Vanessa Hudgens: Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA!

Vanessa Hudgens: Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA!

More than a dozen of Hollywood’s young stars have joined together for a new PSA called “Change The Odds,” in support of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), an initiative raising funds for cancer research.

Some of the cast includes: Vanessa Hudgens, her boyfriend Zac Efron, the new Spider-Man Andrew Garfield, Dakota Fanning, Logan Lerman, Sofia Vassilieva, and William Moseley.

Zac and Vanessa‘s scenes are so cute!

Vanessa Hudgens: Stand Up 2 Cancer PSA!
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  • lisa

    I love it. Zac’s scene was hilarious. Its great that all these celebs are helping with a good cause.

  • diamond

    This is an amazing organizatin I just want to say god bless to the ppl going through cancer or has went through it!

    Im glad vanessa is doing this she is a good person and has always been and I have to say she looks superrrrr gorgeous :)

  • JOSH

    WOW great cause .. is surprising when celebrities come together to help others and I really love that vanessa- dakota -Sofia Vassilieva -logan and the rest are involved.well specially vanessa

  • Lola

    Amazing organization I love everyone’s little part except zac’s seem kind of selfish! But Vanessa looks beautiful!

  • sunny

    Can Hudgens get any more beautiful, wow! Cancer is prominent in my family, so THX from the heart V.

  • stella

    this is amazing, good to see so many people got involved.
    this is an extremly important message.

  • jenny

    awww so cute :)

  • good-one

    Thanks, Vanessa, Zac, Dakota, et. al.

    You all really are a big deal.

    God bless.

  • liz14

    I love to see zacs face, its hilarious…. and vanessas scene is sooo cute…. its great that they support this organization, theres a lot of people in the world with cancer and they all the hellp people can give.

  • halle


  • jOSH

    it’s surprising when celebrities come together for a good cause and I love that vanessa-dakota-logan in fact the young stars are involved

  • Athena

    Wow, this is a great cause they’re supporting. Many thanks for that.

  • mike

    wow really like the video very original

  • cmeesmile

    Did anyone else see Mr. William Moseley and go “Oh my goodness . . . his hair” ?

  • cmeesmile

    Just wanted to add that the video was very effective. The statistics were interesting and finding out that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women was unnerving. God Bless all those who suffer from cancer, and we wish you a quick and full recovery.

  • Diama

    love them

  • http://deleted Jody

    did u guys see the interview where nikki blonsky said that zac would never marry vanessa and i dont think she was joking

  • roxana


  • Diamond

    @ Jody


  • ashytisdalefan

    LOL! I love Zac’s scene. xD

  • wow

    vanessa is beautiful. zac efron hottest guy alive.
    but jared, this is more of a dakota fanning post, no?
    and whatever happened to Miley? haven’t heard from her for a while….
    not that i really carehaa

  • CamTeeM

    i love it sooo much!!! this means so much to me. i am a cancer survivor and i just love each and every one of them for being a part of SU2C <3

  • daniel

    it’s surprising when celebrities come together for a good cause and I love that vanessa-dakota-logan in fact all the young stars are involved

  • ruby

    this was basically DAKOTA FANNINGS PSA no offense!!!!
    but im happy to see young Hollywood is having a say in it!!!!!

  • http://deleted Jody

    @ diamond i really do care about the fight against cancer which is now one of the most life threatening diseases but i had just seen the interview and i had to vent but i really do care about cancer and i am glad all of these celebrities took up this great movement so please don’t think i don’t care about cancer because i really do

  • joceelyynn

    can vanessa look more gorgeous? OH yeah, she did it again :)

  • maria

    I LOVE, LOVE this PSA…’s pretty startling to see those statistics, and no doubt, every single one of us will be affected by cancer in some way. Love how Zac and Vanessa and all the others get involved in causes they care about.

  • joceelyynn

    i did saw that video, nikki pisses me off, she should stop talking about zac or even hairspray i mean that movie was like 3 years ago, she should get over it, why is she even talking about zac’s relationship?

