Demi Lovato: Camp Rock 2 Tour, Here I Come!

Demi Lovato: Camp Rock 2 Tour, Here I Come!

Demi Lovato checks in with her airline as she arrives at Burbank Airport in Burbank, Calif., on Tuesday afternoon (July 27).

The 17-year-old actress will be joining costars the Jonas Brothers plus several other of her cast mates on the road in their first Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam themed tour. First stop: Chicago, Illinois!

Demi recently dished to JJJ about sacrificing the social fun for sleep while on tour. She shared, “That’s where the no sleep part comes in. It’s when you should be sleeping but you’re like, ok I need a balance. I need to see my friends or else I’m going to go crazy. Luckily, I’m spending this tour with my friends so I’m not gonna be too homesick. But when there’s days off it’s nice to get out, go shopping. But then again it’s also nice to just go to bed. It is nice to sleep all day.”

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Photos: National Photo Group
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  • bruno


  • fra

    She is beautiful! :) Can’t wait for the tour and to see the European dates!
    keep on voting the JB here !!!!!!!!!! Please

  • jordyn

    she looks excited.

  • mekissa

    so beautiful

  • jenny

    why heels in the airport? blah … i love her, but…

  • melissa

    love her
    she is so beautiful….

  • JonasGurl

    MONTREAL!!! 38 DAYS and I see this ROCKING CONCERT :D

  • blaire

    Lol i think this paparazzi didn’t find someone else like Miley or Selena
    I mean that girl isn’t even that famous I don’t know her just saw her in Selena’s videos

  • damn

    daamn she gained a lot of weight it doesn’t look good :S

  • day

    she is so beautiful….i love demi

  • Zippy

    First, she looks good and can wear whatever she wants. Second, fat? Are you kidding me? She looks normal and healthy! Geez, give the girl a break.
    Just hope the tour goes well for her and she doesn’t take that guy back.

  • liony

    ohhhh so beautiful can wait for 3album demi….

  • liony

    oh i love her suiter
    she is so amazing

  • beatriz

    ohhhh my gosh she is really really beautiful….

  • britt

    This is actually the first time I adore one of Demi’s outfits..but heels at an airport??

  • http://nowebsite ALexandra

    love demi!<3333 always looks beautiful

  • Liz.

    Aww, she doesn’t look happy. “/ NOR DOES SHE LOOK FAT.

    Get out of here. -_-

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @blaire: yeah, not that famous, but her show averages between 5 Million – 6 Million hits now. LOL!. Never underestimate ur opponent .

  • nikki

    does anyone know what brand the sweater is? i love it

  • Effronpower

    she looks sad :( here

    her show is awesome !

  • Laura

    Heels serious I would slip and break my back if I wore heels that’s just weird. Camp rock is lame no offensive to people who like it. It’s just too cheesy to me and Jonas in it cramp actors sorry fans it’s the truth :) stick to singing and looking good boys

  • Ryan

    As always, D looks beautiful, really cute too. I usually don’t care for these kinds of photos, but hey, they’re here so I say might as well enjoy them. Also, why is it that the photogs always take photos of their bags (purses, suitcases, etc.), their feet & shoes, & in regards to the ladies, their butts? I’m not gonna lie when I say that D has some great JITT, but still. I think that makes these ‘razzi come across as a bunch of dirty old men, pervs. Not that they’re not already that as it is, the way they hound these celebs – especially the females.

    I think the hair flicking here is very smart of Demi, shows you as somebody else here pointed out, she doesn’t even care they’re there taking her photo.

  • demiisthebest

    i love her outfit! she looks awesome
    i can’t wait to see her an JB in this tour

  • demiisthebest

    SHUT UP!

  • fanybecks

    D is the gorgeous one… love her :)

  • fanybecks

    @blaire: hey, there! are you seriously don’t know who she is?? honey, her singing career is WAY better than selena, her albums sold over a million copies worldwide, her concert tickets were sold out, and her “Sonny With a Chance” tv series got million fans. and oh, her Camp Rock was a hit too! so, once again, are you SERIOUSLY don’t know who DEMI LOVATO is?? keep up to date, darling :)

  • Ella

    She will never get bored ’cause Joe will be there! I mean we all know that whenever Joe is there, there will surely no dull moments! ^^

  • SelenaBRASIL


    lol stop lying..her album doesn’t vene went gold yet hahaha
    and of course she’s a better singer but Selena has solf more copies of her CD’s n all and the fact is that Miley & Selena are way MORE famous than Demi! I’m not hating I just dislike her and saying the truth!

