Robert Pattinson: Movie in Malibu!

Robert Pattinson: Movie in Malibu!

With his favorite baseball cap on, Robert Pattinson keeps his head low as he heads back to his car in Malibu, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (July 24).

The 24-year-old actor, along with his agent, Stephanie Ritz, went to catch a movie at the local theater. We wonder what he saw!?

Robert has been busy in Southern California, filming alongside Reese Witherspoon on Water For Elephants.

FYI: Rob is wearing a Levi’s Red Tab Trucker Jacket in Black Black.

25+ pics inside of Robert at the movies…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • http://deleted amy

    I heard he had some problems later on in the evening with paparazzi?
    Anyone know anything?

  • claire

    FYI that “female friend” is his agent Stephanie Ritz. Other websites are saying they went to see Salt.

    @amy – yes this is what I read online:

    “Robert spent the day in Malibu, going to theaters and to a house party. When leaving the house Robert got really upset that photographers were waiting outside for his picture to follow him home. Robert went to Venice after leaving Malibu where he stopped twice asking the photographers to leave him alone, Robert came out of the car confronted the photographers and talked to them explaining they wouldn’t find out where he lives. Robert asked the cops for help but they wouldn’t help making Robert even more upset, both times Robert stopped his car he spent at least 45 minutes waiting at the local to see if the photographers would leave.”

  • a fan

    I adore him

  • ems

    papz are such jerks.

  • smercb

    its his mum apparently, not his agent or ‘female friend’.

  • http://deleted amy

    @claire: oh man, that sucks.
    i just saw on x17 they have a video of him they’re putting up of him ‘attacking’ photographers in an ‘unprovoked’ attack.

    I’m not really a fan, but i feel sorry for him the paps need to leave him alone.

  • Fanny

    I’m very exciting for the new movie ><

  • Jess

    Unknown female?! It’s Steph! How hard is it to find that out? Geez…

  • anonymous

    Luv luv luv R.Pattz!

  • megaN

    I read that it was his mom… but tbh she looks a bit young

  • Dorlocita

    Wow. He doesn’t look too happy in those photos.

  • http://deleted Katie

    I just saw the video of him and honestly he overreacted a little bit. He could of just drove away but he stayed and started to cause the actual drama.
    It did make me LOL when he was moping around though, and it was really mean how he ignored that fan.
    But yeah, hes famous he kinda has to accept that he’s gonna be followed around by paps, he’s gonna have to learn to deal sooner or later.

  • Lena
  • germaine

    That is not good if that was his agents doing.

  • harley


    I saw that video too, and I just don’t think he wanted the paps to follow him home.

    I think it’s understandable to want privacy if you’re an actor. If you’re from like the Jersey Shore, then clearly you want fame. But there are actors/actresses who just like acting.

    I don’t think he overreacted – he was a lot nicer to them than he had to be, and he didn’t even raise his voice and yell.

    Imagine trying to drive a car with that many cameras flashing in your face. You’d get frustrated too.

  • ShariG

    Katie, he could not have “just drove away”, they were following him and he didn’t want them to follow him home. He stopped and asked they, pleaded with them to stop following. He waited 45 minutes to see if he could wait them out. He called the police for assistance and they refused to help. This is beyond awful. This is a 24 year old kid trying to have an afternoon at the movies. He should not have to put up with this kind of intrusiveness. There needs to be stalker laws that protect celebrities from the paparazzi. He gives us so many opportunities for photographs, he does interviews, he appears in person at premiers, he poses with everyone under the sun when asked to pose. This should be illegal and the Venice CA police should be ashamed. He is also a self described poor driver. I don’t want another Princess Diana event where we lose someone dear to so many people because of the ruthlessness of the paparazzi. They need to have limits set and the limits need to be enforced.

  • Bronte

    @ShariG: Here Here! Took the paragraph outta my mouth!

  • sun

    Rob is a very gentleman <3
    I´m so proud to be his fan.
    And you paparazzi…I hope that you go to the hell

  • poppy


    They will circle and sleep outside to catch a person so if you don;t know best not to assume. Sounds like and looks like he had them following all day and he wanted to go home but didn’t want them there.

  • lerner

    Let’s hope his agent didn’t call them on him.

  • poppy


    Never mind read your post wrong

  • gyht

    I guess the police they can’t really do much cuz the law allows it but they should at least pass a law to stop them from chasing them while driving. Now that shit is just F*CKING dangerous. Case in point Princess D. On foot is one thing but you not only putting the celebs life at risk but yours and other drivers.

    I hate the paps for their methods and hounding. That’s how they “eat” and without them their won’t be no photos of our fav stars but their has to be a line drawn. Isn’t the promos and interviews enough? I really don’t need to know when he’s buying undies.

  • jjfan1

    Even when irritated he looks adorable. LOL! All kidding aside I feel awful for this guy. He seemed rather nice given the circumstances. (And to those thinking the lady w/ him is Mrs.P no, it is not.)


    those ‘attacking’ headlines is just blow up way too much. Reading it you’d think he was yelling and throwing shit, the man was calm as ever. Hell more calm than I would have been. He just wanted to get home and didn’t want to be followed there so that paps don’t start camping outside his home. Shit your home should be your place of peace no matter your status.

    I give him props – the man has patience. Even the f*cking pap said he’s a very nice guy. Seeing that he was so nice they should have returned the favour and let him go home.

    Seriously though those people writing those articles with the ‘attacking’ headlines are just being malicious.

    That’s just media for you – build you up to take you down. HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!!

  • yaay

    That’s Stephanie Ritz his agent
    I feel so sorry for him he doesn’t deserve this!
    He pleaded wiv them a few times to leave him alone and even said they’re not guna find out where he’s stayin
    He deserves his privacy and a chance to keep some part of his life normal
    He’s HUMAN not an animal so pack the f*ck away from him and STOP yellin at him
    Ur guna get nothin from him so STFU and F*CK OFF Stalkerazzi
    AND them police should of done somethin I’m pretty sure stalkin is illeagal right?

  • commentor

    yawn! next please. he’s a celebrity it’s normal. he’s getting paid millions, papz doesnt matter.

  • Holly

    Papz were following him home and that’s why he stopped. He did not want them to find out where he lived because once they do, they’ll camp outside 24/7. Some stupid articles are saying he snapped but if you see the video, he didn’t.

    He merely reasoned with them and didn’t even raise his voice, not even once! At the end of the video, even the papz said he is the nicest guy. So many other celebrities would curse, yell, make obscene gestures at the papz but Rob was a grace under fire. Please leave him alone! He is such a nice guy, he doesn’t deserve this!

  • liz

    its his agent, stephanie!! and yeah, poor thing. that totally sucks, i feel bad for him! but i love him :)

  • Catherine


    Can you send me the link to the video?

  • Siv Tone Myhr

    @Katie: The reason he kept stopping the car was because he didn’t want the papperazzi to follow him back to where he lives. Beacuse then they would have camped out in front of his house 24/7. And how you think he overreacted?n All he did was ask nicely if the could leave him alone. They got their pictures, and the only reason they stuck around was to find out where he lives(so they could stalk him some more) and see if they could get a reaction out of him.
    You try and be followed around for hours, while people ask you a million questions a minute and constantly taking your picture. I highly doubt you caould have handled it better then he did.

  • Siv Tone Myhr

    @commentor: You’re an idiot,,,,,

  • heather

    i would just leave him alone i was in a paparazzi group