Zac Efron Fires It Up

Zac Efron Fires It Up

Zac Efron may have one flick hoping to take the box office this weekend (Charlie St. Cloud), but there’s another one on the horizon — Fire!

The 22-year-old actor opened up to MTV about the new film: “Brian Bendis is writing a script right now. I don’t know when we are getting a draft exactly. But I know that he’s having a blast and Brian is one of my favorite writers. I’m really looking forward to that, we’ll see what happens.”

In the movie, Zac will play Ben, a college student recruited by the CIA who later discovers he’s been marked for termination by his employers.

He shared about playing a character like Ben, “You know the character, he’s not afraid. You know me in life I have a lot of rules. There is a lot of stuff I can’t do because I would never want to take those risks so to speak. As much as I’m a thrill-seeker, I don’t really get into fights,” he explained. “I’m not a renegade kind of guy. And that’s what this character is. I’m definitely going to live vicariously through this character and experience things I can’t do in real life.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Zac’s Fire?

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  • celina p

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww YEEEEEEEEES

  • http://deleted amy

    This will be amazing and it will be nice to see Zac in a pretty different role!

  • Garfield_fan

    I hope he picks this next and not “The Lucky One”. I mean, I know I don’t like Sparks – because all his books are pratically alike – and therefore I am biased, but seeing how “Dear John” and “The Last Song” both didn’t do that well at the box office, he would be smart to something different. I think Ben would be a good role for him.

  • Tiptoes

    I hope this is your next project – something different for your fans!

  • kami

    yep, that should be his next movie.

  • susan1

    Its amazing if Fire his next movie project .

  • bettybaby

    very excited that this project is on the horizon!

    I HOPE ITS NEXT!!!!!

  • Katty

    I think he will take this role and run with it.

    I saw CSC and Zac’s acting was better than I have ever seen it, not that his other movies weren’t great, they were, so this is saying something.

    I thought Snabba Cash was coming out first, though? Ah, well, only tell will tell what Zac will be doing next.

  • stacey

    The concept of the movie sounds awesome,
    sounds like an action adventure type movie to me?
    Haven’t seen Charlie St. Cloud yet, but I’m hoping to.
    It looks amazing as well. Zac Efron’s doing great.

  • mike

    like the character

  • trinissita

    Zac made 7 MILLIONS in 1 day with Charlie St. Cloud, they are estimating 18 millions in the end of the weekend.


  • http://deleted Jody

    @ trinissita how do u know?

  • pop86

    Yes this much better than any Nicholas Sparks movie


    @pop86: Amen!!!! Nicholas Sparks is the devil’s henchman. The devil is Stephanie Meyers.

  • lilly

    Oh yes!! And I agree – no Nicholas Sparks movie. Please.

  • skyhigh95

    @Garfield_fan: Actually, Dear John made it to the box office. That movie earned 32 million making it no.1 and beating Avatar on the box office.
    However, Last Song didn’t make it well. In my opinion, I hope Zac picks the Lucky One cause I love Nicholas Sparks’ books that are made into movies.
    Fire isn’t a bad choice. It sounds interesting.

  • Katty


    Where did you read this? Give the link please! I am on pins and needles wondering if Zac’s movie is going to come on top.

  • zanessa/scashley

    Oh.. I’m definitely looking forward to this movie. Zachary in an action movie.. aw yeah..

  • Karen

    Come on, Brian Bendis let’s get those fingers typing and word processor going or whatever you do to get this script out there for approval. You’re taking too long !! Let’s GO…

  • Katty

    When will the ‘winner’ of the box office weekend be posted? Sunday or Monday? I know JJJ will probably post it here, but I was just wondering when. Anyone know?

  • Katty

    AND when will JJ re-do the top celebs and get better pix? Zac’s hair is no longer that long, but I do like V’s pic. I’m just sayin’ it’s been like a year.

  • maria

    CSC was not a good film for Zac. Sorry, but it’s true. I think Fire will be MUCH MUCH BETTER for him. He needs to develop a different fan base, and he needs to put sappy fluff like CSC in his rear view mirror. Just because Zac takes his shirt off in a movie, does NOT make it a good movie, girls. Put your hormones away for a minute, and think about what is best for his acting career. Definitely NOT melodramatic chick flicks. Fire and Snabba Cash can’t get here fast enough to make me forget CSC.

  • Tiptoes

    @Marie – really? You have always been vocal about not liking CSC and what not in Zac’s career – stop pretending to be his fan and posting in his thread.

    If you have listened to Zac’s CSC interviews, he wanted to do the CSC movie because he connected with the material and its something new for him. And if you have also noticed, the shirtless scenes were NOT the front and center of CSC promotions – it was the brotherly love and living life to the fullest.

    Some of us, specially his young fans, are not into the drama romantic/supernatural kind of genre – they prefer the lighter fare like comedy (17 again). I personally prefer drama kind of movies and if by doing CSC, Zac felt that he was stretching his wings and talents, then I respect him for taking this plunge and taking the not so easy route to achieving his long term plan. He has said he is willing to work hard – if anything CSC has proven, despite the failings of the movie that some critics have pinpointed, that he can act. And for that, I am satisfied because I want to see him make movies for a long time.

    And as much as I want him to do FIRE or Snabba cash, these projects are not yet ready.

