Justin Bieber Gets Teen Choice Awards Early

Justin Bieber Gets Teen Choice Awards Early

Justin Bieber keeps it white and wacky on stage at the Theater of Performing Arts at Planet Hollywood Resort Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday night (July 24).

During his Sunday night show at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale, Arizona, the 16-year-old musician was presented with not just one, but FOUR Teen Choice Awards!

Shaq was on hand to present Justin with the Choice Breakout Artist, Male, Choice Top Album, Choice Male Artist and Choice Summer Music Star awards!

Congrats, Justin!

20+ pics inside…

Justin Bieber Wins Four Teen Choice Awards

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Credit: Judy Eddy; Photos: WENN
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  • ilovearchiee

    does this mean that he didnt win most fanatic fans?? YES!!! David Archuleta FTW babyyyy <33

  • http://deleted amy

    A bit early don’t you think? So this basically proves the TCA’s are just a scam, the whole voting process is a complete waste of time.

  • http://www.twitter.com/x0xvaleriex0x Valerie

    isn’t voting still open??? it just seems unfair to the other artists who were nominated.

  • http://www.twitter.com/x0xvaleriex0x Valerie

    @amy: yeah that’s what i was thinking…it gets me upset we waster our time voting and they say it’s the fan’s choice but it really isn’t

  • Emilee

    Voting may still be open but it was probably obvious that he was gonna win them!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com megan

    that’s so unfair!!! voting was still on he could’ve not won those…and he doesn’t deserve them!!! and why did they give it to him early?

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com megan

    he looks like he’s in a space suit


    justin bieber is hotttt. dont get why he gets them early tho.

  • emily

    go biebsssss! (:

  • http://@itschrisiem Chrisie

    I did not vote for him!! Voting is still open, so how is that even fair

  • ljmz

    he needs to fire his stylist…. or get some personal style!
    proves that the voting process is corrupt

  • nouf

    this is so unfair .. the vote is still open ..

  • Bibi

    i think the twilight cast will win that one…

    ok, why did justin receive these awards ALREADY? i mean, hello, it’s not August 9th yet

  • Katey

    If you look at the disclaimers, the producers decide who wins, not the teens. It isn’t about the teens. Has nothing to do with Bieber being far ahead, because I’m betting he wasn’t far ahead. The producers choose who they want to win and they can choose from any of the nominees. Could be the one with the least number of votes or the most. Their choice. In other words the award show is not real.

  • daisy

    this is WAAAAY unfair! I was voting for ALL my favs every day but not now (just gonna keep on for david archuleta). btw, did Usher pay for these awards like everything else that bieber gets??

  • sam

    This is so not fair. I waisted A LOT of time voting and no not for this chum.

  • saby

    Even if that is the case, voting has not closed so unless all the other nominees conceded, what the TCAs did was NOT right. I would love it for everyone to gang up and vote for someone else just to show the TCAs how wrong they are.

  • Lovebieber

    He SO deserves these awards!! Im happy he won. Hes the best!

  • Becca

    wow, what a sham! So why even vote? Someone had mention it was fixed, now this proves it right.

  • Carla



  • Maya

    he doesnt deserve all those! this is bull crap!

  • Nadia

    Yay Justin. he deserves it , he’s worked his ass off and he has awesome fans! JB all the way!

  • http://twitter.com/solikecandy Maya :)

    Ugh, this is unfair.
    Ha, I shall go and vote for Nick J & The Administartion once again.

    TCA is bullc*ap

  • zanessa/scashley

    HA. Yeah, exactly, no point in voting. Pft. To me, its like whoever wins is based on how popular they are.. seems like talent doesn’t count these days. But Justin deserved the ‘Choice Breakout Artist.’ He’s got talent.

  • http://www.twitter.com/heyydudezz Meghan

    yay justin, congrats. ;D <3

  • liri92

    UNFAIR, but anyways he would win.. he has sooooooooooo crazy fans out there who are really crazyyyy…

  • elaine

    @sam: me too.. TCA is just damn stupid..what’s the point of having a voting online thingy if they’ll decided who’ll be the winners anyway? xP

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada ella

    Bieber is overrated. :\

  • annie

    this is totally unfair. what the point of voting when we as fans don’t even get to pick the winners. :(

  • Sia

    Most fanatic fans should go to Twilight. I’m sorry Bieber fans I know you scream a lot but Twilight has so many more fans and waiting in line for 5 days just to see the Twilight cast BEATS YOU GUYS. And the Twilight fans have more creativity with their stuff. They come up with the most funniest sayings on shirts and signs.
    And Twilight just spans different ages compared to Bieber fans who range from 9 to 17.
    Love David Archuleta but he can’t compare either.

  • Sia

    It’s probably because Justin’s winning by so much it doesn’t matter what the outcome is.

  • Kass

    I agree with Sia Twilight should win for fanbase. And I like Bieber a lot so good for him and winning. i think he was given his awards because he probably winning by a landslide and come people this shouldn’t surprise you.

  • saby

    (If true) Does that matter? The integrity of the competition has been compromised. Voting should cease before any awards are given out. Period.

  • myself

    everybody stop voting !!! stop wasting ur time this is bullcrap i’m never gonna vote again :(

  • http://Jsara9 sara

    &u amo todos vocês ♥♥ vejo Jonas tambem amo o justin mais o meu sonho é conhecer os jonas ♥♥♥ *–*

  • http://twitter.com/belieber_kim725 Kim

    lol chill you guys, you should be happy for him that he’s come so far from just a small town in canada. great job justin! keep it up

    and fyi he still has the chance to win the “fanatic fans” award, that award is still pending

  • http://twitter.com/belieber_kim725 Kim

    and.. they’ve probably already given out his awards because his votes were so high up. if some of you are dissapointed you gotta remember its TEEN choice awards :p like..75% of these teens are crazy for justin soo.. that just closed the deal ahah

  • Sam

    justin needs to finish high school so he can have a better future when he is grown up and not as silly cute and will still need to read and write ENGLISH! If it was not for Usher and being so young with a cocky attitude he would have never made it….I give his fame 2 years and then when his looks change and is grown up, the cuteness wears off. David Archuleta has older fans all the way in addition to teen fans, Beber boy does not…But good for him anyway. I hope he can still finish high school though or get a GED at least :)

  • Ada

    Agree with Sam….all children are adorable when they are cute and come up on stage and sing…OK I must admit with a lot of promo and various dance sessions and great support from Usher, the Beber fever was created. But when the voice changes and he is a little more mature he will still need to show some talent and the teens will not be as fanatic they will all be grown up…enjoy the 2 year ride Beber boy! Have fun and make sure your mother an family save your money