The Suite Life NOT Ending!

The Suite Life NOT Ending!

Rumor Control!

Thanks to Popstar! mag, JJJ can clear up just what Debby Ryan meant from her latest tweets.

A rep from Debby‘s team dished to Popstar! that, “She didn’t intend to get fans worried. She is working on the last episode of 3rd season. It’s sad and dramatic just like Cody and Bailey’s dramatic last episode for the end of the 2nd season. This is what Debby is referring to when she tweeted.”

“The end of the season is always tough for the cast, because they had such an amazing time this season. She was just expressing her sadness that the 3rd season is over to her fans it was not intended to say anything about the future of the show.”

Whew! Are you glad the Suite Life is still going on?

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Credit: Jaimie Trueblood; Photos: Disney Channel
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    LOVE SLOD!!!!!!!!!

    SLOD is way better than the hotel first show.

  • Jenny

    Ok im glad of that the suite life is an amazing show


    Thank you JJJ and Debby Ryan’s rep for clearing up this rumor!

    I was merely heart broken to hear it’s ‘ending’. But deep inside I knew it would never happen! No matter how much I cried, I knew deep inside Brenda and Debby would never leave their ”baby”.

    I actually fainted when I read the news on JJJ..
    :) SO GLAD IT’S NOT OVER! I’m rejoicing now. This is beyond amazing, fantastic, beautiful, and just spectacular! SLOD is epic, it’s more than words, more than anything. Love it so much, more than anything else in the whole world.

  • cmeesmile

    I was wondering about the fact that the two stars (Cole and Dylan) are heading off to college in the fall. What are planning for The Suite Life? I know they can’t possibly balance college life with a running television show. So my interpretation is that Debby is in fact tweeting about the end of the season but it doesn’t rule out any option that the show will be coming to and end in the near future. In the event that it happens, I wouldn’t be surprised if they instead choose to do a spin-off of the show to continue the franchise. I absolutely love the Suite Life and seeing it end is going to be a reminder that it’s time to pass Disney Channel to the younger generation.

  • Nicole

    Dylan and Cole are going to college in the fall. I thought the third season was the last one? What, are they going to film it in NY now since they are going to NYU?

  • steve

    @Nicole: I think you are right. maybe they will do a couple “movies” but i doubt there will be another season.

  • anya

    This show still have to end :( But I hope not


    @cmeesmile: No not really. The spin-off is different from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, it’s not all about the twins now. The show stars a cast ensemble and Disney can easily replace the twins and Debby said she was never tweeting about anything near the end of SLOD.


    @Nicole: Who said Dylan and Cole are going to college in the fall? Wikipedia? Because Wikipedia isn’t a source unless if they have external sources to support their ”bull”-like rumors.
    And there’s this thing called internet online courses which the Sprouses can do and they can still be in episodes of SLOD while studying at UNI.. there is this thing called private jets.. and millionaires like the twins can certainly afford commuting from NY to LA every week (they’re rumored to be applying for drama courses.. which aren’t the same time SLOD starts shooting, SLOD starts shooting every February-March, that is when the courses end).

    If Debby was in fact tweeting about the end, she wouldn’t have said she wasn’t.

    Debby isn’t a liar. She always tweets about the end of shooting the TV season of Suite Life like she’s about to cry because the whole Suite Life cast and crew is a whole family, they all says so. Debby and Brenda always attend the crews’ birthdays and hug them! They all get along so well and last year, Debby’s tweet about the end of shooting the 2nd season was exactly the same. She babbled about how ”these past 2 years have been the most amazing time of my life, and i had just been hit with news that the 2nd season is over.. and i just will miss the cast and crew so much, I will miss them for the next 5 or 6 months (this is the timebreak the SLOD cast & crew has before starting a new season). I don’t know how I’ll live without our producers.”

    And Brenda walked for 5-7 hours at the SAG strikes in 2007 just to help the first Suite Life show’s writer (they’re one of her close friends on the show).. The first Suite Life show’s writer is the same one on the spin-off.

    Brenda and Debby clearly love and admire their costars and crew.

    When Dylan was asked who he would LOVE to play in a movie, he said Phil Lewis who plays Mr Mosebly because he’s has such an amazing, brilliant life story which I would like to tell (Phil was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was arrested and in prison a couple of times.. he was convicted and everything and had a tough life and beautiful recovery).


    @steve: ”movies”, is that supposed to mean a bad movie?


    @cmeesmile: The boy can possibly balance college and appearing in a TV show.. they are minors! they don’t work many hours to begin with and the show barely shoots many episode per month. They have so many breaks and Brenda can carry the show alone (she’s googled a billion times more than dylan and cole combined, her star power is higher and she’s got a bigger fan base).

  • adam j is gay

    funny thing is there is nothing in that statement that says it is coming back for a 4th season. rumor control fail

  • Nicole

    @Hanni They confirmed it on their website in the message center. Plus Dylan also answered a fan question on his website that said, “we wrap up filming in July.”

