Demi Lovato's New Song Has Spanish Feel -- JJJ Exclusive!

Demi Lovato's New Song Has Spanish Feel -- JJJ Exclusive!

Demi Lovato posted on Twitter just a few weeks ago about her new song and JJJ has the details!

The 17-year-old singer posted, “Writing a song that I think my South American fans will love…. ;) this ones for you guys.”

Demi shared with JJJ exclusively at the 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards about the song, saying, “It’s a song that I wrote which has a very Spanish feel to it. I actually sing a bit of Spanish on the track too. It’s actually inspired by someone I met while I was in South America. It’s a true story and kind of like a fairytale.”

ARE YOU READY to hear Demi’s new song?

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Credit: Kristen Noseda; Photos: WENN
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  • shannon :)

    i really don’t think shes pretty?

    and those stupid tight dresses look retarted on her

  • shannon :)

    and i am so noooot excited for this song.. : D

  • -

    she is VERY pretty!
    and i can’t wait to hear it! every song she write is incredible!!!
    she’s a HUGE talent and an AMAZING singer!!!

  • sam

    She does not look great in that close up shot. She looks better in faraway shots.

  • Rochel

    she looks like miley with her hair like that
    i wonder if it was planned ??
    i hate to tell her but that color dosent look good on her
    i like her with dark hair

  • http://www.twitter.comtiffany_t_j tiffany

    i‘m so excited for the ( Song – Tour – and camp rock 2 :the Final jam )

    Demi is so cute

    i love her so much

  • Darius

    @shannon :): well, I really do think she’s pretty, and those “stupid tight dresses” look wonderful on her.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    She looks gross here. Sure wear curve hugging clothing but atleast let it fit you. Embrace the next size up Demi.

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  • Maya

    @shannon :):

    yeaH, i’m not excited for the song, but Demi is very beautiful

  • Mawiaaaaaa

    Okay! For all YOU haters, BACK OFF! First of all, why do haters check out NEWS about the people they HATE?! Second of all, Demi looks gorgeous in that dress and ALWAYS looks gorgeous at everything and Im very excited for the new song! Third of all, I love Demi! And lastly, Haters just pisses me off!

  • Jenny

    out of the three disney princesses (her, selena, and miley) demi has – by far – the best voice. excited for her new track and will definitely buy her next CD. :)

    p.s. haters…seriously? have you looked at the girl? she’s gorgeous. and NORMAL. i love that she’s not a stick because that’s unrealistic. we love you demi. <3

  • Steph

    I love demi and all but im not sure about her singing in spanish, one we wont understand what shes saying and two how are we supposed to sing along? Ehh : / im willing to give it a try but i dont know…

  • Erika

    @Steph: That’s exactly how people in South America and every other Spanish-speaking country feels like.Her fans in those countries don’t know English and don’t what she’s saying,but they still sing a long anyway! Just let Demi do her thing..

  • Erika

    Demi is amazing! I love her.She has pure talent.I can’t wait to listen to her new album!! It’s gonna be great:) I LOVE YOU DEMI!! :D BTW,this girl is drop dead gorgeous.I wish I looked like her..

  • Diddley14

    I can’t wait for her next album!!
    She is seriously the best music to come from Disney. Miley is a VERY close second.

    I love her.

  • Chelsey

    She sang this is me in spanish.
    Its very beautiful.
    and she looks gorgeous.

  • Ryan

    I have a feeling that D’s 3rd album is going to be the one that really shows the fans & those people who don’t know of her how truly talented she is – in terms of her voice, skills as a singer, songwriter & musician, and much more. D’s come into her own & Here We Go Again was a fantastic follow-up to Don’t Forget. Let’s just say, Album #3 will put those 2 to shame.

    Looking forward to hearing this song that D’s been talking about, especially w/ the Spanish feel & her singing in Spanish once again for parts of the song. As well, the inspiration, meaning, & story behind is sure to make the anticipation for it all that much greater.

  • pandora

    Sorry not loving this look but it may the photograph or lighting that is making the highlights look patchy and the makeup very pink. So over Herve Leger dresses now.

  • Steph

    @Erika: Okay dang no need to hate! I love demi ive been a fan from day one! So back off i didnt mean it in a bad way!

  • j

    I think this is great move for her Latino fans. Now too see if she actually sounds good in Spanish.

  • selenagomezcity

    hell yeah go demi i mean vamos demi

  • sean92

    wen r we goign 2 ear it lol? shes beautifull on dis pic bye the way lol

  • liri92

    she has really really great talent in singing and also writing songs.. but she isn´t successful in music.. I dont get that.. she is way more talented than the fu*king miley but she isnt as successful as her by far.. maybe she isnt a classic beauty but she has talent ins music.. in acting not, but I like “Sonny with a chance” , “camp Rock” and “PPP”.. (:

  • demiisthebest

    even though i’m not good at spanish
    but i’m SOOO EXCITED!
    love her

  • demiisthebest

    haters gonna hate!

