Step Up 3D -- Send In Your Questions!

Step Up 3D -- Send In Your Questions!

Step Up 3D is hitting theaters NEXT WEEK and has an amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with the cast — but we need your help!

We’ll be talking with stars Rick Malambri, Sharni Vinson, Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Harry Shum, Jr., and even Flo Rida!

Let us know what you want to know about the film and dance. You can leave a comment here, our Twitter or our Facebook!

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Posted to: Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner
  • stacey

    Question for Alyson Stoner:

    How does it feel to be back and apart of the Step Up project? And how’s working with the amazing Adam Sevani?

  • sabrina

    for adam sevani

    was the cheography hard for u? how many hours do practise for a dance?

  • Rb

    the dance is very imporant right now, and always, how would you do to make the dance something useful (beside healthy, work out, feel energy blah blah blah) I talk somehting brilliant like madonna’s way, but no so superior of course.. BTW the Ricky Mlabani is so hot, hit o him :D:D

  • Crystal

    For Alyson Stoner
    Do you still get noticed for being the girl in the Missy Elliot videos? and How old were you when you started dancing?
    BTW You Rock! Can’t wait to see you in Camp Rock 2!!!

  • Ella

    To Sharni Vinson:

    Was it hard talking with an american accent and how does this movie differ, from other projects you’ve worked on in the past?

  • Lawrence

    For Rick Malambri;

    Did you choreograph any of the dance scenes in the movie?.

  • myself

    to all of the cast :
    what was the best moment or funniest moment that happened while shooting ?

  • myself

    and one more thing can you do a step 3d : dance along just like high school musical : dance along ? :)

  • Kiki

    question for alyson stoner :)))

    my question is

    What do you use for inspiration to create dances & whats the best thing you love about dancing and incorporating it into your acting roles? :)

  • marleen

    Questions for Sharni Vinson,

    1.When do you started dancing ?
    2. Have you ever auditioned for dance movies like “Step up 3D” before too ?
    3.How was the chemistry between you and Rick Malambri ?
    4.What were your favorite scene in “Step up 3D” with Rick Malambri ?

  • Amy

    For Adam Sevani: How has your character Moose grown or changed since Step Up 2?

  • kia

    question for adam sevani
    are you single? and what do you look for in a girl?

  • Andreia

    the question for anyone of the cast, or the one who’ll be able to answer:
    i know you’ve heard this a lot but dance is my life, i’ve had a hard time because i’m constantly sick and always stop training but i’m back on the road again and trying the best i can to persuading my dream.
    the thing is: in portugal there are not a lot of opportunities and i was wondering if you could give some advice or sharing places and schools that i can apply to help me become a better dancer. thanks :)

  • kk13

    for anyone:
    which SYTYCD people are in it?

  • anon

    loool looks like street fighter!

  • Claire

    For Adam Sevani:

    I’m your biggest fan!!! Your an amazing dancer. When did you start dancing and why?

  • jensen ackles luver tanya

    What was the toughest part in making the movie?
    Did anyone have to have dancing skills to land a role?

  • frankly

    For Harry Shum Jr.:

    If you could *choose* a crew in SU3D to be a part of, which one would you pick?

  • emm wells

    i actaully adore you
    and was wondering if you would ever consider touring like other dancer’s do in the uk – if not WHY?

    your actually amazing
    from emm
    your biggest fan in the uk (: <3

  • Lemony

    For the cast
    Best scene?

  • samantha

    hi gays

    i have to say this first i saw the movie and i love it

    question for adam: how is it to dance in this movie for you ?

    love from samantha

  • Liza

    To Adam :

    I’m your biggest fan from the Netherlands!
    I have some questions:
    1. How old were you when you started dancing?
    2. Is step up 2 the first movie you played in ?
    3. Are you playing in some more movie? yes.. which one?
    4. Is there going to be another step up movie and are you going to play in it?

    I love you !!!!
    Kissis and hugs from Liza

  • http://ohlikewhoaa Nicole

    hey ! ( :
    this is a question for anyone .
    How do i get noticed as a dancer ?
    I’ve been dancing in an actual studio since i was 6 , so 8 years .
    but , i’ve been dancing ever since i could stand up . lol
    i know ,you , alyson were in lots of missy elliot videos
    and adam you were in an NLT and Will Smith music video .
    whats the best way and what ways can you show people your dance videos so you can get opportunities like be a dancer in a music video , or even in a dance movie like Step Up 3D ? And, is it possible to do all this , and still be in school ?
    thanks :D
    nicole , from delaware ( :

  • http://facebook chrystyn pfeiffer


    adam wold you ever date alyson

  • http://facebook chrystyn pfeiffer
  • me

    Questions for Adam Sevani:
    Are you single?
    What do you look for in a girl?