Zac Efron Capsized The Boat During His First Sailing Lesson

Zac Efron Capsized The Boat During His First Sailing Lesson

Zac Efron chats it up with Jay Leno as they chat about his new flick on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night (July 20).

The 22-year-old actor shared during the show about learning to sail for Charlie St. Cloud, “It’s not easy. You have to pay attention to the tell tails, the ripples of the water and the winds. But when you get out there, and you’re going about 30 knots, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.”

Zac continued, “During my first lesson, I went out and immediately they [the instructors] gave me the tiller. I had no idea how to steer a boat and we were going around in circles. The boat was just leaning over and eventually, just capsized. I’m swimming around in the waters and the instructors were back on the boat laughing at me (laughs).”

Charlie St. Cloud opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, July 30th.

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  • yeo

    he looked handsome and the interview was funny

  • leticia

    he’s just so cute

  • lopolololol

    stupid question but..
    whats capsized lol


    My parents have a 35 footer (sailboat) and Zac can come sailing with me anytime!
    PS: Forget the direction of the wind. Use your intuition – learn to “feel” the pressure on the tiller and how far the boat can ride on the side before it will tip. My dad used to try to tell me all about 45% angles (I’m an English major – math scares me) but gave up when he realized I can sense it.

  • beatriz

    ahahhaha <3
    i love you Zac Efron

  • teeex

    @lopolololol it means it tipped over.

  • Shelly

    hahaha, I love you Zac(L) btw: Did he just do this interview after the premiere or before?

  • Faith

    It’s so unfair that I live in the netherlands, we have to wait till OCTOBER. It’s so not fair! I already can’t wait for Charlie st. Cloud!

  • http://deleted amy

    love him <333

  • pop86

    Zac looks so handsome on Leno. He going to need a vacation after this promotion tour.

  • Anj

    VANCOUVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 people need to recognize VANCITY more!..they film a shit load of stuff here..

  • lalala

    awwee zac <3 i never get tired of him :) hes always so entertaining and fun to watch :D

  • taylor

    i went sailing for the very first time earlier this month in cape cod. and i actually sailed the boat myself, but i suuuucked. lmao.

  • pineapplegrl

    i wish he was my boyfriend :(

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • beatriz

    hahahha you first love was Katy!! aww so sweet

    Zac is AMAZING