Zac Efron Goes 'In The Heights'

Zac Efron Goes 'In The Heights'

Zac Efron stops off for a quick cup of Joe as he makes his way to Times Square NYC on Saturday evening (July 24).

The 22-year-old actor was off to see good pal Corbin Bleu in In The Heights — in fact, Vanessa Hudgens told JJJ that just this afternoon at the 2010 Comic Con.

Zac is currently in NYC to promote his new film, Charlie St. Cloud.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • zanessa/scashley

    Yum, yum, yum.. He looks very handsome in that smart black jacket of his. Hehe. Aw !! I hope there are pictures of Zachary & Corbin together !! I love seeing HSM reunions. :D

  • Katty

    JJJ if you were there are Comic-Con why don’t you post the whole panel interview??? Come on!! Not everyone can go to San Diego… ugh.

    Love Zac in this outfit though, and I like the hair. Sometimes, a lot of times, he has good hair days and some days he doesn’t do too hot. I really like it though. It’s great he went out to see Corbin.

    He’ll probably be there until the 28th because of his interviews.

  • http://maruchiscis mara


  • Londonlemming

    Everyone knew he was going to see it when be got to New York anyway he said it himself in an Interview.

  • abby

    Nice to see he’s still close and still supports his ex-costar. :)

  • bruno


  • mike

    i hood like to see to In The Heights

  • kami

    cool that he is seeing corbin’s play.

  • rme

    @LondonLemming ….but he’s going to be in NY for a few days. This just tells us which actual night he was going to see it.

  • http://deleted amy

    aw he looks so smart! he looks tired too though ):

  • A Fan

    I hope Zac get a little break soon. He is probably tired from all the travelling but he still look hot.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    He Still Looks Hot Even If He’s Tired.

    Hot Hot Efron !

  • Chilax Gossip

    Wow :) Nice & entertaining gossip. Thanks for Share this post. :)

  • Jojo

    Damnnnnnnn… That’s one piece of good meat right there! Haha. I love what he’s wearing. The whole outfit. I think the Vans suit him better than his other usual pairs lately. In the Heights is pretty amazing.. Zac won’t be disappointed.

  • pop86

    In the Heights is an amazing. Zac must be so proud of Corbin.

  • Tiptoes

    He looks tired but still good. Hope he and Corbin had a great time catching up like good friends do.

  • Karen

    I’m so glad to know he was finally able to catch the show. I thought he might try doing it on a Saturday night and may be why he got to NYC a little early. I hope we get a picture of him and Corbin together.

  • love efronn


  • love efronn

    zac= THE KING <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 <3_<3

  • Bella

    Awww he looks so gorgeous even though he’s not well, bless him<3
    And it’s sooo sweet that he’s gone to support Corbin. x

  • Skylar

    He looks great! I love that he still supports Corbin and everything! :)
    Zac = HOTTTTTTTTTTTT as always though haha
    Can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!! :)
    Zanessa Forever <3

  • Athena

    Saturday was so very hot I 0the city. Glad to see he made it to the show. Wish I could have been ther to see Zac and Corbin together. Instead, I went home, in the heightsd. Sick all day. : T

  • Athena

    Oops, sorry about the typos. Zac looks great as always. There will be lots of things for him to do while in the city. Can’t wait to see CSC. I didn’t even hear back if I won tix to a sneak peek. Oh well, I’d pay to see the movie again and again anyway.

  • Faith

    He looks really nice in this outfit:) Does anyone know if he’s going to David Letterman? I bet he will, he always goes to him when he’s in NY..

  • zashley:)

    AWW zac’s the BEST

    love himm gooooooo ZAC <3

  • Oh My efron

    Ahh,Is it just me,or everytime I see something about Zac I scream out loud? :L
    I swear I’m so obsessedddd

  • pit

    Now if Vanessa can get to NYC to see Corbin In The Heights – love how they support their friends.

  • Karen


    He is not scheduled for Letterman unless they can get him worked in. He was not scheduled for Leno either but they somehow got him worked in for that.

  • susan1

    Zac mention one of his interview that he go to see good friend Corbin
    in the Heights in New York one day.
    Even do he is very busy promoting his movie still got time to see his friend,oh i love him.

  • beatriz

    aww zac is the best friend<3

    i love you Zac Efron and ZANESSA

  • bizmark

    We need more singing and dancing from Zac. Too bad no one thought of a spin off for television from HM like the Glee show. Someone needs to pick him and Vanessa up for a televised musical series televised like Glee while it is HOT. He’s a great actor but he should never stop singing and dancing!!

  • duuumm

    hope he does letterman. and there’s a screening of CSC in ny tomorrow. think he’ll be there?

  • maria

    @duuumm: I believe he is expected to be there! He looks great, and hope he enjoyed the show! Nice that he and Corbin still stay in touch.

  • DDFd

    looks great

  • nikki


  • priscilla

    @duuumm: >: when and where is the screening?

  • charlene

    where is the screening in NY located and how do you get tix?