Zac Efron is 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron is 'The Lucky One'

Count not one, but two more projects for Zac Efron.

The 22-year-old California native is in talks to star in The Lucky One, according to Variety.

Based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, the film centers on a Marine who survives three tours in Iraq and attributes his good fortune to a photograph he carried of a woman he has never met. He sets out to meet his good-luck charm when he returns to North Carolina.

In addition, New York Mag also reports that Zac is interested in another project called Die in a Gun Fight, from recent NYU grads Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari.

The paper reports about the script, “In the Tarantino-esque blend of Gossip Girl, True Romance and Romeo and Juliet, Efron would play Ben, an underachieving, deadbeat son of a famous New York high society attorney who gets himself in over his head when he falls for the daughter of his father’s nemesis – a girl who is already busy being stalked by an obsessive French professor.”

So many projects — looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Zac for many years to come!

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  • Katty

    I heard that book was good… I hope he gets it! It’d be good for him! I wonder who will play the girl? Look at me, gettin’ too into it already, haha.

    Not sure about the other one, sounds a little too dramatic for me, but if Zac sees something in it, I’ll trust him and see how he develops. He’s usually good at picking the movies he wants to be involved in.

    Can’t wait for more news. This boy has so many movies he is signing onto. He is gonna be one busy guy!

  • Katty

    From a interview with Zac Efron with USA Today:

    Efron lights up when asked about people he’d like to work with, such as Watchmen director Zack Snyder.

    “I have to mention him because I just saw Vanesssa shooting Sucker Punch. She was in Vancouver, beating the hell out of people and stunt guys. Watching your girlfriend do it, it’s incredibly hot, but at the same time, jealousy was just oozing out of every pore. She can do all the stuff you dream of when I was a kid. I was watching that. So cool. I was happy just to be on set.”

    I thought it was cute. ;)

    Can’t wait for CSC!

  • Sarah

    i hope zac picks Die in a Gun Fight it sounds more intresting than the other movie

  • Dee

    Shut up I so hope he gets the lead in The Lucky One. I read the book and loved it. But if he does get it, it will be interesting to see who they chose to play his love interest.

  • abby

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he’s one of the few Disney guys who is going to make in in hollywood outside of Disney and tweens. The guy is in it to be an actor and it looks like he’s going to do it. So happy for him.

    I’ve read “the Lucky one” and LOVED it. Can’t wait to see Zac bring it to life.

  • abby

    How many projects in all does that make now? I lost count a long time ago…

  • charlene

    can someone plz tell me where the free screening of CSC will be held in ny today and hpw can i get tix? also what hotel is zac at? i am going to the city today and want to meet him badly

  • sheila

    hmm, not a big fan of nicholas sparks nor of the screenplay versions of his books. i know his books and subsequent movies have done well commercially but that is never a selling point for me. i hope this isn’t a project he is looking at just because it will bring commerical success and recognition.

  • londonlemming

    That would make seven projects now…..
    If this is true. I’d wait for confirmation from official sources first,before you all start getting excited.

  • tena

    That is amazing for zac and i hope he get both to be honest and i hope he gets the lucky one.

  • pop86

    No Zac, Nicholas Sparks movies are just plain awful and his books are just as bad. It is too soon after CSC to do another romantic drama.

  • charlene

    pop86 plz can you tell me where the free CSC screening is and how to get tickets urgent plz

  • pop86


    it was last night and it was for media critics and invited guest

  • em22

    good for zac! he’s such a talented actor!:) can’t wait! :)

  • susan1

    Zac has a number of different projects on his slate by now ,his team is with him to discuss which next project is good for him.Can’t wait but i know 3 projects is in the que for next year.
    1.Snabba Cash
    3.Einstein Theory.

  • Concerned

    Wow, I kinda feel like when I found out he was doing “Footloose”
    after “HSM3″. Two “Chicks flicks”immediately following a romantic
    drama? “Charlie St. Cloud” is his “Notebook” and what happened to
    Zac’s “I want to stay relevant and diversify”? I guess as long as Zac
    knows what he’s doing. The other project ideas have a better potential
    to get a broader audience that includes men. After all the interviews
    we’ve seen recently you can tell he wants to make great films about
    everything and I have no doubt he has the talent . I’m not saying he shouldn’t do these films they sound good, but maybe in a couple of years and take a break the way he’s taken a break from musicals. As
    much as I didn’t want Zac to be “Musical Boy” I also don’t want him
    pigeonholed into “Mr.Emotional Loverboy” just playing on the love of an audience of woman, he can do so much more.

  • Althea

    What are other projects please?

  • bee

    @pop86: there was a lady standing outside of the theatre last week giving out free tics to that so basically anyone who picked one of those up got to see it =]

  • Cindy

    I love Nicholas Sparks books. I always hoped Zac would be in one of the films. I loved The Lucky One. I really hope he ends up doing it :)

  • charlene

    bee what theatre is it at?

