Debby Ryan: Sweet Goodbye to the Suite Life

Debby Ryan: Sweet Goodbye to the Suite Life

Debby Ryan shows off a little shoulder as she arrives at the premiere of Step Up 3D held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood on Monday evening (August 2).

The 17-year-old actress recently tweeted confirmation that Suite Life, one of the longest running shows on Disney Channel, is ending.

Debby tweeted, “It just hit me. Tomorrow morning, we’re beginning production on our last week of Suite Life. So much has happened in the last 3 years. To be honest, I’ve never felt more settled and in tune with the cast as we are right now. This is gonna be a hard week.”

ARE YOU SAD that Suite Life is ending?

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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza, Alberto E. Rodriguez, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • Kevin

    I’m devastated! I grew up with these guys! I watched from Ep. 1 of Suite Life of Zack and Cody in 3rd grade up until present time, when I’m in 10th grade! That’s one LONG running show :)

    I’m going to miss the cast of BOTH shows dearly. I wish them best regards as they journey off into the great abyss known as sho bizz.

    As for Disney…you BETTER come up with a show twice as good! If that’s even possible :)

  • Sahina

    well i’m definitely sad that it’s ending. it was the first show (TSL of Zack and Cody) i loved when i started watching Disney channel 3 years ago.

    it’s the one show i never want to end, but things have to come to and end.

  • http://pinklove brittanny

    debby is geourgoues she’ an amazing actress but i she has the same style has demi is every magazine you always see the comparassion between them and i think that debby should have her own style not to copy others big stars like demi but i still like her and demi both ROCKKKKKKKKSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie ryan

    Im really sad that SLOD is ending I reallyy wanted a seaosn 4 but DYLAN & COLE are heading to NYU, SLOD has always been my fave show. and Debby ryan is my role model since the first ep “set sail”. DEBBY SHOULD HAVE HER OWN SERIES shes so talented and connected to her fanz <3 Debby’s looking soo stunning on the carpet…<3

  • joan sebastian isaza restrepo

    @annie ryan: Youre Right she Deseved her own Show all Disney´s Shows are Ending =/

  • Jenny

    oh damn its ending?!?1?! i cant believe it…

  • Skylar

    Aww really? It’s been too long. :(
    I saw it coming soon I just didn’t know how soon.
    The disney shows aren’t getting any better, they’re not the same as they once were, this is just a loss of one of the good disney shows. :(

  • jessica

    awww i cant believe its ending. damn why cant they have another season. i love the suite life on deck even though i like the suite life of zack and cody a little bit better. the show just wasnt the same without maddie, estaban, and arwin and carey. but still i like the show and its so sad that this is there last week of filming :(

  • http://lmaozugey zugey

    All the good shows are ending

  • ashley

    Aw I grew up watching that show, but for some reason never got into the suite life on deck series. I thought it was better whith Ashley Tisdale, But I also like Debby Ryan if both of them could have stayed that woulda been cool. :) what do you guys think?

  • halle

    First Wizards is doing it’s last season, now Suite life? I want to cry.

  • Nicole

    I’m sad! I grew up with Dylan and Cole! I wish them the best of luck in college and I wish Debby and Brenda luck too! At least Disney will show re-runs for a while.

  • danielle

    awwww im gunna miss this show!!
    I grew up with this show :P
    ever since it started in grade 4 till now gradee tenn!! :)
    gunna miss it :(

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    aww i’m soo sad, my favourite disney channel show is coming to an end ;( it’s been one of the Best shows i’ve enjoyed the Most, soo fun & Dylan & cole are amazing! they have the bestest cast on there.Just wish they would have another season!

  • Shir

    That’s such sad news :( :( I adore the suite life…. but i think it’s time :( :( i wonder if the twins are going to take a break for schooling? huhmmm/. Debby looks hot btw!

  • cmeesmile

    I grew up with that show! It was always on TV. The Suite Life was a given. =[ I’m so sad that it’s ending but I’m glad that Cole and Dylan Sprouse have decided that college is the next step.

  • emaly

    nooo -.- the only good shows left
    is wizards and phineas and ferb

  • Ejay

    Oh wow… it’s over due to lack of interest and Brenda Song being at least 23

  • Joycey

    To be honest!! This is probably one of her best outfits ever. This one and the outfit she wore at The Last Song premiere.
    She looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! (:


    At first i thought she was leaving suit life then i read it properly then it fit me i was like OMG no way this cannot be happening. It’s only been on for 3 year i think. I LOVE the suit even though here in the U.K. it comes out a few months after it was aired in America. Am not looking forward to watching episodes of the suit life that i’ve already seen for the next two years or less or more if u get what i mean

  • lOLA

    I can’t belive is ending i like this show, i watch it everyday w/my sis.

