Nick Jonas & Jordin Sparks Rev Up for Ronald Reagan

Nick Jonas & Jordin Sparks Rev Up for Ronald Reagan

Yet, another thing Jordin Sparks and Nick Jonas have in common — they’re both big fans of former President Ronald Reagan.

So big, in fact, that they’re teaming up to co-chair The National Youth Leadership Committee of the Ronald Reagan Centennial Celebration.

The committee includes athletes, entertainers and student leaders who are under age 25. They have all been inspired in a personal way by Reagan‘s vision and the committee will honor Reagan‘s 100th birthday on February 6th.

Pretty cool!

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  • karla

    cool, i love both :D

  • Katey

    This is really cool. Excited to see that they come up with.

  • C@$Hville

    Nick, you don’t know **** about politics. And you’re only going to take after your father’s views… not even question them.

    Pathetic. Can’t believe I once liked the Jonas Brothers. I like Jordin though.

  • sam

    Wow, how exciting.

  • JMP

    I’ll say what is pathetic, someone talking about what Nick Jonas knows, believe in or what he will do in the future, without even knowing him. Someone is ASSuming quite a bit or is the best psychic of this century.

    Anyway, ditto to Sam’s comment and I’d like to add I’m very proud to be a Jonas Brother fan. Also, Jordan is a huge talent congrats to her and Nick on the honor of being named Co-chairs.

  • Julie

    I look at that as an honor to be asked to be a co-chair for this event. Ronald Reagan was one of our greatest Presidents and most loved. Nick has such a desire to become President one day and he seems to be doing all the right things to get himself there.

  • Ash

    The thing that bothers me most is that people can’t do anything anymore with out it being analyzed. He’s honoring a man that had a major roll in ending that little thing called the cold war. What is so wrong with that? and who are you to say what his views are? The guy has just as much right to think one way or the other, just like you do. Get off it already! Your assumptions that have absolutely no basis in reality. You’d be surprised how people really feel/say behind closed doors. So don’t just assume he thinks one way!

  • Ash


    that previous statement above is directed towards you btw. Then again your name is C@$Hville, your smarts much come from your sister Ke$ha!

  • Ash

    oh dang! its late my spelling is all over the place.


  • alyssa

    @C@$Hville: How the hell do you know he know’s sh*t about politics? JUST BECAUSE HE’S A SINGER DONT MEAN HE DOESNT KNOW IT. i know tons of politics, and i watch CNN and read, and he does too, so shut your trap before you say something. some Jonas fan you were. glad your not their fan anymore, your just a poser anyway.

  • Yolanda

    Reagan was a f*ckwit he was nearly as bad as Obama!!!!!

  • alex

    Actually, he didn’t really do that much with the Cold War. All Reagan did was scare the Soviets to death that the crazy American actor was going to nuke them all. Both countries kept spending more and more money on weapons until the USSR went bankrupt. The US just had the advantage of having tons and tons of money and political power in the world. I hate to admit it, but Nixon was the president who did most in settling tensions between the US and communist countries. The guy was pretty much a political genius if you ignore Watergate. And Reaganomics was a pretty stupid idea… decreasing taxes on huge corporations and *hoping* the money would “trickle-down” to the rest of us….not that it ever did.

    Still, Reagan seemed like a pretty cool guy. It’s nice that Nick and Jordin are celebrating him and American history.

  • yo sista

    @alyssa: b!tch shut ur pie hole! u know sh*t about nick jonas – the boy is a kkk member and hates on us n*ggers!

  • amy

    @yo sista:

    You don’t know $hit about Nick Jonas. Nick is the least racist or preduiced person. He loves people of all nations and colors. His step grandfather is a very talented and nice southern black gentleman. Nick has traveled with his Pastor father on may mission trips.

    You, however are a huge bigot – racist.

    & before you say stuff like I don’t know Nick – I know him since he was a little boy and he one of the nicest most well mannered guys. – you could not hold a candle to him.