Amanda Crew Dishes Kisses with Zac Efron

Amanda Crew Dishes Kisses with Zac Efron

Amanda Crew lets out a hearty laugh as she recalls her screen test with costar Zac Efron.

The 23-year-old actress shared with ET about her screen test and the scene, “I didn’t want to be presumptuous. I knew that he has a girlfriend and I didn’t have a job yet. So when it came to [the kiss] we would just kind of nuzzle. Burr [Steers, director] came over to just give me some notes to try some stuff so I asked him, ‘You know, is it okay, how does he feel if I actually kiss him? Because I feel that that’s what the scene is missing.”

Burr tells me, ‘You’re the only one who hasn’t kissed him.’ Everyone else who auditioned just went for it. I was like, ‘Oh-kay.’”

Amanda also admitted a little about herself in the video, saying, “I am [a dork]. I have verbal diarrhea and I have a laugh that many compare to a seagull taking flight. I’m a goofball. Life is way too short to be taken real seriously. I like to have a good time.”

Amanda Crew on Kissing Zac Efron
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  • http://deleted amy

    There both adorable!
    Cant wit for csc <3

  • Inji

    Lol :’) everyone else went for it

  • mike

    waiting to see the movie looks good

  • pop86

    Cute and funny interviews.

  • figures

    Now I see why he doesn’t want “commitment and pressure” in his relationship with V. Got news for ya V, take advantage of your reshoot time with Pettyfer, he’s going to blow Efron away in the future. Fall for his accent and his crazy sense of humor! Go girl! Stay friends with Efron but enjoy the company of others too, he is.

  • ka5te

    She is very ugly…uGhhhGHhh..As in EwwwWW. If Zac is not in that movie many of us wouldn’t watch it. Yuck. Zac(hotness) + Amanda(ewness)= ?

  • liri92

    she is amazing.. I didnt know her till this but she is great.. though I am not a zac efron fan amanda´s great!

  • .

    @ka5te: That’s very low of you to say. You have such rubbish personality that makes you just as ugly.

    Anyway, she reminds me of Kristen Stewart when she talks, they’re kind of similar. She’s like a funner version of Kstew.

  • nunyabeezneez

    god, hes so loyal 2 v dat he was perfectly fine with NOT really kissing amanda crew ZANESSA<3

  • Cute

    I remember her from she’s the man, she was one of amanda’s friends in it!

    it’s cute that she wanted to respect that he has a girlfriend, that might have also been a factor in her casting.

  • itsdebraanne

    He believes that “something” is guiding him along and that he doesn’t know what this “something” is. Zac, you need Jesus dude. Only through Him is everything possible. (:

  • peggy


    I guess you didnt see the MTV interview where V says just this pastt Saturday that she is only 21 and that kind of committment she’s not ready for.

    I also guess you didnt see all the videos from this promo tour and how he talks about V and what she means to him.

    Grow up!

  • dollface50

    ahhhhh!!!! I love her!!! She’s the cutest!!!

  • zanessaloverss123

    adore him hah :) amanda is kinda idk i like her but i don’t know theres something about her that i just cant put my finger on it that i don’t like :) :S

    aww what he said about V :) it alwayss makes me love him more

  • nicci

    @peggy: hi peggy, i think vanessa do want to get married, i do not think she want to wait for zac until he his 30 or 40 just to get married.she is just saying that and also i am not say that she want to get married at 21 but i am sure she want get at in her late twentieth or so. i love zac efron and vanessa hudgens as couple but if zac efron do not make a move on vanessa he will have to say bye bye.i am tell you which girl would wait let say 11 year or so, just to get married. and any this is my opinion.

    PS. i cannot wait for CSC and by the way guy a clip of SP will be come out this saturday . i love zanessa, i love them together hope have a very long relationship.

  • Karen

    nicci & figures:

    What makes you think that Zac isn’t JUST saying he isn’t getting married until he is about 30? Maybe he is saying what he does because VANESSA doesn’t want to get married until she is older. I can tell you are fairly young and I’m sure you are thinking that 30 is so “old” to wait to get married. BUT I am a woman who got married when she was 30 and trust me, 30 is young. Renee Zellweger and Sandra Bullock didn’t marry even in their late 20′s. There are many young actresses who are in their late 20′s now and are not even in a serious relationship. Plus, what do you think is going to be different with their relationship if they do get married—other than the fact they are married?

    Plus, what Zac said to the effect, “and then what”. He didn’t go on but the fact is I think he was meaning how then all people would go on about would be to ask when if they were going to have a baby or there would still the the endless rumors of how they were breaking up or cheating on each other, etc. And if they were married, THAT kind of thing WOULD be more stressful and the responsibilities would be greater. People need to mind their own business about the marriage thing. They seem to have something more than many of the married people in Hollywood.

  • maria

    that is true @ karen,and they know what s rigth for them,you think if they are not married ,zac he will breaking up with vanessa? nooooooooooooo way,zac love vanessa and vanessa love zac,people get life ,you didnt see how they support each other,they are amazing couple ,and amanda she know that,AMAZING……………COUPLE……….ZANESSA………FOR…….LIFE……

  • beatriz


  • Britt

    Aw, I thinks it’s sweet that even though Amanda didn’t personally know Zac or Vanessa she still respected their relationship by not kissing him right off the bat. And to whoever says Zanessa is about to break up and not watch the recent interviews and watch how Zac’s talks about her on E last night he said it was impossible to be down around her, face guys and gals they love each other.

  • Emma

    Vanessa should break up with zac and see someone else.

  • Sol

    Oh, come on guys! the dont have to get married, of course it would be the most beautiful thing everf, but its too soon. And amanda… I think I like her, she does respect zac and vanessa, at least we know he won’t be like nikki blonsky :D

  • nikki

    This is cuutte.e. zac is so hot

  • tia

    haha! i really like amanda. she seems sweet, and i’ve seen her in other movies, she’s a good actress. and zac… what can i say. wonderful. great interview!

  • Kristie

    @ karen ,i really agree with wat u said ,ppl just have to mind their on bussniess .
    I really like amanda and i respect her sooo much for respectinbg zanessas relationship
    P.S. sorry for the bad english its not my first language …..

  • natalia

    she reminds me of Kristen Stewart when she talks !

  • Emma Efron

    Zac is hot. I don’t like Amanda she looks like a rat b/c of her teeth. Does verbal diarrhea mean she gets diarrhea a lot or is that a word for something else?

  • Emma Efron

    I shouldn’t judge Amanda for her looks and verbal diarhea means u talk a lot.

  • chz

    i love this movie and amanda does remind me of kstew in a strange way i am kind jelous of he of the fact that she did a kissing sceanc with zac and i wish the best of luck to zanessa

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