Joe Jonas & Debby Ryan: Oil Spill Stars

Joe Jonas & Debby Ryan: Oil Spill Stars

Debby Ryan and Joe Jonas are just two of the stars teaming up for a new PSA for Disney’s Friends For Change.

Joined by Brenda Song and Moises Arias, the quartet are discussing their own feelings about the disaster and steps kids can take to make positive changes to keep local waterways clean.

How can you make a difference? When you purchase “Make a Wave” on iTunes, a $100,000 donation from the iTunes® proceeds of the song has been directed to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund to support habitat, wildlife and community recovery in the region.

The fund is donating this contribution to expert environmental organizations responding to the disaster in the Gulf region, including $50,000 to the National Audubon Society.

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Disney’s Friends For Change: Oil Spill

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Credit: Rick Rowell; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Sheena

    I LOVE JOE <3

  • Sheena

    Just seeing Joe brightens up my day :D

  • sean92

    dats relly cool butt i dunt download songs on itunes lol

  • jenny

    Nice cause but I’m still not downloading that song. I don’t like the Demi and Joe stuff.

  • nkeeyah

    Glad to see Disney stars involved. I would like people to back me in ending bullying, Folloe me on twitter and I will have a facebook page and a petition up real soon.

  • Eric Shinn

    I want Joe to c u m over my face!!!!!!!!!

  • dave101

    Debby looks gorgeous!

  • none

    More Disney P.R. They have to make it the company employs them so of course they are going to make PSA’s.

  • Lauren


    This not P.R., They really do care about the environment, especially Joe

  • Ella

    Good to see my BOO doing something for the nature again. <3
    White v-neck for the win!!

  • LOLO

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    I can’t believe this. Why is someone deleting my comments?
    THIS IS A BRENDA POST TOO! If I want to talk about Brenda, I can. The Social Network is her project, it is a Brenda Song, Debby Ryan, Joe Jonas and Moises Arias post. My comments weren’t bad, they were just comments. Why can’t this site’s editors just handle some criticism? In the parent site, there’s always criticism about everything with vulgarity, here we aren’t even allowed to criticize anything.

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    Oh my God, is this real?
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  • mary

    joe joe joe <3
    that’s a good cause

  • Ronya

    check out my blog about jonas brothers, miley cyrus, demi lovat, selena gomex, taylor swift and justin bieber :) <——— cliick!!


  • jess

    Joe , you make me proud to be your fan!

  • http://trena1 brad

    Debby has that natural beauty and is that all American look and cares about the enviroment she always tries to do as much as she can, keep up the good work Debby, love you.

  • Em J

    ok ive seen the news and nearly everybody is blaming Britain seriously its BP that has the oil rig.
    dont blame the whole of Britain for a mistake BP has done yes i did type mistake it wasn’t there fault that it started leaking they are tying to do something about it.
    i know everybody is going to comment and say im a animal hating jerk and say what about the animals.
    1. im not a jerk
    2. i dont hate animals (but im not that good at the environment) i love animals
    3. i love Disney and if i could go on friends for change i would coz i love what the Disney stars are doing for the environment + i love Miley.
    Love reader of JJJr called Em J

  • kary

    awww joe i love you