Taylor Swift Live Chat TODAY!

Taylor Swift Live Chat TODAY!

Are you ready for Taylor Swift‘s live chat tonight?

The 20-year-old country cutie will be hosting the chat from Nashville via Ustream.tv.

Taylor tells AP, “I’ve gotten so many questions from fans – on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, my website, everywhere really, and it’s so incredible to see how excited everybody is about what’s next. I want them to be the first to know about my new music, and I can’t wait to talk to everybody as directly as I can!”

The chat starts @ 5PM ET/PT on Ustream. Are you tuning in?

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Credit: Sara De Boer; Photos: Startraksphoto
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  • cmeesmile

    I miss Taylor’s music! I hope she announces a release of a new single or if she’s planning to record another album. Her music is priceless and all of them so relatable. It’s no surprise she is as successful as she is now. God Bless Taylor! We love you!

  • uktswift

    What time will it be for the UK?

  • http://facebook molly van lew

    hey Taylor. did you know that if my spanish teacher had not switched schools ten or so years ago, she would have been your english teacher in middle school? i thought it was amazing lol. lol actually your english teacher actually was good friends with my spanish teacher. and you had her b4 you moved to tennesse, with your family. your teacher said you were very quite in class and always wrote words and poems and put them together. i want to be a song writer myself, i am learning guitar, i am 13. and she also said u were a good student. i hope we get to talk more! call me please, 252 571 1504!!!!!!!!!!! i love yu!

  • Heidi

    I looooooove Taylor Swift she’s amazing!!! :)

  • kk13

    WE LUV U TAYLOR!!!!!!!

  • sean92

    i was there butt she didunt answered 2 my qeshtons nd she was so beautifull bye the way lol
    she said her allbum will come out on october 25th nd her new singel which i forgott the name will come out in auguss lol

  • http://yahoo.com Annina

    Your the best Taylor Swift I love you so much im your number 1 fan you rock. please do a concert next year in 2011 and please reply to me, i will be the happiest i’ve ever been and scream for taylor swift.
    I have 3 sisters (annoying ones too but they can be nice sometimes).
    Karina is the youngest one who is 8 and loves Miley Cyrus and horses, her birthday is on 28th May 2002. Sabrina is the second oldest who doesn’t have hardly any favourites and likes Karina better, Sabrina’s birthday is on March 3rd 1996 I think and she is 14 I think again, wait, yes she is 14. Bettina is 16 born on 28th june 1994 i think. Bettina likes me better because Bettina said Karina was annoying and that is what I think so! Now information about me. I’m Annina and im born on April 3rd 2001, I am now 9 years old and my favourite colour is purple, next year my favourite colour will be white, (by the way i change my favourite colours every year, weird isn’t it). My favourite song is Jump then Fall, I change my favourite songs every month too! I’m still in school, of course because I’m still young, but I’m very smart. I have best friends called Grace and Cynthia who also love Taylor Swift too! Bettina is in year 10, Sabrina is in year 9, Karina is in year 3 and I’m in year 4. I sent this on the 20/07/2010 at 8:23pm in the night! Please reply to me and I love you so much please remember me forever maybe as long as you can, read this to remind you of me! your so pretty bye i hope you reply! Taylor Swift rocks the whole world. My cat is called Byron his birthday is on 8th November he is 5 his favourite colour is grey. Bye !!!!!:):)

  • http://myspace zyikia

    hi taylor im ahuge fan

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