'Fred The Movie' DVD Out October 5th!

'Fred The Movie' DVD Out October 5th!

Check this out! JJJ has your first look at the Fred The Movie DVD Cover!

The movie follows Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) as he tries to get the girl next door, Judy (Pixie Lott) to notice him.

But his nemesis neighbor Kevin (Jake Weary), thwarts all attempts Fred makes to see her, and when he finally succeeds in making it over to Judy’s house — she’s moved! With the advice of his super cool dad (John Cena), Fred embarks on an epic journey full of gut-busting fun to find her.

Jennette McCurdy also stars as Bertha.

Some of the special features include: “From Web-Cam to Leading Man” — Fred’s journey to fame in this in-depth documentary…as told by the boy himself along with the executives who gave him his first
movie deal; behind-the-scenes view, and audio commentary with director Clay Weiner, writer David Goodman and Lucas.

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  • AnonymousGuy08

    Why did I have the feeling this wouldn’t even make it into the theaters?

  • http://deleted amy

    My god Fred is so annoying lol, i can’t believe Pixie Lotts in this though :O

  • emaly

    they make movies of everything nowdays…
    but pixie lotts is in it so i’ll watch it..maybe

  • cmeesmile

    The “Fred-trend” has been over for a while. I don’t know anyone who still watches his videos on Youtube. But, I’d still want to see Lucas doing something else. It’s time for him to take his career to another level.

  • http://xtina-sensation.blogspot.com/ Andy

    He’s not funny at all.

  • http://twitter.com/Ashlaf4ever ashley

    This is hilarous, I’ll buy it haaha

  • Kayla

    Yaya!! Can’t wait!!

  • Marianne

    OMG…they made a movie??? I wonder why anyone would think that would be awesome…Fred is soooo annoying. And its not funny at all.

  • Fred sucks

    *face palm* Seriously?! He dosen’t deserve this.

  • kk13


  • J

    Worst news ever! Sadly people with sense of good humor, will of coarse buy into this.

  • J

    *No sense of good humor.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    @J: If you’re not a fan of Fred(and I say he’s okay in small doses), Jennette McCurdy is a good reason to see this movie.

  • Pamela

    c’mon!!! he is funny and a great person! you go Fred good for you!

  • kym

    yaaa i luv fred. that girl looks exactly how i picture judy. the brunette. fred is hilarious and i think it wud b funny to see how hollywood interprets his best up parents and non-existant love lmfaoo

  • lola


    yeah youre right!! but fred is SOO ANNOYING!!!!

  • minnie

    The Fred movie will first be released on Nickelodeon before the DVD comes out!! Can’t wait!!!

  • http://Facebook Dakota cosgrove

    I love fred I’m going to see it on the nick channel and buy the dvd :) and people that don’t like fred are FRED HATERS! AHHHH!!! like teenagers well okay I’m a teenager but I think fred diserved this movie and not smosh or shanedawsons thoses kinda people are idiots! YOU HEAR ME YOU FRED HATERS DO YOU HEAR ME YOU FRED HATERS!!!!! that is all PAEC OUT HOME DOG! ;)

  • alex

    Jennette is my least fav on iCarly. So i’ll skip this.

  • http://twiter ashley a.

    i cant wait he is funny i dont get how people dont like him

  • francis smith

    i like the fred movie

  • http://Facebook Dakota cosgrove

    I’ve heard that the fred movie is gonna be 83 minutes and that’s all i gotta say also maybe someday the annoying orange will get his own movie called ANNOYING ORANGE THE MOVIE and the dvd slogan would say “HEY PUT ME IN A DVD PLAYER I DON’T HAVE ONE HE HE HA HA HAA.

  • http://Facebook Dakota cosgrove

    Hey you yeah you your user name is FRED SUCKS right well i gotta say something to you F**K YOU FRED SUCKS fred did diserved this so I think you should change your name to I SUCK a.k.a. I’m A FRED HATER (sobbing) BECAUSE I SUCK and you could put 100 sad faces next to because I suck and that is all PAEC OUT HOME DOG :)

  • jENNY

    Fred is not funny anymore :(

  • sk8

    Fred, ROCK ON AND 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sk8

    @jENNY: Yes he is!

  • lhgklkcjgl

    i love u fred

  • Jenny

    All of you pepole that Fred is not funny r wrong cuz if hes wasnt funny he wouldnt have a movie would he!!!!!!!!

    P.S i LOVE fred

  • pixie lott

    i luv the movie was so fun so join me on the epic journy not to find fred.

  • pixie lott

    @sk8: hey join me on the epic journy not to find fred.

  • pixie lott

    @Andy: well am i funny as judy?

  • pixie lott

    @kym: really i did cool rock on boys and girls gravity luv ya fans buh buy.

  • Fleur Scarratt

    I love FRED, The only reason why is because of Kevin. He is so cute. xxx