Gregg Sulkin in Avalon High -- FIRST LOOK!

Gregg Sulkin in Avalon High -- FIRST LOOK!

Check out your first look at the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie, Avalon High!

Based on the novel of the same name by Meg Cabot (psst, she wrote “The Princess Diaries” too), the movie follows Allie Pennington (Brittany Robertson), a transfer student to Avalon High, who discovers that her new classmates are reincarnations of King Arthur and his Court.

Gregg Sulkin, Molly Quinn, Joey Pollari, Devon Graye and Steve Valentine also star.

Avalon High premieres THIS NOVEMBER!

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Credit: Bob DAmico; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Kim

    Gregg <3
    Hey Steve Valentine is that man from wowp the movie

  • Makala

    this is my favorite meg cabot book, and they’ll screw it up indefinitely.

  • Yolanda

    Gregg is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

    i luv dis book <3
    bt i dont c how its gonna work as a movie… :/

  • londonlemming

    I loved this book so much. I nearly cried just now seeing the pictures of the cast. They have it so so so wrong straight away and that’s without having even seen the movie.

  • Somerandomteenagechick

    Isn’t It supposed to be Ellie? And isn’t she supposed to be brunette? The little details matter you know! Anyways, I would still probably watch this movie just because I loved the book so much ( Plus I love Molly Quinn-CASTLE FTW!!) Hopefully the movie turns out okay. <3

    (P.S Gregg your awesome,but what is going on with your hair? Dude, Please do something. Eh, I doubt you’ll ever see this comment so never mind :) )

  • Anonymous :)

    Umm.. Ellie is supposed to be brunette not blonde. Jennifer is supposed to be blonde not a red head! What the heck?! Will doesn’t have a british accent either.. i hope Gregg plays the character with an american accent.
    This is like one of my favorite books so Disney better not have ruined it.

  • Anonymous :)

    Oh, and it’s ELLIE not ALLIE.

  • somerandomteenagechick

    @Anonymous :): I’m guessing that Gregg will play Will with an American accent.. If he doesn’t that would suck….

  • danidelgado

    @Anonymous :): sianey changed the name to Allie, dont know why

  • danidelgado


  • joeypfan

    get over yourselves. in Princess Diaries, Mia was a blond in the books and no one seemed to care when she was brunette in the movie. is that really important? get a life – if you are crying because of the casts hair color you need to find a hobby

  • me

    I love the book & I agree with those of you on here saying this feels so wrong. Seeing these pictures of the cast just…NO.

    BUT I do have to say, I don’t mind the hair color stuff. I mean Nina Dobrev is not blonde for Vampire Diaries but she’s great in the show. So I’m never focus on this.

    I don’t know…just the fact that DIsney movies have been crappy lately I’m afraid this will be too. Which would be a shame. (Crossing my fingers its not the case)

  • Amanda

    i love this book and it feels so wrong. maybe if it was going to be released in the theater it would be better but as a disney channel movie don’t think it is a good idea. :( i think im going to be yelling at the screen as i watched this movie.

  • hehe

    The only thing I hope they don’t change are the swimming pool scenes. We need to see Gregg shirtless!!!

  • Alyzabeth

    Steve Valentine is HOT!!! <3

  • http://saeuselwind ilona form

    @ Alyzabeth :
    Steve very hot !!!!

  • daisypop

    Gregg ♥♥♥

  • Natalie

    For Goodness sakee, jeeezzz. will people stopp being annoying, so if they change the hair colour, they are not gonna die their hair just for you. its a small change, cmon look at the changes in princess diaries.
    I know it might be a little dissapointing that its a disney movie but soo?
    I love gregg sulkin and avalon high <3

  • emma

    u got that right gurl

  • http://facebook hemaa

    wow gREGG SULKIN is the hottest guy ive ever seen before he is swexy;
    sexy +sweet

  • gabriela

    eu amei o livro…. o meu livro preferido, o filme tem q ter todas as partes que tem no livro pra ficar perfeito principalmente a parte da piscina e da troca de olhares no parque….Espero que o filme no seja to ruim….No quero que estraguem a minha paixo pelo Avalon high!!!

  • gabriela

    para o filme ficar perfeito n pode faltar a parte de allie correndo num temporal para salvar will