Joe Jonas: Big Burger Bite Boy!

Joe Jonas: Big Burger Bite Boy!

Joe Jonas takes a big bite out of a yummy veggie burger at Real Food Daily in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (July 22).

The 20-year-old actor caught up with MTV a short while ago to dish on his excitement for the upcoming Camp Rock 2 themed tour and the surprise guests!

Joe shared, “I think they’ll just [be a] surprise and come onstage. We have a lot of buddies in the music industry that just kind of are always around hanging out onstage. We’ll call them up, and they’ll maybe play a song with us or something like that.”

15+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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  • amanda

    FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He adorable with that HUGE bite! I want that burger!

  • Nikki

    He’s so adorable <3

  • Nada Zain

    Can’t one even have a burget in peace, without all the paparazzi stalking you? =D

  • Arie

    He’s so cute! But oh now NO PURITY RING!!!!!! Did anyone notice that?

  • Nikki

    @amanda: Me too :D

  • Arie

    He’s so cute, but did anyone notice he’s NOt wearing his PURITY RING?

  • Megan

    cant he eat a burger in peace without the paparazzi stalking him??!! and if he isnt wearing his purity ring, who cares he prob decided to stop wearing it or like nick, he has it around his neck!! ever thought about that??


    The Boys are getting hotter and hotter! :9

  • abby

    WOW I never realized just how much he’s grown up. He’s not a little boy anymore!!

  • erica

    That burger looks really good. :P
    He’s a cutie. <3
    & I love how JustJaredJr adds extra things to plain posts, rather than just being like; “This is Joe Jonas eating a burger @ __ ____.” … you get what I’m saying, yeaj?

    Joe’s is a well known celebrity. I’m sure he gets annoyed by the paps, but it comes with being a star. You guys, know that as well as he.

  • joceelyynn

    hate this guy

  • Natalie

    Still not wearing his ring… :(

  • J

    Because he becoming a man now, lol!

  • londonlemming

    For those who are commenting on the ring not being there,PLEASE grow up.
    The ring is a personal thing. It is for him and him alone to decide when and where to wear it.

    It is no-ones business but Joes.

  • JonasGurl

    @Arie: It’s been a while since he wore his purity ring! Check the other pics on here . I don’t care though he’s an amazing person and its his life :)

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    forget the burger i could eat him up wooooow he looks soo HOT
    the red shirt really looks good on him ! He’s soo cute. it’s funny how the paps have taken each pic of him eating & drinking seriously they should give him some privacy ;)

  • Mina

    @joceelyynn: NO1CURR

  • fra

    LOL he is so adorable! But the paparazzi should leave him alone, at least when he is eating!!
    Anyway he is so HOT!!.. I’d kiss those beautiful lips!

  • emi

    Gorgeous. WOW. Sigh. LOL.

  • Yolanda

    Joe could munch on my veg burger anyday!!!!!

  • ran

    he s just sooo hot and handsome ,,,i love him

  • ella

    Oh Joseph. This just made my day. He’s a cutie! How can you not love a guy like him? With or without purity ring, he’s still the DORK JOE I know. And my love for him will never fade. <3

  • http://j alex

    pretty sure he is not so pure anymore lol.. he is so hot i just wish he shaved

  • rikki

    He IS unbelievably cute, but I feel bad that people take pictures of him eating. If people did that to me, I’d feel really uncomfortable and distracted.

  • kary

    awww he’s sooo cuteeee :)
    aww i love him *-*

  • Lauren

    Just because Joe isn’t wear his ring doesn’t mean he broke his promise,

    My dad never wears his wedding ring & he still is married to my mom

  • menna

    how very attractive haha

  • Johnny

    pretty sure he took the ring off so that it won’t get dirty when eating a sandwich or burger.

  • cam

    @Nada Zain:

    I was thinking the same thing. Poor guy can’t even eat a burger without the paparazzi taking a picture of him taking a bite. I guess that is the price they pay for fame, but these paparazzi really do invade their privacy.

  • Mary

    Who is he with? :P

  • candy

    anybody else notice him and nick haven’t been wearing their rings alot lately???? so wheres the criticism from judgmental jjj ppl who hate on miley for not being “role-model-ish” because of how she dresses….how is this not different……..