  • beatriz

    aww is amazing video <3
    more for Zac and Vanessa oh and Logan Lerman :D

  • Leila

    Jared coud you stop doing that (promoting mainly vanessa for everything)?!??!?! first with emily browning, and now dakota fanning.. dakota was the main here, note her

  • rainbower

    i loved zac’s scene!

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    such a great person she is!!!!!!! IN that pic she looks gorgeous and beautiful. LOVE YOU NESSA!!!!!!

  • kyle

    Other celebrities should emulate Zac, Vanessa , Dakota, etc. who give their support for worthy causes.

  • ak

    Leila is right. Emily Browning is the main star/character of Sucker Punch, not Vanessa Hudgens, yet all of the focus is on Vanessa on this site. Vanessa is just a bit player in the PSA. Dakota Fanning is the one narrating the PSA. Jared is just catering to the little teeny boppers who follow around Vanessa like puppies. How lame!

  • kim

    Great PSA! Thanks to all involved :)

  • peggy


    He is promoting V because of Rent just like he kept mentioning Zac and even put up a few Amanda posts prior to CSC. I don’t remember seeing you bitch during those

  • peggy


    Dakota doesn’t get many hits and he wants people to watch the PSA.

    And you’d be hard pressed to find many Americans who know who Emily Browning is or until SP opens will care.

  • andrea

    LOGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DROOL!!!!!!!!! and dakota who is hand to heart the most amazing teen to ever set foot on hollywood for real. and zac and ness are just cool adn sweet!!!!!!!!!!11

  • pop86


    The girl is desperate for attention. She’s not relevant.

    Glad Vanessa is supporting this good cause.

    Don’t forget to watch fundraiser in September.

  • pop86

    Sorry Roxana, I was responding to Jody.

  • Laney

    Leila and AK are right. Jared keeps mainly promoting Vanessa in everything. I love Vanessa and don’t have a problem with him promoting her but when he takes away from other actors such as not even giving Emily Browning credit, when she is the main character and in this it was Dakota. I just don’t understand. By all means, promote her but please talk about the other actors as well, when they have bigger roles. It’s more fair that way.

  • Unbelievable

    I don’t have to tell anyone that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases on this planet. I’m proud of each person involved in this project aswell as those involved in projects just like it. I hope to see a universal cure for this disease in my life time.
    Of couse for some people who gets the credit seems to be more important then the cause and it irritates me to no end. I don’t care who gets “promoted” for this. I. JUST. DON’T. CARE. If people want to give Dakota, Zac, Andrew, Logan the credit for this fine do that if it makes you happy just don’t lose sight of the real message. Every person involved in this did a good thing and the cause is bigger then all of them and they realize that but if you can’t then I feel sorry for you. (Sorry if I rambled too much or offended anyone, just had to get that out of my system.)

  • cf

    nice ad! i love vanessa and zac’s part

  • nathalia

    zac and vanessa are adorable

  • belen

    this is a really good ad

  • Katty

    So that was what Vanessa was filming that one day she was heading back to her trailer. Oooooooh… I am glad all these stars got together to make a PSA about something very important.

    About that Nikki Blonsky thing, Jody, if she did say that, which doubt she would say something so vocal if she wants to continue to be Zac’s friend, is because she is practically in love with Zac. I don’t blame her, I can see why, I mean most girls can. He seems like a fun, nice, sweet, interesting guy and he is very good looking. She needs to realize that Zac is in love with V and will only be her friend. It’s the truth. I don’t like Nikki, I never have, she just seems very fake to me…

    Anyways, can’t wait for V’s movies and Zac’s plans. CSC is now in the 15 mil area. Go him! I am going to see it again soon!

  • belen

    vanessa looked adorable in it

  • belen

    she’s just jealous
    She makes me sick.

  • belen

    jealous much?

  • scorpius07

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but at 0:30, the part where Dakota Fanning catches the ball, is the girl in purple, the one who’s laughing, Naya Rivera AKA Santana Lopez from Glee?

>>>>>>> staging1