    And her tours are not always sold out they had to cancel some shows cuz of low sells ;)
    And I mean shows like Glee have way more viewers than Disney Shows but they’re still more famous so…

  • musicgirl

    uuh love her shoes:)

  • bruno


  • http://Gmail Krissy

    I can’t wait to become a singer so I can meet here one day

  • ryan

    Wow, all the Demi hating that goes on here is really a sign of the times. I don’t know why any of you that don’t like her even waste your breath, take the time to even comment. You may be entitled to an opinion, but use it for somebody you DO like instead of somebody you don’t. If you’re used to showing so much disrespect & hatred towards Demi, you must like her in one form or another.

    It doesn’t matter, let the haters hate because it makes them feel better, when in reality, they know the truth already, but are too scared to admit it. Not only that, Demi’s not even bothering paying attention anymore to what people say or think about her & neither do her fans. Waste all the time in the world that you want with saying how much you hate her, because the fact of the matter is she’s not going anywhere & she’ll be around for a long time to come.

  • demiisthebest


  • iman k.

    oh I hate her she pretend that she is funny but she is not & she look fat waooooooooooo

  • Anabelle

    She looks beautiful. Miley,Demi and Nick are the only Disney stars I see that will actually make it big in life. Haters should just keep on hating because you guys will be the one to make her smarter,more talented,stronger and wiser.

    Oh and to people who are saying that she looks fat, well I’m sorry that not everyone in the world cannot be as thin as a stick like Gomez.

  • http://oop fio

    Blaire a perra

  • noneofyourbuisness


    I totally agree with you ! I used to be a big fan of Demi, Miley, and Selena, but now I can’t stand Demi ! Her songs are pretty good, but I just can’t stand her. She herself just annoys me. I don’t know why, but she does. I like her songs though. Her songs are pretty good.
    I like Selena and Miley, but that is it. I don’t really like anybody else from Disney Channel anymore. I used to love the Jonas Brothers, but i grew out of them. They didn’t do anything that made me not like them anymore. I just grew out of them. The only three people who I like from Disney are Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Bridget Mendler from Good Luck Charlie, and Chloe Bridges from CR 2. That is it. In my opinion, Demi has let fame get to her head a little too much. I don’t know if you saw this, but there is a video on youtube somewhere that I british fan had posted of her meeting Demi Lovato, and she asked ” How’s Selena ?” and Demi replied in a bratty answer ” Ask taylor.” and then smiled at the girl. And by ask Taylor, she ment Taylor Swift.

    like you said, Demi isn’t even that famous. A lot of my friends who like people from Disney haven’t even heard of Demi Lovato. I asked them if they have heard of her show, and they said that they haven’t heard of her show either. And that was just recently.

  • peacechick123

    She looks pretty! And Demi didn’t gain any weight if anything she has the best body out of all the disney stars( her and Bridgit Mendler). And her wearing at the airport isn’t a crises it was probably in the afternoon so she wanted to dress up like on a regular day. (Cause I know I wouldn’t be waking up in the morning putting on heels!)

  • Shir

    Demi is working those heels! ver nice :)

  • itsmeagain

    @SelenaBRASIL: yeah Demi only canceled four of her tour shows, compared to the # of shows that were canceled on this current CAMP ROCK TOUR? Yeah, that was nothing. And we all know Selena only has a singing career due to he show. Now that it’s almost over, we all know where Selena’s singing career is headed

  • itsmeagain

    @noneofyourbuisness: Demi has not let fame get to her head. According to what Demi said about Selena in Girl’s Life Magazine. One of Selena’s Family memebers were bad-mouthing her behind her back and obviously Demi did not like it since Selena was SUPPOSEDLY he Best Friend. Well, her ‘BEST FRIEND’ ditched her at her 17 BDAY party when Demi kindly invited her tru via twitter. So boviously, Selena is the one being the DIVA. If I were DEmi and I fould out that my BF was talking ish behind my back, I would do the same thing,

  • http://- Robbzzz

    she looks like Ashley Tisdale, lol

  • Demi Lovesvodka

    demi is an ugly backstabbing cokehead whore

  • je

    demetriaa youar CRAZZZY

  • haley

    her buttchin is gross

  • sama

    @blaire: just because u don’t know her doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous and she’s better than miley and selena