  • candy

    and @lauren….thats nothing to brag about sweety…men who dont wear their wedding ring unless its being cleaned or resized….means they dnt want ppl to know they’re married…although he still may claim ur mom…he 9/10 entertaining other ho’s……

  • Rebecca

    I think they should all JUST LEAVE Joe in peace when he’s eating, Give him a break, why don’t you? Those nasty paps have no right to take a picture of him while he’s eating, that’s so rude.

  • http://deleted marimadness

    @yolanda seriously? Grow up. And ik it isnt my biz but that is seriously crazy bout the purity ring. But its his life and im not gonna stop wearing mine :) and hes eating a VEGGIE BURGER he is healthy and has water and exercises. And now he inspired me to get into shape. Hes one of my role models and if he doesnt make right choices or if he didnt. I will be disappointed in him but its his life i cant control him. Heck i dnt even know him. But he inspires me a lot. So its non of my biz just my opinion. ^-^ and poor man cant even EAT without ppl watching his every move. Well that comes with celebrity. ^_^ he doesnt complain. Little trooper. ^-^

  • Rebecca

    I think it’s very wrong of the paps taking a picture of Joe when he is eating. That’s not nice. He has every single right to get mad at them.

  • http://deleted marimadness


  • http://deleted marimadness

    oh and i forgot….NOOO PURRIIIITTTYYY RINNGGGG NOOOOO! ROLLS ON FLOOR NOOOOOOOOOOO :’( NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYY WHYYYYY AGHHHHH and that concludes my inner thoughts. Thanks for reading :) but seriously i was worried bout his purity ring :( dang it.

  • jennifer

    I noticed he wasnt wearing his ring anymore either and its really disappointing me cuz I thought he’d broke his promise but, i started thinking well the last time I saw him wearing it in pictures was when he was in Africa and then he went to the Eclipse premiere and it wasnt there, so maybe he lost in Africa and he’s waiting on a new one or something. Or like some others are saying he may just chose not to wear it, i dont wear mine all the time and I havent broken my promise yet, and like Nick maybe he wears it on a necklace just not all the time. I mean he doesnt even have a girlfriend and Joe doesnt seem like the one night stand type guy so, cuz everytime he’s with a girl it gets photographed so, there’s really no proof that he broke the promise, just saying

  • musicgirl


  • Ash

    Listen guys, having the paparazzi follow you everywhere comes with the territory. Now that said, it doesn’t make it “right” or “wrong”, because he’s in a “public place”. He’s learned to manage it; quite well I might add. I rarely see him with an angry look on his face in photographs. It is unfortunate, but like I said before, it’s a double edge sword. Because what do you think sites like this one are all about? Yeah this site gives you a little info, but most people want to see “pictures” of their fav celeb. There’s nothing wrong with that! but you cant be the one’s on here being hypocritical, by saying “why do the papzs have to follow him everywhere” and “why don’t they just leave him alone” bottom line! Stop buying the magazines and stop looking at these types of websites and I promise you it will stop. Of course joe might be living in the street, from lack of publicity, but he will be left alone lol Grow up, get real, its part of society now, better just embrace it, cause the more you fight it e.g. Kristen Stewart, the more you end up looking like an A-hole.

  • Gaby

    He looks really adorable. I love his short cropped hair and stubble. Very rugged and handsome. He looks kinda sexy eating his burger. I feel kind of bad though. I mean, although I like the picture, he couldn’t just eat without getting his picture taken.

  • bri

    both nick and joe sometimes wear it on there neclece

  • jess

    everytime I see a new photo of him he gets hotter… if that’s even possible

  • windgirl

    @rikki: me too… some times he forget or leave his purity ring but its just a thing the important thing is his promise between him and GOD .

  • yo sista

    @marimadness: You are a d o u c h e

  • yo sista


  • marimadness

    @yo sista awwww thank u thats sooo sweeeet! ^-^ that just made my day

  • marimadness

    @yo sista awww thank you!thats soooo sweeet! ^-^ that just made my day

  • Chloe

    @Arie: I know!!! I just noticed he’s not wearing it! Apparently it’s been off for a while and I’m a HUGE Joe fan, and I’m stupid for not noticing! Obviously if he’s taken it off he must not be pure anymore. :( That was one thing I loved about him!!

  • neda

    i know he is very cute and hand some but come on!
    he is a human like us. answer me, he cant eat a burger? han?