  • Kay

    It was a great show, but I feel it’s time for it to end.

  • Shaniqua

    They’re ending ALL the good shows. I grew up watchin this show. I’ve been with this show since the start. First Wizards now this!!!!!! This is TOO MUCH TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Bella

    I don’t know i think she’s trying to look like ‘Ke$ha’ I mean look at her and the outfit.

  • anle

    its ending ? i still cant believe it :( The best Disney show ever is giong to end. It’s been a long time since Zack & Cody.
    What will Debby and Brenda do next ??

  • Meliza

    AWWWW :’( i grew up watching The Suite Life :/ I am still watching it. I am really sad because i will no longer see Dylan & Cole :( They’ll go to college. It only shows that I am already old. lol

  • Kayla

    Suite life is ending?! I grew up watching it! Literally, i lived on it. I’ve been watching it ever since their first episode and im almost 18. I was 13 when i first started watching this show. I can’t believe it’s coming into a end.

    Soon to be, R.I.P Suite life…You will be missed by dozens of people who have grew up with you.

  • Jc

    FUCK IT.

  • md

    NOO!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED 2 KEEP DOING THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;(

  • Lion Rider

    I am really feeling real sad that The Suite Life is ending and its real funny and real cool epsecially when Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Debby Ryan, Brittany Curran are in it because they’re so cute and so sweet.

  • allyse

    when the last episode airs, im going to cry. I’m going to miss the show so much!!!! But I am excited to see where everyone goes in their careers.

  • Sam

    I liked Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, i didnt really like Suite Life On Deck. I wish they would go back to the hotel.

  • just me

    I’m so sad :( I dont want the show to end!!!

  • Marian

    I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. I remember back when I was like in 4th grade when I saw the first episode of Zack and Cody. Now, I’m in High School and it’s all over. :(

    I feel like it was just yesterday when they started the Suite Life on Deck Version. Wow, it’s really been this long.

    :( so depressing.

  • Ahmed Sprouse

    I’m crying right now T.T


    @Ejay: Brenda Song IS NOT 23!!! she’s only 21! there are disney stars aged 25 and over like ashley tisdale who stars in a tweenybopper disney tv movie!

    In addition, the lovely and talented daughter of Meryl Streep, who is 27, is starring in a Nick Teen show! Nickelodeon is hiring 27 year olds to play 16 year olds on their show and most of their stars are 17 and over.

    And the suite life on deck show ISN’T ENDING! Debby Ryan’s rep confirmed that SHE MEANT THE PRODUCTION OF THE 3RD SEASON IS ENDING! Debby didn’t say and never said anything about the show ending, Disney isn’t stupid to end their most watched show.

    Debby, the cast and the crew all consider themselves part of a family, they all love each other so much (the twins, Debby and Brenda say so.. Brenda even attends the crew’s birthdays every year and hugs them all the time, they’re all a big family) so when the shooting of ANY season ends, the cast always cries because they won’t see each other for the next 5 or 6 months till shooting of the new season begins (this always happens with ‘SUITE LIFE’, the cast feels sad about not seeing the crew and cast and the set so they express their sadness).

    and the show is the most watched kids show on TV, this is a FACT which Disney and Nielsen have established. SLOD has been the most watched show on TV for kids and tween ever since its debut, it beats and PAWNS icarly, HM, wizards, sonny, JONAS, victorious.

    JJJ: I sent you a link from Popstar Magazine that confirms SLOD is NOT ending!

    Last year, when SLOD’s 2nd season ended Debby also had another ‘sad tweet’ about the show’s season ending.

    Why is everyone jumping to conclusions and saying the show is over? Because it’s no where near over.

    Stop this stupid rumor!


    @Nicole: the suite life on deck isn’t ending.

  • alex

    I’m really sad that it’s ending too. This was one of my favorite shows of all time! I’ve been watching Zack & Cody since they were little kids. :’(

    & they’re not completely sure it’s the end.. they might get picked up for season 4

  • Ariteet

    you are right brenda song is atleast 18

  • slickonicko

    well yaeh i grew up with zack n cody and will be devastating to see the finish but when you think about the kkids my age who grew up watching zack and cody , disney channelisnt really made for them , im sure the was plenty of kids sad when thats so raven n even stevens finshed , its time o move on and im sure cole , dyan sprouse and debby ryan will have awesome careers

  • jaxon

    @Skylar you are right the disney shows are getting worse and worse that was the only great disney show left. I feel like i am losing a huge chunk of my childhood. i love this show and thought that if they didn’t do a 4th season they should do a third spinnoff when they are in college.

  • donald fisher

    allthrough it is sad to see slod end the good news is our debby is getting her own show. i cant wait for the new seris to start. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR NEW SHOW DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!