  • Zanessafanforever

    I personally just want to see him in another movie with Vanessa,
    now that would be EPIC!!!! :]

    Zanessa Forever :]

  • abby

    @Zanessafanforever: It would be nice but its way too soon after HSM. They only ended that like 2 and a half years ago or something right? Both Zac & Vanessa are trying to get away from being known for HSM and Disney. Doing another movie together so soon would just make it even harder for them you show their adults and aren’t Disney kids anymore. Give it a few more years, then I think it would be GREAT.

  • michele

    daammn! thats alot of projects! i’ve heard hes gonna be doing snaaba cash, algorthium, fire, einstein theory and now the lucky one and die in a gunfight ? woow, hes gonna be bussy! haah but is it just me or can you guys imagine vanessa in both of them with him? idk but for some reason i automatically thought of vanessa as the girls in both movies…

  • michele

    @Katty: he saaid that? ohmygod cann you sennd me the linnk ?!

  • Garfield_fan

    Argh. Nicholas Sparks must have like a “plot machine”, where he just throws in all his old plots and re-heats the whole thing. I mean, I know a writer should “write what he/she knows”, but maybe if Nicholas Sparks would actually take more than one year to plot/write/edit a book would be able to come of with some thing… NEW.
    But I will watch it if Zac stars in it. He can pull that role of with his eyes closed. Trust me, Zachary, just watch all of the Spark-movies over and over again. It’s best you start with “The Notebook”, because this movie IS actually awesome.

    The other thing sound interesting, tho. Hell yeah, gunfights!

  • maila

    I love, love The Lucky One, in fact I love all of Nicholas Spark’s books. However, isn’t Zac a little young to play Logan?

  • Katty


    It’s at under the USA Today interview. You just gotta read it.

  • maria

    I think it’s a really bad move to do another sappy chick flick so soon. He NEEDS to build a male audience, and a Nicholas Sparks movie is NOT the way. He can kiss a male audience good-bye once he’s labeled a sappy, cry on command, kind of guy. Ugh. Please don’t do this, Zac.

    I know all you teens and tweens out there think anything Zac does is good, if he takes his shirt off, makes out with someone, and gets all sappy. But it’s NOT. Weepy chick flicks do not necessarily make good, critically acclaimed movies.

    I’m good with all the other projects he has on the table. NOT this one.

  • beatriz

    but fire and snabba cash???

  • Holly

    Don’t know which of the rumoured projects he’s really doing, but I know i’ll love whatever movies he does. He wouldn’t do it unless it’s a really good movie. I think the best career move would be to do an action movie, so he doesn’t get typecast.

  • Avril

    I love Nicholas Sparks books!!!!
    but I’ve heard Daniel Radcliffe was going to star in “The Lucky One”.

  • http://Yahoo! bandygeeky14

    Can’t wait 4 Charlie St. Cloud 2 come out! So excited!:)))

  • Karen

    I don’t know why people can’t give Zac credit just for once. I mean IF anyone would read more information about “The Lucky One” they would find that the female in the movie may not even have a speaking role! Zac says he wants to make movies that are more original…well, this doesn’t sound to me like your sappy romantic movie. It’s hard to have this movie where the lovers are making out, etc when the female doesn’t even have a speaking part—because the female isn’t in the movie that much. SOO, it would seem this movie may have something original to it and not the sappy love story that some people don’t like.

    Plus, I believe Brad Pitt in his younger “beauty” days did a number of romantic male lead movies and I don’t think he had to kiss the male population goodbye forever. Unless you are someone like Shia—whom I love—or Daniel Radclift but look like Zac, etc, then it is very likely you will do your share of romantic leads.

    The other movie—even though some have likened it to movies like Romeo and Juliet—has been toted as a Quentin Tarintino type movie as it is said to be an action movie. SOOO, that doesn’t seem much like a sappy love story to me. I certainly haven’t seen a Tarintino movie that is a romance.

    AND, even though Zac is in various stages of developing more interesting type movies as Snappa Cash and Fire he has said in some interviews how although they are working on scripts they are not finished yet. With all that has to be done once a script is done and OK’ed before the movie would come to the big screen it will take some time. So, Zac really should be doing something in the meantime.

    Lastly, I think we should give it a rest in making it sound like we fans are such experts when it comes to making a movie. I don’t think we have the right to tell Zac what he should be doing and not doing and who he should and shouldn’t work with. He has far more information than any of us about these movies he may be being offered. Maybe we should have some faith in him as he has done pretty well thus far and respect his choices. He also has a deal with WB and they have things they WANT him to do. Give him a break.

  • MIMI


  • amelia25

    Good luck Zac!



  • rainbower

    omg why not vanessa?? VANESSA CAN PLAY THE GIRL!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kyle

    More movies to come for Zac, that’s great news!!!

  • wow

    Brad Pitt is actually masculine. He is tall. He is able to convince you that he can kick ass. HE HAS DONE FIGHT CLUB. Brad Pit did not do romantic dramas after romantic dramas. Pretty Brad Pitt belongs to the 90s and things are different now.
    If they make The Lucky One, i doubt they wouldn’t give the girl a speaking role. Most likely, it will be yet another generic romantic love story with NOTHING original in it.

  • Jayleen

    AHHH love zac efron.
    this is such an amazing book, so i hope they do it justice. i cant wait to see it! <3