Nick Jonas Introduces Himself to Chloe Bridges

Nick Jonas Introduces Himself to Chloe Bridges

Nick Jonas uses his rock star status to charm Chloe Bridges in this new clip from the upcoming Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam.

Chloe recently told JJJ that this was one of her favorite scenes!

Also check out “What We Came Here For” featuring Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato below!

Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam hits Disney Channel on September 3rd!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick’s “introduction”?

Nick Jonas – “Introducing Me”

Joe and Demi – “What We Came Here For”

Joe and Demi – “What We Came Here For”
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  • andy

    Can’t wait for this movie :)
    Btw they should date :d

  • estie

    its so awsome !! i cant wait any more~!

  • ehh

    anyone else think it sounds a lot like jason mraz’s ‘I’m Yours’ ?

  • halle

    ahhahaha look at her face in the screenshot!

  • Katey

    Nick and his character are so cute in this video clip.

  • lain

    no hate when i say this or am i trying to be a downer but i dont think chloe is a pretty girl….she just seems so plain,i dnt kno her personally so i cnt say n e thing bout HER lik tht..
    but she is a good actor,and made a name for herself so she must have sumthin workin.:P

  • ashytisdalefan

    awh, adorable. I love how Nate is so shy so he sings instead of actually explaining himself.

    P.S. not to be mean but.. does anyone find Chloe THAT attractive? Shes beautiful but her lips kinda bother me :P

  • saby

    I’m really looking forward to this storyline <3

  • samira

    @ehh: definetly. I was going to point it out.

  • nkeeyah

    It does sound like “I’m Yours”. Nate is sooooo adorable!
    Can’t wait for movie

  • wootwoot

    yeah, it does sound like I’m Yours! But I’m a HUGE Jason Mraz fan and a HUGE Nick Jonas fan so that was just the best of both worlds to me :D

    yeah, chloe bridges’ lips do annoy me and she isn’t particularly gorgeous, but Demi Lovato wasn’t particularly gorgeous when Camp Rock came out and now look at her :)

  • ashytisdalefan

    now that I listen it does sound a lot like “I’m Yours” :P

  • julie

    Adorable. His facial expressions are “to die for”. Nick Jonas you steal the screen…no one is looking at this girl, just you.

  • mary


  • rainbower

    chloe looks like angelina jolie!!

  • JMP

    I thinks it’s too adorable and ditto on the facial expresions comment, my eyes and ears are only on him. BTW, she is pretty but those shots don’t compliment her too well. If you see her in Demi’s music video she looks georgous.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see the storyline between Nick and Chloe.

  • helen

    they are awesome. I can’t wait any more. Love Joe and Demi

  • I

    i love this song….its so nick lol

  • ella

    That scene is also one of my favorites! Nick looks soo cute!!! I’m watching the scene over and over again. ^^

  • Demi Lovesvodka

    whatever. demi looked way better in camp rock than now. now she looks like a 40-year old hag

  • jensen ackles luver tanya

    seriously??? out of all da girls in da world & they pick this girl? she reminds me of angelina jolie. yuck!! as soon as she smiled i almost threw up. shes is horrible. her actin beter b a whole lot beter. stil luv nick. soooooo adorable!!!

  • viv

    thats it! I tought it sounded familair.
    But I like it, it’s catchy :)

  • Anne

    I think the same , the sound it is very similar to “I´m Yours”

  • rachel

    her mouth is really big, but she’s a beautiful girl

  • Shaniqua

    Her lips bother me too.

  • mrs.nickjonas

    I agree with all of you:
    1- It does sound just like “I’m yours”, but faster
    2- I don’t like her… I saw some pics of her in a red carpet some where, and she’s not pretty… I’m sorry.. Her lips bother me too. She doesn’t seem like a disney channel girl, you know?
    3- Nick looks absolutely adorable! I loved hs facial expressions too! OMG! He’s just perfect! Well, you can see I think that just reading my user name.. hihi

  • Chelsea

    @ehh: Agreed. I thought that’s what he was singing at first.

  • alleah deosingh

    cant wait for camp rock 2 it looks like it gonna be great

  • Dani

    @ehh: it does!

  • Dani

    she’s not ugly, but her mouth is kind of big

  • sam

    aww Nick is adorable, isn’t Nick actually like this? Well he used to be shy

  • bububu

    it would be better if it sounde more real, like if it really sounded like he was singing right then and there, just him and the accustic guitar. the way that it is it’s too mixed. and yeah, it does sound like i’m yours.

  • viviana

    i love nick jonas music it say that ture adout how i feel but the someone i like



  • lisa

    Nossa essa garota é mto linda perfeita pra ele amei mto axei ela super super linda amei amei amei