Zac Efron is Live with Jimmy Kimmel

Zac Efron is Live with Jimmy Kimmel

Zac Efron‘s smirk lights up as he arrives at ABC Studios in Los Angeles to tape his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday (July 28).

The 22-year-old actor is on the promotional tour trail for his new flick, Charlie St. Cloud, which premieres THIS FRIDAY!

Zac recently chatted with Movieline on specifically not taking on any action flicks right now. He shared, “I have a self-awareness of what is out there: Right now, if I was looking at me from someone else’s eyes — like the eyes of the guys who are going to go watch a superhero movie — I can’t say that I’d be ‘two thumbs up’ for me to star in an action movie right now. … Why would I be? I haven’t done anything to pay those dues yet, I haven’t made any movies for those fans yet. I think you have to earn the right to hold a gun. You have to earn the right to shoot web.”

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: WENN, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Zanessafanforever

    Zac looks happy, could that be because he was just with Vanessa?
    I think so.

    zanessa forever :)

  • janisse

    OMG .. he is so ” PAPI ”


  • pop86

    Looking good Zac

  • dee3d

    nice guy, but its too bad he’s flick has a bad earlt reviews from critics

  • mike

    going to watch it for sure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    can’t wait to watch it tonight especially since Jimmy is going to get Zac to clear his name about the whole club thing which I don’t believe that he did..Corbin and him seem like really good guys and Zac is so in love with Vanessa…ppl are just jealous so they have to make stories up to make actors look bad..

    <3 you Zac Efron! wish I was Vanessa! ur so hot!!!!!!

    can’t wait to watch the interview tonight! ..just a half hour away from you!

  • Katty


    How do you know Jimmy will clear it or even talk about it? Plus, someone who is high up in the club, like the owners or something, stated that he was there and nothing else. Even if he was there and there were girls dancing for him, who cares? It’s not cheating and guys do it sometimes, it’s not the biggest thing in the world or the worse thing he could do. He was with an old friend and having some fun.

    I can’t wait to see Zac on Jimmy Kimmel, I am recording it!

  • Katty


    Actually, I’ve heard nothing but good reviews for the movie, what have you been reading?

  • Tree

    It wouldn’t be a big deal except he has been going around saying how he doesn’t go to places that could get him in trouble. He keeps it private. This news if it’s true does not make him look very good. This is just my opinion.

  • Unbelievable

    On Twitter one of Corbin Twitter followers asked him if the strip club story is true and he said”no, not at all.”
    I believe this is his real Twitter account as it has the verified check mark but let me know if it’s not. We’ll have to see what zac says now

  • Katty


    He says he usually isn’t that type of person and doesn’t usually enjoy that kind of scene, but he was in NYC with an old friend and wasn’t with his girlfriend, he is allowed to have some fun, and it wasn’t like he was photographed doing anything stupid and reports only go so far seeing as people embelish and lie.

  • jeni

    @dee3d: Yeah, I was surprised that it currently only has a 13% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Only 1 good review and 7 bad ones. Some of the bad ones, however, said even though the movie was bad, Zac’s acting was good. His acting and box office should be what most people pay attention to.

  • Katty


    It is his real account, and the truth is that they could have been there, but the alcohol and the girls could have been fabricated. They could have just been there to hang out and that is all, no girls or too much alcohol (some alcohol is okay, they are of age!)

    I feel like I have posted too much in this thread… I think I am done now. Haha.

  • LG

    @Katty: Somebody tweeted Jimmy asking him to ask Zac about the club rumor and Jimmy said he would.

  • lily

    It may be true that he went and what if Zac and Corbin lie about not going and didn’t tell vanessa? I doubt that’s true but what if that is the case. Why would anyone make this up out of nowhere. I guess the only people that know are people who saw him

  • Tree

    He just said it was true, all of it. I have totally lost respect for him. He justified himself by saying he called his girlfriend beforehand. My point is then don’t go around saying you don’t go to those places when your being interviewed. He is just like the people he says he’s not like. I’m very disappointed in you Zac Efron.

  • hsmzanessafansite3

    Ok so he did it but u know what who least he was man enough to call his gf before vanessa knew about it and they’re still all is lets forget about this and move on :) loved him on jimmy kimmel tonight!

