Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Tryst Twosome

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Tryst Twosome

Kevin Jonas cuddles and matches wife Danielle as they snap a pic inside Tryst nightclub at the Wynn Las Vegas resort on Saturday night (July 24).

The couple was joined by a group of their closest friends. Seated at one of the VIP tables, the newlyeds were seen having a great time dancing and partying with their friends.

Stay tuned to JJJ for more scoop on future JONAS L.A. episodes coming up!

Bigger pic inside…

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  • http://armybrat1994 Courtney

    so cute

  • sarah

    Good to see Kevin and Dani! She’s so pretty!


    awww, i’m so happy for kev<3
    i remember the ollllld jonas days.
    i’m glad us fans got to see this happen :D

  • Tori

    If they aren’t just the cutest couple I’ve ever seen… ^_^

  • kiki

    They are soooo cute!!

  • N

    Woah, her nose looks so huge in this pic…

  • V!!!

    why did he choose her she seem nice but she is ugly

  • kiwi

    wtf oh my goshh , just shut up you judgemental least he loves her for who she is, not WHAT she is,.Geez leave her alone.
    They’re both very gorgeous people..

  • biebergrl

    they are a cute couple
    and she definately is not ugly
    she’s really pretty

  • Mary

    they are such a cute couple!! glad to see they know how to have some fun.

  • Emily

    this is just tooo adorbs for words ! GO KENIELLE!

  • Bethany

    Now there’s some faces not seen in a while. They are lookin good as they have fun and party.

  • marimadness

    okay i am NOT a hater and NOT bashing its MY opinion if i say something wrong. Sorry but MOVE ON. Seriously, cute couple? Whats that about. Ppl they r just husband and wife how do they look cute together? And who cares? They r just living their lives and ppl have to say they r a cute or ugly couple. U ask me they look like 2 ordinary ppl not cute or adorable. Just NORMAL. And is it me or is danielle getting thinner? She looks skinnier from last pics i saw her. Shes really lucky and so is he, but everyone i talk 2 says they wont last. And i kinda agree. Young marriages tend to go bad. But hey wat do i know? Im only 13. But truth is…they dont look cute, ugly, or anything. Just a couple. For some odd reason it bothers me that ppl call em a cute or ugly couple wen they dont know them. Get what im sayin. They r just a couple…wow…i seriously need sleep :P haha…but n e way Just a cupl But y is danielle getting thinner or is it my eyes decieving me…hmm… But her nose is kinda big but i have a big nose 2 :)

  • maria

    @marimadness: You have good points, even if you are 13! I think people think they look “cute” because they look happy. As they should; they are just newlyweds. Young marriages can work out just fine, IF you are with the right person. You can choose the wrong person whether you are 20 or 40, so I really don’t believe age is such an issue there. As long as two people are mature, committed, and totally love the other, it can work just fine. I think it’s all about choosing the RIGHT person, who you mesh with, in spirit, in emotion, in interests, in your dreams for the future, AND physically. Believe me, it’s NOT all about physical attraction…’s SOOO much more.

  • ella

    Good to see them! And they are both wearing PINK!! ;)

  • lauren plus justin=LOVE

    jeez people take this wayyy too seriously. Kevin and Dani are so cute!! im glad they got married!

  • sam

    I missed Kevin.

  • http://deleted marimadness

    @maria soo true. Ur right THAT is marriage. :)

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