Justin Bieber Movie Coming Soon...in 3D!

Justin Bieber Movie Coming Soon...in 3D!

Just when you thought a memoir was enough — there’s a movie coming too!

Justin Bieber is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to give his life story the 3D movie treatment.

Davis Guggenheim, director of An Inconvenient Truth, is in talks to direct while Justin‘s manager Scooter Braun and Island Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid will produce the film.

There’s no title as of yet, according to Deadline, but Justin will be starring as himself and his performances from his current concert tour will also be highlighted.

The flick is expected to arrive in theaters on February 11, 2011.

What do you think of Justin's book and movie?
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wina @ 7:40 am on 08/03/2010

I’ll buy his book and go to movie. lol. OMG I am so excited about Justin bieber! I got Bieber fever!

-oo- @ 8:03 am on 08/03/2010

a book abt what? & a movie? wow he’s dominating the world alright. :OO

lolololol @ 8:14 am on 08/03/2010

wtfffffffffffffffff nooooooooooooooo!

BOBinogs @ 8:45 am on 08/03/2010

ewww.. no thanks. his life isnt soo interesting at all, beside, he’s such a copy cat everything. 3D movie?? really? it makes me remember about something…. 3D….. movies….

Girl... @ 9:25 am on 08/03/2010


amy @ 9:39 am on 08/03/2010

Oh come on, he’s 16. He hasn’t even been famous for a year yet and he’s being treated like some kinda legend.

Lu @ 9:56 am on 08/03/2010

This is so stupid. Hopefully by the time it gets released, everyone will have moved on to someone better.

Yolanda @ 10:40 am on 08/03/2010

@amy: So true – give it a few years and he’ll be a crack addict bum!!!!! He’ll have to release a sex tape just like Aaron Carter just to stay famous!!!!!

Carlota @ 10:45 am on 08/03/2010

what does he possibly have to put in a memoir AND a movie?! Wait, has he been on drugs?! oh, that should make it.

uh. he’s 16. his story is how he was born and his mother is so suportive. then he put videos on youtube, got his breakout album, a killer contract with usher and a movie! oh! my! god! justin bieber is so old!!! he has such a history!!!

for the love of god… -.- shouldn’t you at least wait until he is like, not under age…?

Erika @ 11:21 am on 08/03/2010

He’s a little prick!

daniella!! @ 11:27 am on 08/03/2010

well yes he isnt a “legend” but he will be. very obvious that he will be. it is said that he is the next “thing” in our music generation. People say that he is talented like elvis, has the personality of michael jackson, and even has the beatles hair. Justin is a very talented guy and his life story is very interesting so yes it will make a good, and interesting movie. Lets face it, he’s walking example of how dreams come true

daniella!! @ 11:29 am on 08/03/2010

and plus they wanted to make the movie w/ him as his age so they had to do it now before he was older

mia @ 11:44 am on 08/03/2010


ive never heard him being compared to MJ,Elvis or the Beatles and your being very silly to say he has anything in that league.


I know his songs have done well on the charts but not fantastic, he has only been doing it for a year and has only released one (and part 2) album. how does make worthy of a book and film?. its all about money he is this years obsession for tween girls which is where the big bucks is earned

yo sista @ 12:18 pm on 08/03/2010

@mia: mia you have spoken the words of truth my fair lady!!!!

Leila @ 1:18 pm on 08/03/2010

@daniella!!: cmon don’t fool yourself, they said similar things from the JB and they’re so over now hahhah

This is just ridiculous, im done with him, he isn’t even THAT talented, adn as many of you said he hasn’t even been in the spotlight for a year

Laura :) @ 1:22 pm on 08/03/2010

Including flight, hotel, VIP tickets and a lot more..


And make your dream come true!!
Good luck xoxo

daniella!! @ 2:10 pm on 08/03/2010

@Leila: @mia: Yes people have compared him to mj, beatles, ands elvis. he is talented, pure talent. and wow jonas brothers are over now because justin stole the spotlight. justin is talented…singer,dancer, and can play several instruments. and thats that. and it does make it worthy of a film/book. all about how a poor child, with only a young mother, no father, actually became a phenomon just by putting vids on youtube. and the fact of the matter is that he can sing and dance and he never took lessons b4 he was famous.

trinidad @ 3:05 pm on 08/03/2010

(sorry for my english)

poor dwarf!
he needs someone who makes understand the fame he has..
is big! yes! but he is behaving as a cocky…


Lalala:) @ 3:24 pm on 08/03/2010

This is so DUMB. he hasn’t even been famous for a year! And he’s SO arrogant.well, Justin I’ve got news for you, your dans are a bunch of to e deaf Tweens ! ughhh! He is not freaking Michael Jackson for crying out loud.he isn’t even talented and he sounds like a 10 year old singing! anyways, ” the faster you rise, the harder you fall” so BYE BYE JUSTIN within the next 2 years !

Shir @ 5:12 pm on 08/03/2010

Justin should do EVERYTHING he can while he can. I give him mad props.

Andy @ 8:00 pm on 08/03/2010


I totally agree with you ! I just can’t stand him .. and being in like EVERY magazine in stores . Okay I get it he’s talented but fans are just like obsessive about it ! I admit I have a few of his songs but he’s like another person from the youtube videos he started . I think fame go all up his head ..

Viiviiana? @ 11:03 pm on 08/03/2010

Justin has actually been famous for like four years, on youtube. He had about 80 mil. views before usher and scooter found him. And he really really is very talented. People HAVE siad he might be the next MJ. and if you dont like it well too freaken bad. There are more people that love him than hate him. He has over 4 mil followers on twitter.
the jonas brothers are worth **** tho… hahah

samm @ 12:56 am on 08/04/2010

like no offense to him and fans but im getting annoyed with him and 3D moviess.

his music is good, but ever since he got famous you can’t see how much he has changed like he’s cocky. .you can see the fame got to him and he said something about not being like disney , but the jonas brothersand miley did a 3D movie. even though its not disney its similar.

and 3D movies im so tired like once and a while yeah but theresso many now.

i bet you a scary movie is gonna be in 3D soon.

Avery Callaghan @ 6:42 am on 08/04/2010

OMFG, kill me. Right now. The world is going to ****. Plant a bomb in every movie theatre before it’s too late!

Melanie @ 6:46 am on 08/04/2010

You got to be kidding me :l I can’t stand him anymore, he’s everywhere. Ok he’s talented, some songs are catchy but when you hear them all day they get really annoying! I get that he’s talented but come on a 3D movie? No offense to the fans, but I just don’t like him.

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