  • star


    I agree with you 100%. It is such shady behaviour to go out to a strip club and they say its ok cause you called your gf before hand. Imagine how Vanessa feels hearing about the lap dances. He seems so fake now, he always says that he doesn’t go to clubs, doesn’t drink much. I have lost respect for him. I love Vanessa and I think she really deserves someone better than him.

  • Tere995

    Zac Efron does not need that type of rumers flying around right now. He has a girlfriend who shares many of his fans and if this is true many of the fans might side with V if untrue I would hope Zac or Corbin will sue the a** off who every started this because it is causing a lot of negative talk. Not only that but his movie is getting good reviews from T.V. host and stuff, but horrible reviews when it comes to the top critics; only getting 13% on Rottentomatoes. only getting one good review.

  • jk

    there goes what little respect I had for him. I hate it when guys do sleazy things like that when they got a gf

  • lily

    Ok so he went and that’s great that they have trust in their relationship and it’s not a big deal, it was just a fun guys night out(looking at naked tits, something I don’t agree with but whatver)and he says Vanessa was fine with it but honestly this weekend was like Vanessa’s weekend to shine!
    On Saturday was Comic Con, she has this huge movie coming out, she looked amazing and really rocked it. I think that he is inconsiderate in the fact that he didn’t think ‘well maybe me going to a strip club is not such a good idea. People willk now about it and will make a big buzz and take away attention from Vanessa’. That’s just not cool. He totally stole her thunder. But whatever.

  • jen101

    so he went and what not
    but did he spend that money on strippers?
    did he confirm that?

  • Londonlemming

    None of you have heard of sarcasm then?


    Saw the movie earlier this week, bcause my friend won a contest!

    Slow in some parts, but overall worth it

  • Ak

    @ Tree & star

    No need to sound so sanctimonious. He never once said that he never drinks or goes to clubs. He has merely stated in interviews that it’s not his scene to constantly go clubbing. Just because he went to one strip club does not make him a bad person. Corbin was probably wanting to show an old friend a fun time in NY. Most red-blooded males have gone to strip clubs once in their lives. Nothing illegal or abnormal going on there. Vanessa is no angel either.

  • Tree

    I bet his parents are so proud, The whole interview was about the strip club. Way to promote your movie Zac. Do you have no respect for your girlfriend? You made a very bad choice. Do not talk anymore in interviews how you are not like all those other people who go out to clubs, no you go to strip clubs instead.

  • star

    I’m confused, I thought someone posted that Corbin denied it on his twitter?

  • http://maruchiscis mara

    @Unbelievable: the account is true ,its real


  • Tree

    Ak, When have you heard of Vanessa doing anything close to this. And don’t bring up the pictures she took because that is totally different.

  • star

    Does anyone have a link for the interview?

  • Londonlemming

    What he admitted to was going out with an old friend.and calling his girlfriend beforehand, why are you judging someone on something that has been sensationalised by a club in the media to make money and gain
    money off of using a high profile celebrities name. Zac Efron fans should be ashamed of themselves for helping to spread this story which is a blatant attempt by certain indviduals to smear Zacs name.

  • Tree

    Londonlemning – Zac admitted to going out to a STRIP CLUB, not just going out with an old friend. You can downplay it all you want. My point is don’t do interviews and say you don’t go to clubs, etc.. when you clearly do. If I was Vanessa I would be mortified.

  • Ak

    @ lily: You’re obviously a Vanessa groupie. No, the weekend was not all about her. In case you have forgotten, Zac has a new movie coming out this Friday so a lot of media has focused on him. He has been busting his butt traveling all over the country to promote his new movie. So what if he wanted to let off steam with his old friend Corbin. If she doesn’t care then why should you?

  • Tree

    Ak – Unfortunately busting his butt with a stripper on his lap should not have been what he was focussing on.

  • Katty


    Rotton Tomatoes isn’t exactly the best source to go to for reviews on movies. I try to stick to the wiser, better known type of reviews such as Roeper (and the other guy, I can’t remember his name, blah!) and just more places I know that I can trust, you know? Anyways, I am rambling.


    Like, really? Every male goes at least once in a while, he called V beforehand, and it was his FIRST time. He was joking about it too, geez! Ak is right, he never said he would never, ever, ever go out to a club, or a bar, or anything, he just said it really wasn’t his scene, that doesn’t mean once in a while he might go out. Like, you all expect him to the be perfect guy and not act like every other male when he is out with one of his best friends and wants to have a good time since he has been working so much.

