Miranda Cosgrove is 'Kissin U' at Summer Jam!

Miranda Cosgrove is 'Kissin U' at Summer Jam!

Miranda Cosgrove snaps a pic with a group of fans backstage at the FLY 92.3 Summer Jam held in Saratoga Springs, NY last week.

The 17-year-old actress/singer joined Natasha Bedingfield, Boys Like Girls, and Kevin Rudolf, among others.

Check out more pics at Fly92.com!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miranda’s performances?

Miranda Cosgrove – “Kissin’ U”

Miranda Cosgrove – “About You Now”
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Credit: Aaron Currado; Photos: Fly 92.3
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  • kk13

    way better actress then singer!!!

  • Alex

    I am very impress. I can.t wait til she comes to my city.

  • Alicia

    Kissing U sounded bad and about u now was ok. She just needs more practice.

  • http://seddie.2ya.com seddie4ever

    ……….not a good singer……….

  • Kayla

    she needs to work on ver vocals.

  • steve

    She did pretty good, she needs to keep working on her vocals with a coach which i’m sure she does but overall she did pretty well for someone who’s very new at perfoming live. the potential is definitely there!

  • evannia

    wow is all i can say. she sounded bad.

  • jen

    actually she’s not that bad checkout her first live performance “Disgusting”

  • jen

    here’s another one and as you can see she rocks!!!!

  • james

    I agree with Jen I think she did a great Job. She is awesome and beautiful!

  • itsmeagain

    she’s pretty good. But she needs to get a good grip on preforming. She was pretty shaky.

  • http://TWITTER.COM/LUCKYDII Dianaa

    shes okay. she will get better if she practices more and hires a vocal coach.

  • rachel

    eh she did bad. honestly she should stick to acting and thats saying something.

  • jesus

    well. i think she’s pretty but she can’t sing very well and she don’t hace personality

  • nu

    sorry she is pretty but notaa good singer

  • Haley

    This was pretty good, she just needs a tad bit more practice. I am happy she sells the world music she can sing, even if they are simple songs, still, she is a good singer and what I think is trueful. Most singers sing incredible songs and have them 100% mixed then go sing them live and hit every note sour. Thanks Miranda for selling the truth! ;)

  • inna

    lol i’m sorry, as much as I like iCarly (She’s hilarious!), she’s not a good singer. Like at all.

    No stage prescence. No energy. Walking Back & Forth? I’m sorry but the whole thing about how no one can be just an actress or just a singer is so annoying. SOME people can do it, but everybody? Give me a break.

    Miranda, before you dissapear to obscurity when you fan base grows up… PLEASSE just act. You’re doing just fine w/ it.

  • Darius

    YAY. Selena Gomez pt.2 *eyeroll*

  • rainbower

    she shud just stick to acting…
    singing really isnt her thing.

  • soughtful

    no stage presence and can’t sing just like selena.

  • jessica

    lol at some of the people leaving when she just started to sing, lmao. eh she did okay.

  • jessica

    no actually i take that back. i watched the performances one more time and honestly she did great but i gotta agree with some of the people on here she really doesn’t have any stage presence.

  • liltwist#1


    lol you forget your miley she can’t sing either ;)

    Selena is better than Miranda and Miley ;)

  • haha

    hahahahah what was that??? Horrible just another Slµtty Cyrus…Little girls are trying to sing even selena gomez is better

  • thetruth

    but she’s better in singing than Miley Cyrus
    but worse than Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez

  • circa

    i like her…everything she does is age appropriate she doesn’t try to go over the top and i agree that with more practice she can become a great performer the voice is there just need to work on it some more.

  • steve

    @jen: Jen thanks for those links, she sounded awesome. I can’t believe that was her first real live concert. She has a lot of potential, what we are seeing is her at the VERY beginning of basically learning how to persform live and find her style on stage.

  • http://twitter.com/maku89g macarena

    am i the only one who noticed that she is there with THE CLICK FIVE!!!
    that, by the way, is the best band ever!!!! i love them ♥♥♥

  • PaulinaG

    emmmm not the best singer…ok ok she is bad :(
    but i still love her, i just prefer her acting in icarly, she plays carly very well :)

  • http://www.imixandmatch.com/ Shir

    Kissin you is my fav song of the summer :) :) Love M!

  • http://twitter.com/daniela_rp7 nani1710

    Well she did it not so good!=/ I was waitin’ 4 something much better!bad 4 u miranda!Miley and Selena can’t sing either!