Kendall Jenner is Beach Beautiful

Kendall Jenner is Beach Beautiful

Check out Kendall Jenner‘s sunny beach shoot!

The 14-year-old model shot the pics on a local beach with photographer Nick Saglimbeni.

Half-sister Kim Kardashian dished on her official site, “They turned out sooo gorgeous!! I am so proud of Kendall. She’s going to take over the modeling world… you just watch! :)”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kendall’s new shots — HOT OR NOT? 10+ pics inside…

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Photos: Nick Saglimbeni via Kim Kardashian
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  • jonaslover8035

    She’s gorgeous. She kinda looks like Khloe in some of the pics.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    This chick is ugly. And 14. So maybe she shouldn’t be in a skimpy bathing suit. But she’s a no-body, and the celeb world is becoming a no talent joke. Famous for having rich parents. Paris has been there, and actually made something for herself. But this rich snob will just ride the gravy train. So seriously, stop posting about her and her sister. They don’t have fans because they don’t do anything to deserve fans.

  • Dave

    @jonaslover8035: Yeah that’s what everyone was saying on Kim’s website. I agree, she does look like Chloe. Kylie looks completely different though.

  • sam

    she has the face of a caveman

  • shannon :)

    she’s really pretty.

  • Britt

    I don’t understand why she is doing this type of modeling at such a young age…she’s only 14! I don’t think these photos are that great, why can’t she stick to modeling for Forever 21 or anything where she wears more clothing!

  • arcy

    woooow she looks sooo much like Khloe

    POOR Kylie, Kendall gets all the attention

  • :)

    I still can’t believe that this girl is 14!!!!! She looks so much older….r u sure that she is 14 years old??? WOOW and i wonder why peaple say that miley cyrus looks older than her real age. Did they see this girl?!?!

  • http://none Gigi

    She looks alot like Chloe, anyways she looks great but she should stick to things were shes not half naked, she only 14 theres no need for her to rush.

  • yvette

    I agree with everything said by you above. sadly, I have to disagree with kim and say she won’t take over the modeling world. Why? Because I want to :/ but she has the money and the already fame and connections, so she probably will.

  • http://facebook anon

    first of all she is an absolute stunner, shes only 14- cannot understand these people who say she is ugly, you know what they say about jelousy! yous probly look like a bloody troll…HA!

    never let no fucker bring you down! do your thing!

  • xxx

    Commercial wise, she might not do to badly. But will this girl be walking for Dior Couture, modeling for Chanel and be on the cover of Vogue? Hell no.

    Those pics really aren’t that great.

  • Jessica

    She definitely does look like Khloe more than anyone else which isn’t a bad thing.
    All of the Kardashian girls are beautiful.

  • Masbonita

    To me she looks like all her sisters put together in one. Good luck in your modeling career.

  • Joboots

    @Listen to mayday parade:

    Sounds like a jealous Snooki backer,eh Mayday????

  • Justynne

    omg she looks amazing and looks just like Khole!!!!! <3 the Kardashians

  • Kaylee!

    Why are they okay with her modeling bikinis at 14? The whole Kardashian clan scares me.

  • cammie

    She looks like a thin version of Khloe

  • ChaSe lauren

    she is 14, she’s still growing into her look and I think shes very pretty for a 14 year old. God knows what most of us looked like at 14 and its usually very awkward. and for anyone who thinks she needs to be wearing more cloths in these pictures, she has a coverup on in every picture and the one that she doesnt, shes hiding behind her legs. most 14 year olds wont be caught dead in a 1 piece so I think she looks fine and age appropriate.

  • julie

    She doesn’t look 14 at all. good luck to the parents!

  • angel

    omg she looks alot like Khole!!

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    She’s so pretty. She looks just like Khloe

  • lolololol

    hahah its funny because she looks like ugly khloe, better if she looked like kim or kortney but lol she gets khloe hahhaaaaah fail

  • Erika

    Kendall is pretty but, not as a model. Her face looks uncomfortable in some of the pictures, and some of them look way too posed. She also just has this plain look on her face. She’s most likely not going to take over the modeling world but, maybe she’ll get better at modeling over the years. Who knows. Either way, I hope the best for her.

  • tia

    she’s a pretty girl, but some of the clothes and poses are a little too sexy for a 14 year old… maybe she should wait a few years before she does that type of modeling. like i said though, she’s pretty, she should keep modeling, just in more age appropriate outfits i think.

  • we the kingslv

    she looks like khloe and kourtney. not lovin it. and she’s 14????!

  • Sarah smile

    She’s a cute girl but nothing special. Obviously she would not get this kind of opportunity if not for her parents and sisters. But such is life.

  • http://FACEBOOK *gl@mbisious*

    @Gigi: gigi whats ur real name

  • vanessa

    shes so average. she’s only a model cause she is related to the kardashian clan.

  • Cynthia

    I love the beach photos of Kendall. They look great.

  • http://BrookeJammer Brookiebabi

    I think she looks really pretty, although some of the outfit choices are a little bit scantly clad for a girl her age ,shes still showing off cali style and at least she has the body to pull of a bikini like that

  • jazmine

    i don’t think she has what it takes to be a model i mean all she has is really lamee fame because of her family. she is not that pretty, but she is not ugly, i mean she has to be wearing a lot of make up in all of these photos soo she is porbably not pretty at all without it. but good luck

  • mendi

    Her mother is an absolute sociopath for encouraging this. She pimps out every single daughter, and sexes her up. There is something really pathological and perverted about that.

  • xxxxxxx

    Shes gorgeous! I don’t get what the big deal is its a suit… Theres TONS of girls her age and younger who wear them. go to your local pool as proof. yes she looks older then she is but I did too when I was her age. those are not “sexy” poses my little sister who is about kendalls age has the same poses in her facebook pictures. Shes a teenager, these are clothes and suits that teenagers wear. Get over it things have changed since you were her age.

  • C@$Hville

    she has a very masculine face, and they’re trying to make her look like kim. it’s not working.

  • Patricia

    I don’t really think she’d make it as far as high-fashion, but that shouldn’t really matter because all the real $$$ comes from commercial work.

    People need to understand that the modeling world is WAY different from anything else in the entertainment industry. Modeling is about showing off clothes, so they’re more lenient with how young the girls are and what they’re doing. The younger you are, the better. She isn’t connected with Disney, nor any other kids-affiliated network out there so I really don’t see why anyone would care. If you guys think she’s dressing too provocatively for her age, then I recommend you stay far, FAR away from a beach/local pool. Heck, If I had a body like hers, I’d run around in a bikini too.

  • Not a Kendall Jenner fan

    Kendall Jenner is a brat. She is only famous because of her parents and half-sisters. If her father did not marry Kris then no one would know about them right now. She’s not fit, she’s bony. Her face is very plain. And she’s 15! She doesn’t look good in these pics! That’s my opinion.

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