Justin Bieber To Guest Star to CSI!

Justin Bieber To Guest Star to CSI!

Justin Bieber will make his acting debut this fall on CBS!

The 16-year-old musician will play Jason McCann in the season premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Justin‘s character Jason is a troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother—a decision that leads him into an explosive confrontation with the CSIs. It is the beginning of an emotional story that will conclude later in the season.

Executive Producers Carol Mendelsohn, Don McGill and Anthony Zuiker said in joint statement, “We’re looking forward to Justin‘s dramatic star turn, not only in the premiere, but in a continuing seasonal arc.”

Also, check out Justin‘s birthday message for gal pal Selena Gomez below!

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Justin on CSI?

Justin Bieber: Happy Birthday Selena!
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  • jessica

    ooo im excited for this. i would really love to see how hes gonna act.

  • Jennifer

    CSI YEAAHH MANN! idk bout Justin tho.. Um cool? I guess, I’ve never seen him act before except on SNL isn’t it weird how he was Jason too then right? Well um congrats.. Hopefully he’s not terrible
    p.s. I’m not a hater so please don’t hate

  • awww so sweet he said happy birthday to selena <3
    love them!!!

  • Marianne

    I’ll have to remember that date….so that I CAN WATCH SOMETHING ELSE!

  • kk13

    Yeah! its going to besad that, that DOOFUS will be on CSI!

  • http://todhd.com TODHD

    I am sure that this will definitely increase show ratings

  • chels

    omg!!! i cant wait!!! + i already watch csi!! so jb going 2 make it even bettr!! :)

    i <3 u jdb!!!

  • taylor

    that’s horrible news. absolutely horrible. i hate this kid just as much as the next hater, but people i think should just STOP using him for ratings/publicity/money.

  • peacechick123

    Wow! That is a really big step for him, because CSI is like a hit show. And it’s like his first major guest role, I think he’ll do great! He’s cute and talented.

  • nic

    in his video for Selena, you can tell he’s at SF cause of the bay bridge in the backround. haha, gotta rep my bay!

  • Marieke

    Too bad, I was hoping he had to play a dead person :(

  • sean92

    well it kind off sux i lik csi butt i dunt lik him dat much hope hes a better actor then singer lol

  • kym

    ok and here we go again. another teen star with little talent, that doesnt even right their own songs, trying to do EVERYTHING. when is the clothing line comming out? but of course becaus he is justin bieber, it will probably bring alot of ratings. when is hollywood going to let some real talent get a chance.
    and..que the belieber frenzie!!

  • Mary

    did you notice his t shirt? “Stop acting like you’re rich”

  • http://twitter.com/cptraisa raisa

    which CSI?

  • Caitlyn

    Just because you can sing Justin doesn’t mean you can act

  • alex

    Hope his acting is better than his singing…

  • rieanin

    @Marianne: when is he goin to appear did it already pass

  • I

    This is gonna be awesome i sooo cant wait I am noot gonna beale to take my eyes off the tv screen!LOL! He is so cute!!!!

  • I

    I sooooooooooo cant wait till hes on there!! I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! My family is always looking foor a joke to insult him with and i am pretty much the only person in my family that is totally in love with him.This i sgonna be awesome!!! he is so talented and totally hott!! Cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait!!!!!! sep 23 sep 23 sep23 sep23 sep23 got to remember!!!!!!!!!!!


  • thegirlwhodislikeyou

    hope your acting is horrible.

  • Its JB

    why do guys have to be so mean to him? Thats just not cool!!!


    y are some people like mean 2 him….and saying u hate justin bieber most of u dont even know him……. dont be sooooo mean ur just gelous u cant sing,dance,or even act and are not popular or sweet like justin is…… be nice and keep ur opinions 2 urselves ……justin dose not go around critising u guys dose he…. so shut up and tell some1 else who cares how much u hate him ……cause i certainly dont want 2 know on how much u dislike him……..i think its great that he is now famous and he is one of the most TALENTED celebritys that ive EVER heard and SEEN……GOOD LUCK JUSTIN U WILL GO FAR DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS OUT THERE U ARE AMAZING……. AND A PERFECT ROLLMODEL 4 ANY KID {a.k.a}..me……..

  • claudia

    @raisa: ummmm its…….. csi miami……

  • http://www.twitter.com/BeatrizPotira BeatrizBieber

    Justin bieber , is my liife ..
    Justin , come to BRASIL?

  • txt me

    that is so sweet that he actually did that just for salena

  • txt me

    thtat is so sweet that he just did that to say happy birthday to Selena

  • http://Krissyrose1 Karrissa Rosekrans

    I can’t wait for the new csi to come out with Justin bieber playing a “bad boy.” He might do great at acting for csii to come oit with Justin bieber playing a na# bo

  • sophie davis

    okaa i agree.. i dont get why people are being so horrible to justin.. what is the harm with him tryin something new.. im sure its not a crime.. i really think he done a great job in csi.. and no matter what justing you are gorgeouse ;) .. and also your singing is amazing .. and you are a really good dancer too!! xx