  • kyle

    I hope more fans get to see CSC this week. It landed on the 6th place in the week-end block office result last week-end. Let us support Zac and see this movie!!

  • Katty


    I agree. Zac’s movie was good, in my opinion, and did help his acting very much. We’ve always known he is a good actor, but this movie truly showed us. You are right, a lot of his fanbase is a bit young and want to see him in exciting, funny, or action movies at the moment. We’re just lucky he has plenty of those on his plate.


    Also, it is not for complete certain what Zac’s movie came in at. Right now there are only estimates. We won’t know until tomorrow afternoon. Plus, I think the reason the numbers weren’t as good as it could have been is because they only knew the date would be July 30th about two months ago. If they had known for a long time, like Beastly did, they would have done a lot more to generate buzz over a longer period of time. But, Beastly was moved and CSC came up. Things happen. The numbers are bad by any means, this is the first movie Zac did where he is the main, big star and the movie is relying on mainly his star qualitie alone. It was a great step in him becoming a success.

  • Karen


    I completely agree. There is nothing wrong with romantic movies. Brad Pitt when he was up and coming “beautiful” guy did his fair share of them. As you say scripts for Fire and Snabba Cash, etc, are not yet ready. PLUS, if those complaining about Zac taking his shirt off ad seen the movie they would know that he didn’t do it in the movie just to show off his abs. The scene in which he does this is when he jumps in the water to save someone . It is in no way a gratuitous scene just to show off his body. Even the love scene is extremely mild.

    Also, people may complain about the movie but if they were not so ready to find fault or be happy it didn’t do as great as 17 Again—which some didn’t like either—and just go to watch Zac’s “work” then they might find they could at least be moved by Zac’s performance. It was very moving. I could see why he was drawn to this movie. He said in one of his interviews that when the premiere was over he turned to his brother who happened to be sitting beside him and told him the movie had been for him. I LOVED the interchange between Charlie and Sam in the movie. I loved Zac’s character and how he portrayed him. Zac’s acting ability and charisma on screen cannot be denied.

    Furthermore, when I went on Friday to the 11:30AM showing there were about 40-50 people there and only THREE were in that teen/tween category that so many media people want to insist was the biggest part of this movie’s audience. The rest of my group was definitely over 30. Some of these people who write up some of these article would do well to go to some of these showings and see just WHO is going to them. And again, many of the people who complain about this movie have not even cared to go see it.


    I went to see CSC, Tonight after work, and i really liked it. Zac as showed me how talented he is, he did a fastanic job, the guy can act, infact he was steeling alot of the scenes, Zac and the boy who played his brother, were wonderful, i really ejoyed the parts they played. Zac was great, and has very promising career, i really liked it.

  • jensen ackles luver tanya

    seen Charlie St Cloud & it was a typical story line, u knew what was gona happen b4 it happened, but it was really good. I cried from da begining 2 da end. LOL when da lights went on all i seen was OLD PEOPLE. i was da only young girl ther. Zac’s a great actor. Hopefully this Ben movie is jus as great.

  • tina

    Poor Zac his movie tanked as will his dismal career. Soon to follow his girlfriend who is worse then he is.

  • susan1

    I dont know what to say CSC is not release her in UK and some other countries here in Europe dont say it that his movie is tanked and also he got a lots of fan here waiting for that movie.

  • zanessafan

    zac and vanessa are planning to go the phillipiens some time later this month

  • Karilie

    tina shut up you don’t even kno CSC could have a change to rise in the following weeks it’s just the first week who knows


    @ Tina grow up, they got some new numbers in as of yesturday morning, and they say his movie did better than they thought 12.38 m, he movied up one his movie is number 5 now. you don’t know want you are talking about i just saw all the movies Zac is line up to do and very one said how good his acting was in the movie, he has alot of talent, i saw it last night when i saw CSC, and for Vanessa has alot of talent also, producers directors and crtics have said so, you don’t win the star of tomorrow award, last march in Vegas,if you didn’t.

  • kyle

    I’m glad that Zac’s CSC is moving-up the chart considering that the other movies have more theater distribution. Go watch it again.

  • athena

    @Tiptoes: Well said…I can’t wait to see Fire…I think it will be that perfect crossover film he needs to do. I think it will fare well. Guys are afraid to watch his movies because they think someone with good looks and a great body is a ‘mo thing…anyway, I really liked CSC and didn’t realize people were branding it as a chick flick….I didn’t like the music except for the ending credits music…I really enjoyed the movie, whether Zac took off his shirt or not….Zac’s acting was really good.

  • athena

    @kyle: Agreed….I went to see it this weekend and thought it should have been placed in a better spot….thanks to his fans….I guess to put him in six place isn’t bad, but it doesn’t mean it’s a winner…oh well, Zac will win some and lose some…I hope he’s not thinking about his “Disney” fans when he goes for his upcoming roles…they’ll never be able to support his growth as an actor if they continually think of him as Troy…he’s not a Ken doll… :; )…Go for the grunge Zac, get some serious dirt on your face…spit on the sidewalks and carry a gun (as an actor of course)…lol…

  • athena

    @tina: Why bother spewing your venom here…go somewhere else you TROLL!

  • kyle

    I hope he gets to Fire asap – this will enable him to penetrate the action-genre crowd thus widening his fan base.

  • amelia25

    beautiful zac!