annie

    love the pic jjj : ) so cute

  • linda

    im sorry jjj buth vanessa zac and ashley are tooo old for here they belong in jj make room for new people!!

  • kami

    ♥ zac and vanessa are both very mature. ♥

  • Skylar

    Aww so cute!
    Either way I was going to see both movies that day! :)
    But now I have to waituntil March, I can’t wait for either of them! I’m so excited!
    Zanessa Forever!!!<3

  • Skylar

    @linda: They are on both websites, is it a problem that Zac and Vanessa have both a teen AND adult fanbase? It shouldn’t be. And they have made plenty of room for new people, however, lots of the new people aren’t as good as the old ones. Let alone, Kevin Joans is about their age, apparently he’s not to old to be on here.

  • nathalia

    I love this couple
    can hardly wait to see film vanessa
    jjj congratulations for the pictures was beautiful

  • birdie

    Zac is right, actors have no control over these things and he was so gracious and kind saying such good things about “Beastly”. The video of Vanessa made me laugh, and I think they are making the best of
    an unfortunate situation. As a fan of both Zac and Vanessa I will definately see both films.

  • mykamicks

    The best thing that Zac & Vanessa fans could do, is to support their movies regardless of what dates it’ll be shown.

  • luisana

    Zac and Vanessa are top celebs in JJ :D

  • carly

    I love how they are so supportive. I adore this couple….zanessa 4 life =D

  • roxana

    now people cant stop saying that it’s zac’s fault or complaining…he is right- actors have no control over this!!!. it’s so sweet and supportive how he had to deal with the news for V and how after all he embraces people to watch beastly. just love how mature they are, him for giving such news and Van for taking it so them so much and wish them the best…and yes it’s true, this year is Zac’s to shine and next is Vanessa’s with two movies coming up…our girl is gonna be busy and our job as fans is to support her no matter what…go zanessa :)

  • luisana

    I want see BEASTLY!!!!!!!

  • Inna

    I’m so glad they’re so supportive of eachother; it shows how real & mature their realtionship is. I wish them both the best of luck. (: They’re so perfect <33

    And after awhile, I guess I got used to the fact that Beastly has a new date, and I’m over it. I’m glad that they’re also doing some reshoot. That should be exciting. I’m still absolutely stoked for Beastly, & 2011 could’nt come any faster.

    Zanessa Forever~

    *Oh quick Q, Jared. Was this a joint interview? Like Z&V were interviewed together?

  • maria

    Their unconditional support for each other and their careers is truly to be admired. Their maturity in such a messed up, plastic world is so refreshing. Can’t wait to see Beastly!!!

  • Silvana

    “Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters NEXT Friday, July 30th”

    would have preferred it “Beastly hits theaters NEXT Friday, July 30th”

    but no … and I am very sure that NEVER had passed the date of the movie where it appears that Zac … ¬ ¬
    but bue …

  • j

    I’m really looking forward to Sucker Punch, but that’s what it’s all about, that’s support.

  • Silvana


  • mike

    of course that putting Vanessa s movie next year is unfair stupid studio

  • nathalia

    I wonder
    telling vanessa zac
    How loving he must have conducted the conversation
    are adorable

  • Zanessafanforever

    awwwww thats sooo sweet of both Zac and vanessa;
    it just shows how mature they are and how supportive and love they are of each other. Its refreshing to see two people who truly care and support one another without them having to go out just for the sake of publicity. I am extremely excited for both movies and will support both Zac and Vanessa, like they’re doing for each other.

  • A Fan
    This is the video of them talking about it. (Seperately of couse but V is so cute.)


    Vanessa and Zac are so mature and very suportive of each other, i saw other interviews of Zac’s he says great things about Vanessa and himself, how intune they are of each other, they are really one person, they know want the other is thinking without saying anything. They love each other very much and unconditionally they always support each other in very thing.

  • Avril

    Are they kidding me???
    are they really complaining about such a nonsense???
    it’s pretty obvious they live so much in their “Hollywood bubbles” that they don’t realize that are things way worse than some stupid dates like… I don’t know… people with no home or no food!!!!
    come on… complain about something that is worth it!!!!
    I mean, come on it’s not like their movies aren’t coming out or something… they will be just two movies on the same date… no one will die because of that!!!!

  • Avril

    oh sorry… not two movies on the same date… Beastly or whatever is called will be next year!!!! but I still maintain what I said (or what I wrote)!!!!

  • Avril

    they’re still complaining about something stupid!!!!!

  • muse

    It is unfortunate that they pushed Beastly back so far away, but I still cant wait. I read the book TWO years ago and went ballistic when I heard they were making a movie for it and that VANESSA was Lindy. I was and am ecstatic for her. Next year will be a big year for her and Im so happy for her.
    Zac was very sweet in saying stuff about Beastly and bet it would have been hard to be the one to tell her, but maybe worse if it wasnt him. Who knows, but they understand and still support one another. Thats amazing. They’re so mature and realistic, its really quite nice. :)
    Go Zanessa <3

  • Masbonita

    I was so upset when the change the release date for Beastly. After hearing Nessa said that they going to change it or add more scenes. I got excited again. I doubt Alex will shave his head again. So, I imagine that they will add scenes before kyles becomes the “Beast” or after they become a couple . Either way, it’s going to be romantic like in the book. :)

  • zanessalove

    I love them but I don’t agree Zac’s movie date on July 31st. UNFAIR to Vanessa! I understand he said he had any control over it but I really don’t like Zac. Love Vanessa so muchhhh!

  • kgg

    @Avril: You know, you’re right about there being more serious things to worry about, so why are you posting on an entertainment site about it. Why not find a site that addresses the issues you are concerned about and go make a donation if you are that concerned? Thanks!

  • annie

    @masbonita yes im excited, i agree its going to be romantic like in the book, i trust Daniel Barnz for it ( he’s a good director i like with what he done for beastly so far ) yay

  • Unbelievable

    Why are you here on an entertainment website? People come here for entertainment and to escape from those type of problems just for a little while. there are plenty of websites dedicated to the issues you are adressing, I know cause I visit them too, would you like me to recomend one for you? You know it’s ok to have fun once in a while the world won’t end because of it.

  • lola

    I just feel liike this was vanessa’s time and place.
    It was her turn to come out with a movie that she was the main character, and i feel like zac should have let her do it because he loves her.and i was waiting for a year!! when the trailer came out a year ago,last summer:)
    but in the buisness you cant be nice and i still think zac is a great actor and im so gonna watch it!

  • katy

    I hope that vanessa can present us
    with a kiss so hot zac in his film

  • Avril

    @unbelievable @kgg you know? I just express my thoughts and if this whole thing is for entertainment, then why are they complaining instead of enjoying the fact that they both have two movies coming out???

    everyone has the right to express their thoughts… it is called democracy!
    seriously, I have nothing against them but, as you said, this is for entertainment so they should enjoy and not get sad for something that will work out perfectly if they have faith in themselves.

    it’s good you asked me that so I can clarify things. Thank you.
    God bless you.

    Peace and Love.

  • annie

    @avril we know….we know just calm down and @unbelievable and @kgg is also express their thought so everything fine right…

    the pic jjj used….i keep smiling in my face everytime see that pic, im just surprise charlie and lindy could be so much match he he remind me of troyella : )

  • Unbelievable

    and all zac and Vanessa did was give their thoughts on a situation as well,that as you pointed out is within their rights. They were both giving interviews, they were asked a question and they answered. Just because they’re entertainers doesn’t mean their not allowed to be displeased with a situation and those are my thoughts.

  • luisana

    they´r not complaining

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