Amanda Crew: Tess is Unapologetic

Amanda Crew: Tess is Unapologetic

Charlie St. Cloud is OUT TODAY!

Amanda Crew opened up in several videos below about her headstrong heroine character, Tess.

The 23-year-old actress shared, “I can definitely connect with her [Tess] because we both goal-driven. I definitely have that sense in me — like I want to do something and I’m going to do it. Then she also has this inner strength that I’m trying to embody. Tess is unapologetic and me, I’m Canadian, so I’m constantly apologizing (laughs).”

Check out Amanda‘s interview with Jimmy Kimmel below too!

Amanda & Zac chat style and characters

Amanda Crew – Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 1

Amanda Crew – Jimmy Kimmel Live, Part 2
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  • http://deleted amy

    Wish i lived in the US ): EVERYONE GO SEE IT THOUGH ;D

  • :(

    Do go see the movie, it was great and honestly I liked the actress in the film. Her in this interview was a big turn off, I ‘d seen her in the other interviews and I thought see had class compared to a past co-star who could only brag about french kissing Zac. Then with this and some of the interviews she did with Zac yesterday all they could talk about was having Zac’s tongue down her throat. I don’t know if they are trying to be cute but if she takes her career seriously I would think
    she’d try and be more professional.

  • tia

    she’s so cute!

  • ben

    i’m a fan of her dancing entrance lol

  • lisaa

    aww amandaa ♥
    i seriously couldnt wait for this film when the announced the cast.
    i remember her from she’s the man…she wasn’t playing the lead but was supporting cast :(

    loved the interview;)
    she’s funny

  • http://armybrat1994 courtney

    i cant wait to c it! i mite c it tom.! shes funny n zac is hot!

  • good-one

    When Leonardo DiCaprio suddenly took the world by storm, it was as if he spontaneously came out of nowhere. Of course that wasn’t the case, Leonardo DiCaprio had been honing his craft and paying his dues for many years before that.

    Zac Efron is now on the cusp of being similarly suddenly (generally) “discovered”. He hasn’t made this all about himself, though. In promoting Charlie St. Cloud, he deflects and keeps heaping praise on his fellow actors, particularly Amanda Crew.

    Can’t wait to see how AC does in this picture.

  • dollface50

    She’s so fun!!! Yay I’m going to see charlie st cloud today…FINALLY!!!!!

  • Karen

    Some of the interviews from the other day were horrible because of the INTERVIEWERS not because of Zac or Amanda. They did NUMEROUS little short interviews and some of the people interviewing them were total jerks and were not at all interested in asking questions about the movie, per se. You could tell that Zac and Amanda were kind of bewildered and I think they had to try to make light of it at times or they would have gotten up and left—I know I would have with a few of them. That one blond in on of the interviews should have been smacked.

  • jensen ackles luver tanya

    he said she is so beautiful.??? i dont c it. i thought she was lik 35 yrs old. LOL Yea mayb she needs 2 do sum mor movies cuz this movie wasnt da best actin 4 her. It was a typical movie. you knew wat was gona happen b5 it happened. i did cry every single time Zac did. LOL when da lites cam on it was packed wit OLD people. im talkin white hair and canes. seriously. but it was good it u lik sappy movies.

>>>>>>> staging1