Joey King is a Little Monster

Joey King is a Little Monster

Joey King has some fun with the JJJ coasters after our interview with her earlier this month.

The 10-year-old actress tells us what it was really like meeting both Selena Gomez and Hutch Dano for the first time, what’s coming up next, and her huge obsession with Lady Gaga. Check it out:

On her reaction meeting Selena: “I wasn’t star struck by her because she’s a person too. My mom always reminds me that any celebrity, those people are just like you and they started off just like you. I wasn’t really like, “Oh my gosh! It’s Selena Gomez!” I think we really hit it off the first time we met. [Hutch is] very nice to work with. Working with him and Selena was really fun. I had a good time with both of them.

On being Lady Gaga’s biggest Little Monster: “But I am a humongous fan of Lady Gaga. I love her outfits! I like her because of her outfits! (laughs) And she’s really cool! I love her songs and I love her outfits, of course, and sometimes I’m like, ‘I want that. I want those sunglasses. I want that wig.’ I’m her biggest little monster cause she calls her fans her little monsters. If I ever meet her I’ll be like, ‘Lady Gaga I’m your biggest little monster!’”

On her next projects: “Battle: Los Angeles; I just filmed not too long ago. I filmed in Louisiana. First, I started at Shreveport then I went into Baton Rouge and it was really fun filming there. There’s tons of bugs there and so big! I was scared because we were there in hurricane season but it was fun filming there. Battle: Los Angeles is about an invasion, alien attacking and I had a great time filming and that comes out in 2011 cause it’s a Sci-Fi movie and I’m filming one right now. It’s not titled yet but it’s with Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone and Jonah Bobo.”


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  • Jesse

    haha joey is so awesome! love her! :D
    and no.. i didn’t see ramona and bezzus :( i wish i could!!!

  • lauren

    Shreveport…not Tree Port

  • jessica

    Ger over it, Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin. We have a new Hollywood child star.

  • ca,

    I saw the movie today and loved it. Both Selena and Joey were awesome, and the rest of the cast too. The movie was funny and touching at the same time. The charaters are great and all the actors were perfect for their parts. I hope Ramona & Beezus tops the box office this weekend. Selena is going to be a huge movie star.

  • cam

    previous ca comment is mine

  • cam

    The movie was great. Loved both Selena and Joey – they were awesome. The whole cast was perfect for their parts. A really enjoyable movie & I will see it again. Selena and Joey have great movie careers in store for them. Go see it – you will laugh and also be touched throughout the film.

  • anon

    Battle: Los Angeles was filmed in Shreveport. Not Tree Port.

  • sean92

    its cool dat she went 2 baton rouje it reminds me mileys song permanent d-cember “ive been 2 new yerk been 2 l.a. nd 2 baton rouje
    i met a boy in avery city no 1 kep me amused lol”
    well dats cuz shes naver been 2 montréal cuz if she wood hav come here she wood hav met me nd we wood b datign rite now lol

  • abbey

    she is precious!

  • liri92

    I love joey king.. but WTF she is 10 and loves lady GaGa.. thats not good.. shame on her parents.. I would not let my little brother watch those lady GaGA p*rn videos.. sorry but its the truth

  • Marcella

    So what? I’m 14 and I’m a big Madonna’s fan since I was 10. Love Joey so much <3

  • kk13

    no but i really,really want to!

  • Ruby

    I don’t have a problem with her, but Idono, she seems kind of arrogant. A tiny weensy bit.

  • Kenna

    Why do people like her? She is so ugly and short she cant act either watch next year she’ll be singing and be on disney cuz selena ”recommended” her