Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Bank Besos

Kevin & Danielle Jonas: Bank Besos

Danielle Jonas dances close to her husband Kevin as they stop by The Bank Nightclub at The Bellagio in Las Vegas on Friday night (July 23).

The twosome arrived at the club with several of their friends and took up space at a VIP table at the back of the club. Kevin and Danielle were seen dancing into the wee hours of Saturday morning!

The next day, the group headed to Tryst at the Wynn Las Vegas.

More pics inside…

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  • menna

    mwhaha….i thought kevin had a cigarette tucked in his ear for a minute.

  • Whoo

    whooo! KJ is getttting downn. heyyy!

  • Jenny

    hope to see a baby jonas coming soon…. go on kevin….be a MAN jk

  • Nora

    they were having lots and lots of fun ;) good for them!

  • leanne

    oh shiii,
    im in las vegas o:

  • Darius

    Go ahead KJ! They look like they were having lots of fun.

  • erin

    haha get it KJ

  • Katey

    It’s nice that they’ve been able to spend time together. But the picture is a little too much for me. Get a room Kev!

  • Hayley

    Dare I say… they might be drunk? I bet Kevin is the funny drunk type ;) Don’t know Danni though.

  • Lola

    Bahahahha get it girl

  • Catty

    OHHHH DAMN!!! When I was in Las Vegas my hotel was Bellagio :P

  • marimadness

    sheesh party much? It gets annoying seeing them dancing at clubs after a while. All i see them do is eat, party, dance, shop. Do u do anything else? Seriously. P.s. Not a hater, jealous person, or a basher. They r just plain annoying to me. But who am i to judge right? After all they r over 21. Sigh.

  • deena

    @marimadness: I see your point, but I’m not sure you understand how hard they’ve worked the past few years…

  • ashytisdalefan

    They are so cute and a total normal couple. I’m glad they are still happy. They have been for many years, I love celebrity couples who stay together for a very long time, not many do.

  • Steph

    Not used to seeing this side of kevin, mini boner! Im happy they are happy and they are cute together, and for a second i thought their was a cigarette behind Kevins ear!

  • Mrs. Nick J!!!!!!!

    I think this is so cuteee♥ You never see them getting out and just partyyin it up : ) It’s so cute to see Kev like this! I love them togetherrrr♥

  • http://deleted marimadness

    @deena ur probably right. But they should DO more than the same routine. Its unhealthy for ppl to b stuck in a routine. And KEVIN worked hard NOT danielle. Course she was a hairdresser but still. And seeing them shop ALOT gives me the wrong impression… But what IS behind kevin’s ear?

  • http://deleted marimadness

    p.s. Doesnt she look skinnier? Or is it me?

  • Mary

    kevin is getting down on it!! get it boy :-) so happy to see he and danielle spending so quality time together and having some good adult fun!! they do look like they had a few drink…..what happens in vegas stays in vegas, lol :-)

  • http://@jennierawnsley Jennie

    good on them! nice to see they’re trying to break away from the clean-cut image now they’re a married couple! they can do what they like :)
    hopefully there’ll be a mini-jonas on the way soon! :D x

  • http://deleted marimadness

    @mary haha actually what happens to them in vegas gets posted on the internet and stays on the internet.

  • Jane

    Wow! Kevin… Go boy!! Glad to see he and Danielle having some fun before they have to bit the road for tour. Joe turns 21 in a couple of weeks Kev and Dani should take him back to Vegas and party it up big for his 21st!!

  • ella

    We want the Kevin Jonas III soon!! ^^

  • Andre

    VOTE FOR THE JB!!!!!
    they deserve to win!

  • C@$Hville

    this girl is skin and bones. wow.

  • taylor

    lmfao, kevin is so freaking awkward.

  • Ashley courtney

    joe maybe be like his brother
    well Joe is more hot
    he is so sexyyyy

  • Tori

    Gotta love K2… ^_^

  • Caitlyn

    Oh look at Jonas is growing up

  • Jenny

    @Tori: huh why do we have to love the second highest mountain in the world???? ;) jk

  • meghanraeann

    ohh, uhoh- Get somee kev man. (: haha.
    When I saw they picture of them dancing, all I could hear was
    “GETTT ITTT” ….Hopefully I am not the only one.

  • bella(:

    somebody got some actiioonnn that night!

  • anonymos

    YO guys that was harsh a mature grown up jonas does that then thats embrasssing I never expected that from kevin thats like grainding from the front. although that does seem fun yes kevin creating a baby!!!! danielle looks like she is enjoying it. SIGN I would love if I were in her place you knoe ;) it’ll feel ticklush… :?

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