Joe Jonas: My Friendship with Demi is Still Strong

Joe Jonas: My Friendship with Demi is Still Strong

Joe Jonas answers a quick call as he heads to grab a bite to eat in Los Feliz, Calif., on Friday afternoon (July 23).

The 20-year-old performer caught up with Ryan Seacrest on KIISFM early this morning to chat about his upcoming tour during the last leg of summer.

Joe also shared about rekindling his friendship with ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato, “Demi has been a friend of mine for a long time. I think that our friendship is so strong that it surpasses a lot of things and I think touring will be a lot of fun. It’s definitely been cool, trying to get together and hang out before we go on tour.. I’m just a single dude about to go on tour.”

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Joe Jonas – KIISFM Interview 07/23

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Credit: LRR; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • so why they they didn’t talk at the ‘VH1 Do Something’ Awards??

  • linda

    their managers are probably making them say that….. demi dosent seem to wana talk anymore sad that both lie

  • amanda

    I feel their dating and their breakup and even their not talking to each other is COMPLETELY MADE UP! I mean when oceans was about to release suddenly their a couple and then later BAM they broke up! I mean that’s what I feel im not implying or anything =) But anyway Joe looks amazing here!

  • Steph

    Honestly after hearing him talk about Demi, they have been good friends for a long time and i think that they started dating coz they knew their was something their, and i dont think Joe brook up with her because he wanted to i think he did it because he loves their friendship that he was scared. I dont blame him or her at all! They are better as friends and i think that Joe is taking a really positive approach about it and i think Demi just cant get over it, its hard! But hopefully it wont be awkward on tour

  • julia

    i’m going to their concert, i’m right in the front…
    i’m gonna make a poster that says JEMI FOREVER! :) :)

  • Chelsey

    @julia awesome idea with the poster :)

  • jess

    I don’t care about Jemi… this is past and it’s bullshit

    anyway Joe looks freaking sexy!

  • windgirl

    I m belive in you joe … demi couldn t get over it but joe is going to help her . because they are still freinds … yes guys.its the truth . no matter how much you are negative about them . they will remain freinds. love them both.

  • J

    I’m with … and jess. If Demi or the fans of Jemi can’t move on, then too bad. Some people find love early, while others find it late. There both young and have a lot of time to figure that out. Life still goes on.

  • emaly

    joe and demi TRIED a relationship and it
    didnt work. im over jemi now, i mean they was
    cute but just it wasnt a good relationship..they
    was going too fast and maybe thats why, idk

  • xax

    he gay

  • windgirl

    @xax: he is not . I m tired of u anti jonas! dont talk about what u don t know … one they u have to me.

  • :)

    we all know that their friendship is strained… no matter how many times people try to sugarcoat it. it’s never gonna be the same as it once was.

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Jemi stuff is just old now it’s OVER and done with , anyway JOE loooks Really HOT! ;)

  • Mary

    August the 7th is my mom’s birthday! :)

  • Dania:)

    What I think is that some people whatch too much movies! Not everybody has that annoying manager who tells you to pretend and fake everything! And what if they are being friends again? Probably they love their friendship and don’t want to ruin it.. and maybe some day in the future they’ll be back as bf and gf, but maybe not. These people have their own minds and life, I think you should atleast give then a break! Anyways I love bothh of them , and i’m not picking sides!!:)) :D

  • a little birdy said:

    or sooooo he thinks?? haha DEMI HATES YOU RIGHT JOE. and YOU KNOW IT!

  • ella

    At least Joe got a new shirt! LOL
    You gotta love him. ^^

  • sarina P.

    ahahahaha when she mentioned ashley greene joe just acted like he didnt here it.. ahaha and stop getting into there personal lives about him and demi lovato i would be so fucking annoyed if someone made me talk about my ex in front of like the world..

  • ljmz

    JEMI FOREVER!… im pretty sure its going to be hard for them to constantly sing duets together on tour, going to be interesting to see what happens!

    and im not a pervert…. but does anyone else notice how good Joe looks in those jeans? *cough* *cough*

  • urbeautiful


    it’ll knock some sense into the BOTH of them ;)

  • pandora

    Fans holding up Jemi Forever signs etc during the concerts is going to be very awkward – just let it go and help them move on.

  • Rebecca

    Demi DOESN’T hate Joe …. she loves him with all his heart and she really cares about him as Joe does about her. So stop trying to make them feel bad because it hurts. There’s still a chance that they could reconnect and rekindle their romance while on tour together. Jemi 2.0- Coming Soon!

  • Christine

    You Jemi fans are so delusional. Joe couldn’t even make it for 3 months. So why on Earth would he want to try it again? It seems like Joe only wants to see her as a friend right now. Maybe that’s all he ever saw her as, I don’t know. What i do know is that it doesn’t really matter if Demi still has romantic feelings for him if Joe doesn’t want to be with her like that. If they get back together, you can bet it’s just going to end the same way. Sometimes, no matter what everyone else thinks, it just isn’t meant to be.

  • julie

    They did talk at the DoSomething Awards. Joe even mentions it during his interview, and they have been talking on the phone as well. Demi did an inteview on RadioDisney and said the same thing. They are still friends, they are still communicating and both of them are looking forward to touring.

    They will get past this.

  • Bianca

    I think That Joe & Stella in Jonas is Based on Joe & Demi thats just my thought

  • korrah

    His junk is bulging. puahhaha.

  • http://http/ i love joseph adam jonas

    i love joe and all …..but u notice that for a while he has no purity ring?i wonder what happened.hmmm…..

  • liri92

    no its not , not at ALL.. but I LOVE joe jonas.. & demi is ok too!

  • jj

    I’m a massive fan of both joe and demi, and it was brillant while they were together. I’m glad there still friends and there short relationship didn’t ruin anything. And whatever demi still may or may not feel about joe, its nice to know you have a best friend like that cause i wish i did

  • ladygaga

    Seriously …. I get over JEMI ….
    I DONT WANT them to GET BACK ! I dont want JEMI 2.O

  • http://deleted amy

    I love Joe but someone needs to tell him the tight pants look isn’t good on him, makes him look -dare i say it- fat.

  • jess

    @amy: you must be crazy… Joe fat?!? he works out… his body is amazing. and you may don’t like the tight pants but a lot of people likt it! and to me he looks hot on it

  • Rebecca

    I predict that Joe and Demi will get back together during or after the tour and he will not dump her the second time around and that it will not end the same way again. Those 2 are meant to be together and they always will! Joe will NEVER hurt Demi the same way again, I promise you!

>>>>>>> staging1