  • n

    demi looks very classy here, yay!

  • Dave

    How is this a “JJJ Exclusive” when it was on her Twitter? A JJJ exclusive would have been if she told you first and the only one she told. She told the world, quit trying to make it sound like you heard the news first.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Also I love that she announced she was going blonde. It’s brown man.

    Also all you Demi fans, she was in one episode of prison break (season 2). You think she’s pretty here all dolled up? I don’t but that’s because I saw her in prison break not trying and her natural beauty shined through. She was younger at the time and blonde but she was way prettier. Too bad she cakes on yje makeup now to look older. Hey parents are being patents by allowing this. She’s young. I understand she is in the celeb world now, but she’s far from age appropriate. At 17 everyone I know wore jeans, t’s, track pants lol I understand she has to dress up, but when she does she chooses the wrong dresses.

    People will call me a hater but I’m far from it. I like her voice on the recorded stuff, and her style for the most part (the dark edgier stuff) but girlie isn’t her. And although I think her shows lame, I think one day she could act on a normal sitcom. You see Disney gets their kids to over act. Miley proved she can do normal acting too, and I really think Demi will be fine too. But she needs to quit singing… It’s not gonna take her as far as acting. Her first two albums have proved that and her tours don’t do well. She can’t even tour in Canada or the USA because tickets don’t sell.

  • Ryan

    Honestly, why are people here commenting on Demi when it’s obvious they don’t like her? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but still, if I were you, I wouldn’t even waste my time, breath. It certainly seems that D is the one star that gets more heat, flack, & is hated on more than anybody out there currently (i.e. Miley, Selena, Justin, etc.), which is rather sad in all honesty. To me, Demi is the one star going that has the complete package – an incredible, natural beauty, a powerful, strong voice, an unparalleled talent, a very carefree, outgoing, & charming personality, a stage presence that is unmatched, a big heart & passion for helping others, & most of all, she’s the most humble young woman in regards to her fans. Also, to see all of the immense adversity D has been faced w/ these past 2 1/2 years is something that would do any normal person in. Not Demi though, through it all she’s gone on doing her thing & not caring what anybody else thinks, says, or how they feel about her. There are always going to be people out there who hate her & want nothing more than to see her fall on her face, fail at everything she does. Suffice to say, that won’t be happening. Demi will always have the last laugh. For every 1,000 haters, there will be always be more fans there to support, love, & admire her.

    Sure, there are people out there I don’t particularly care for, but I’m not going to come to places like this or go on fan sites for those particular stars & tell them and the rest of the world how much I don’t like them. That’s what’s happening here w/ Demi & if you don’t like her, find elsewhere to spread your hate. Of course, with a public/open forum like this, you’re gonna get the lovers, the haters, & the people who are on the fence. You can’t please everybody, but if you love what you’re doing, you remain true to yourself, & you have fans, that’s all that matters.

  • ella

    I wonder who the inspiration of the song is. ;)

  • daniella!!


  • kk13


  • Oh My efron

    No,i don’t think she’s talented…i mean as a musician..I suppose she’s a good actress but i don’t think that her voice is really special or anything :|
    So,no I’m not excited

  • blehhhhhhh

    @shannon :):

    stop hating!

  • ~happy~

    well everyone shes not what i call my “favroit.” i think she is beautiful though and she does smile kinda wired but if you guys want to call someone a idiot and a stupid ugly person who thinks she all that CALL MILEY CYRUS THAT STUFF SHE STINKS AT EVERYTHING!!!!

  • GAGa

    I Want to C Her dance on her Next Album .. i mean If U Guys saw the video on Her Bithday party .. ..OMG !!! She’s freaking AWESOME Dancer !!! seriouslyy

  • http://Gmail Krissy

    I love her she is a buetiful singer and I hope to meet her some day when I’m a famouse singer/actress

  • jennifer

    she looks preety cant wait for the song

  • http://JuliarachEl Juliarachal

    @GAGa: I saw her dancing she is awesome!

    I am a huge Demi fan don’t get me wrong. I am super excited for her new album and songs and acting stuff. But her hair looked way better dark and then clothes she wears don’t flatter her. She is a great singer and actress but I don’t think she is being herself, I think she is trying to grow up too fast and she needs to slow down because she’s awesome the way she is!

  • http://JuliarachEl Juliarachal

    @GAGa: I saw her dancing she is awesome!

    I am a huge Demi fan don’t get me wrong. I am super excited for her new album and songs and acting stuff. But her hair looked way better dark and then clothes she wears don’t flatter her. She is a great singer and actress but I don’t think she is being herself, I think she is trying to grow up too fast and she needs to slow down because she’s awesome the way she is!

  • http://mhiaco_o5 ghia

    spanish? go go go! even though im a filipino who barely understand spanish, dems.. go for it! i’ll still listen to your song.. i dont care what people thinks about what you wear, you have the best fashion ever!