Vanessa Hudgens: Rent Rehearsals Ready

Vanessa Hudgens: Rent Rehearsals Ready

Vanessa Hudgens wraps herself up in a bright pink and blue scarf as she heads into the United Methodist Church in Hollywood on Wednesday morning (July 28).

The 21-year-old actress, wearing a Brokedown tank, is actually right at the start of rehearsals for her debut in RENT! In fact, she was seen grabbing some coffee with costar Skylar Astin yesterday afternoon. He plays Mark.

Vanessa recently shared with JJJ exclusively about taking on the role of Mimi: “It’s very exciting because I’m so in love with the character Mimi and the songs are just fantastic. I’ve never been to the Hollywood Bowl as well, I’m just excited to get up on that stage again, it’s been like a decade I think… I’m so long overdue.”

20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Clint Brewer; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, GSI Media
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  • http://deleted amy

    Pretty, shes wearing a lot of scarves at the moment.

  • Diamond

    She looks so cute!! I luv her scarf too bright and pretty! I am so happy rent rehearsles are starting even though I can’t go see it :( I kno Vanessa will do great! Hope she has fun with her custard and all which I bet she will!! God bless :)


    I’ so happy for Vanessa, i’m glad she is staring in Rent, She is such a beautiful young lady.


    “Rent: is gonna be awesome, she looks beautiful as always. It’s not cool that you give away the location.

  • Zanessafanforever

    She looks happy. And Zac is back in LA now, so yay!

  • vfan

    She looks really pretty!
    Love the casual workout outfit!
    She’s gonna be awesome in Rent. :)

  • jk

    she looks good!

  • ehryle

    Pretty.. AWESOME!! Goodluck :)

  • kate1

    Looking gorgeous vanessa

  • Tata

    looking lovely, Ness :)

  • joy.

    I totally wish I could go see her. I bet you she’ll be amazing. Good luck Vanessa !! She looks cute too. :D

  • BrittanySnowFan


  • BrittanySnowFan

    Can’t wait for Rent

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    she’s wearing a lot of scarves and they all look amazing on her :)

  • W.S

    Wish i could see her in rent, but for those of u who r going to see her, i hope u will have a great time. I’m sure vanessa is going to be great!

  • musicgirl

    HOW CAN SHE LOOK SO AMAZING ALL THE TIME?!:) Love her soo much and I cant wait to hear her sing again ;)<33

  • pop86

    I really like the bag she is carrying.

  • Moviefanatic12
    petition to put the show on dvd for those who can’t go and see it

  • inna

    i so wish i lived in Cali, i would definitely make the trip to see V i Rent. It’s one of my favorite musicals, and Vanessa is my favorite actress/person in the whole world. I’m a huge fan of both. (:

    I hope there’s pictures & stuff, i would hate to miss a thing!

  • yaay

    I love her. She’s gorgeous
    I WANT BEASTLY …………… just sayin :)
    Can’t wait for Sucker Punch and Rent :)

  • Masbonita

    Love this pic. I want the sunglasses!!!

  • sara

    who care?

  • Anne

    she’s so fit!
    She always looks amazing and has such a great personality. I love her.
    I would give anything to see her in Rent :(

  • pita

    i love her so much!! i like the shoulder bag and the color of her scarf red is beautiful.For those people go to see Rent enjoy your self.I wish i could go but I’m doing a lots of things at the moment .

  • BrittanySnowFan

    more pictures yayyy
    thanks JJ

  • honey


  • Katty

    I hate how she can look so beautiful with like no make up and the comfiest clothes :/ I wish I was that blessed!

    I wish I could see her in RENT! She is going to nail Mimi. Perez Hilton will mock her and tear her down more matter how good she actually does because his mind is made up about her, but the rest of us know she is going to blow it out of the park. Zac is going the be there at the opening, so maybe we will get some pix of them or something?

    Anyways, I can’t wait for more Sucker Punch news, or Beastly for that matter, and what V is looking into. She has been going to too many business meetings lately to not be looking into other movies, you know?

  • Diamond

    @ Katty Yesterday earlier before she was seen going to the Starbucks with Skylar, She was seen going to a business meeting for a charity it was said on one of her fansites and other ones too!

  • roxana

    Thank you for that petition!!!! i was so hopeless and sad that i cant make it,,i live in Florida and i love her so much. i hope that those who will get to to go see her can at least tape it so we can watch it on youtube. Neil seems like a pretty cool guy to approve this in a dvd. my heart and best wishes go with her in that special day. she will rock as Mimi, i know she will!

  • carly

    She looks pretty even in sweats ….love her scarf.
    She is so lovely naturally and so true to herself.
    I wish her the best!!!

  • kami

    ♥so yesterday she was at rehearsals when they said she was at some charity thing. the rent rehearsals are being held in the church.♥

  • toty

    great outfit, cool glasses and the best girl ever!! can’t wait for all of her
    new projects…love u v

  • annie

    yay..i began love that scarf :) go nessa

  • Moviefanatic12

    your welcome i to am from Florida and really want to see it i
    came across it online

  • maria

    She really looks great….so toned and fit! She’s wearing those scarves, not just because they look great and it’s a bit cool, but to protect her neck and vocal chords. She’s going to be doing a LOT of singing in the next few weeks, every day, so she has to keep them warm.

  • mike

    have luck with the rehearsals

  • annie

    wow, i just know that in keeping your voice you should protect your neck from cold, well its a pleasure to learn something new :)

  • Anibal

    Cutee *O*

  • http://Op Byc

    Her scarf!!! Love it :)

  • Emma

    She needs to dump him and look for another as soon as possible

  • star


    If the reports are true I agree. She can do better and it was disrespectful of him to do what he did. I’m not a Zac hater by any means, quite the opposite but he really didn’t seem to think about his actions.

    On a brighter note she looks beautiful and I am so excited about Rent.

  • Sunny

    @Emma: agree 100%

  • http://deleted/ vannfan

    love her

  • http://deleted/ vannfan


  • http://deleted/ vannfan
  • http://deleted/ vannfan

    can´t wait for RENT

  • http://deleted/ vannfan


  • http://deleted/ vannfan


  • http://deleted/ vannfan


  • luisana

    Vanessa looks so pretty and comfy!