    And, V does not seem like the girl who would be angry her boyfriend is going to the strip club for the first time at 22 and called her BEFOREHAND to talk to her about it. When Zac did that photoshoot with the naked woman on top of him she herself said it was sexy! She isn’t the biggest jealous person, and her and Zac obviously have a lot of trust between them.

    Stop acting like just because he isn’t photographed at clubs, and at bars, and other things of the such means he is a perfect angel. I can gaurantee you he has gone clubbing before and he has gotten drunk before and now he has gone to one strip club, wow. He is 22, what he did was legal, and it won’t turn into an all the time thing.

    Sorry for venting, but people annoy me…. grrrr

  • Katty


    I didn’t mean once in a while, I meant once in their life. Sorry.

  • lily

    No I am not a Vanessa Groupie, thank you very much, but I am her fan. To be fair, I think it was just a way for the guys to ‘bond’ over naked women but he could have thought it through.

  • js

    I dont like how he just went on TV and joked about it like it was nothing, if anything, it just made it worse. If I was her, I’d be so embarassed.

  • Tree

    I don’t think he said it was his FIRST time.

  • Londonlemming

    @Tree: I am not down playing it at all. You are the one twisting it and trying to get unfavourable reactions towards Zac. He is 22 years old and has never claimed to be perfect.if the people that matter to him do not care about it, then his fans have no right to have an opinion on it.

  • Katty


    A lot of that was fabricated. Zac said himself he didn’t even open his wallet, so therefore, he couldn’t have been having that much fun with those girls.
    Vanessa has no right to be mortified when she agreed to it. He did the right thing and called her to talk to her about it because he knew a lot of girls are sensitive about that thing, and his girlfriend might be one of them. (Apparently, you are.)

    Zac didn’t cheat, didn’t do anything illegal, wasn’t photographed, and it is apparent a lot of that nypost report was fabricated. If this one thing makes you not a Zac Efron fan anymore, then you never were one to begin with.

    Again, he said these types of things weren’t his usual scene, not that he NEVER would TRY something like it. Damnn!

  • Tree

    js – I agree with you, I think he came off on Kimmel looking like an A**Hole. Vanessa should be very embarassed.

  • Katty


    Actually, it was kind of nothing. What was he supposed to do? Lie? Cry about it, say how much he wants to take it back? Get over it, V gave the ok, and a bad website for wind of it, fabricated most of it.


    How was he an as$hole? He owned up to it, said he wanted to try it, and he did say it was his FIRST time, that it was his first experience and it wasn’t like he could just say yeah, I went, lets change the subject now! That would not have worked. He joked about it, then they went on.

  • su

    okay peeps, calm the heck down!!
    He is a 22 year old boy who loves his gf, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun, if vanessa, who is his gf, didn’t mind it, we shouldn’t either.
    He loves Nessa, but he is 22, he is a guy, and there was a strip club, can u guys do the math?
    he called Nessa, and she was alright with it.
    he DID NOT spend 2,000 there, he said so on Jimmy Kimmel.
    and the reason Corbin said it wasn’t true was because Corbin wasn’t there! he also said that on the interview!
    now it’s time to calm down, breathe, and go back to the way it was just before this whole mess started!!
    Zanessa Forever!!!

  • jen

    any links to it?

  • lily

    Does anyone have the video please?

  • Katty


    Why should Vanessa be embarrassed? She didn’t go to a strip club! Her boyfriend did and she didn’t care because she trusted him and knew he was just being a guy with an old friend. If anyone should be embarrased, it would be Zac, but I don’t feel that he has any need to be embarrassed.

  • Katty


    No, I don’t think so yet. I watched in on Jimmy Kimmel, like on the TV. I am sure there will be a youtube link in few hours. There will be on by morning, I am sure.

  • Tree

    Katty – The reported story said 2,000 was spent. It did not say Zac spent the money. And just because he didn’t open his wallet you claim he couldn’t of had fun. I don’t get that statement. I also don’t recall him saying Vanessa agreed, just that he called her. And how would you know that he feels girls are sensative. You are making alot of assumptions. I guess you also know he didn’t cheat? My point has always been that I think he made a bad choice and that I don’t think he should talk about not clubbing, etc,, in interviews if he obviously does. I have lost respect for him.

  • star