  • cmeesmile

    @HANNI: I understand that there is a chance that Debby will carry the Suite Life, but I honestly think that they are turning the Disney Channel over to a new “era” that will be connected to the age groups from 6-13 years old. Like That So Raven and Even Stevens, an entire group of shows ends to make room for new more-relatable television for the age group the Disney Channel was created for.

    For example, the new Disney Channel TV show to be released is called Shake It Up, I believe, and with that comes a whole new audience, a new following that will grow up along with it. Those who started with the Suite Life have grown up. While there can be more followers who are younger than the original target audience, they will be perfectly fine with re-runs and episodes that have already been produced. It’s a perfect time for the Suite Life to retire and for a new franchise to take root for the target audience.


    @Nicole: Maybe (most likely) they meant ”we wrap up filming of season 3 in July.” Stop jumping to conclusions, people.

    And how can they wrap up filming in July when the SLOD show is still filming new episodes? I saw the Sprouses filming an episode yesterday.. so how can they wrap up SLOD in July?

    SLOD isn’t over, won’t be over till whenever Disney and the people watching decide so.

  • Nicole

    @HANNI Well they confirmed themselves that they are going to college at NYU. SLOD is filmed in CA and it would be a waste of time to fly back and forth. And Cole is doing some drama courses. Dylan is focusing on art. Again, its stated on their website. But believe what you want.


    @Nicole: ”it would be a waste of time to fly back and forth” – but it’s their job.. they’re actors! they clearly don’t think their job, that earns them millions every year and made them the richest twin teens of the decade, a waste of time.

    I don’t think Dylan and Cole believe earning millions every year for shooting episodes now and then is a waste of time and I don’t think being named one of the top young entrepreneurs by Forbes Magazine, one of the highest earning TV stars and starting clothing lines, book series, comics and being in Disney franchises, is a waste of time.

  • Janet

    What? I thought the Sprouses said Season 3 was the LAST season. They’re going to college this fall aren’t they? I’m confused.. I dont wont SLOD to end cause it’s a great show though

  • Nicole

    @HANNI How are they going to manage classes for college, homework, and filming while flying back and forth? Read this.

  • cmeesmile

    @HANNI: “but it’s their job..”, yes, and they did a great job acting out Zack and Cody. All of America knows their name. But don’t you think that it would be in their best interests as young adults to move forward? Getting a college education requires all their attention because it is the next step for them to become accomplished men. They are growing up, their audience is growing up. It would be a step back to continue in the Suite Life because they are ready to make their next move.

    As you have said, they have done well on the Suite Life and made millions. They are following their career path and growing as individuals. No one said they would stop acting, they may continue and become some of the biggest names in the world. They can achieve all that, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay on the show where their stardom began. They have done justice to their show and made their audience proud. Don’t you think now, at their age of 18, is the perfect time for them to start another chapter in their lives?

  • rachel

    it would be cool to have a spinoff where they followed bailey home to kettlecorn, and follow her life there


    @Nicole: Emma Watson and Natalia Portman managed classes, homework and filming while flying back and forth.

    I’m sure boys aged 18 will manage that too. In college, you don’t get much homework.. and your classes are easy and not absolutely compulsory.

    The Suite Life on Deck is not where their stardom began, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody is. The Suite Life on Deck is a new chapter.


    @Janet: The Sprouses didn’t say season 3 was the last season and don’t you trust Debby and Brenda? They said SLOD isn’t over.

  • Nicole

    @HANNI OK, fine believe whatever you want to believe. How come Debby didn’t tweet when season 1 or season 2 was over? Season 3 ends this week. Dylan also tweeted “last week of work.” But like I said, believe what you want.


    @Nicole: It’s Dylan’s last week of work, he’s leaving SLOD, that doesn’t mean SLOD is over and Debby didn’t have twitter when season 1 was over and she did tweet when season 2 was over.

    Why would Debby lie about SLOD not ending?
    Just because Sprouse want to go, doesn’t change anything.


    @Nicole: Debby and nearly everyone alive, didn’t have a twitter when suite life on deck’s season 1 was over and debby did tweet about season 2 ending like she’s about to cry.

    Remember, SLOD is the spin-off of Zack and Cody. It’s not their own show about their suite lives anymore, if it was it would still be called The Suite life of zack and cody (the SLOD writers are the same as the SLOZAC writers, they could have just stayed in the same show if that was the case).

  • Cheyenne

    I believe they are saying this because she probably wasn’t supposed to say it was the end of the show. And, because nothing is confirmed, they have to say that the show isn’t over. I however believe season 3 will be the last. With the twins going to college I don’t think there will be another season.

  • steve

    Whoops, did she pull a Nathan Kress?? ;-)

  • steve

    @HANNI: No not at all, but most likely just 60 minute tv episode type of “movie”

  • steve

    @cmeesmile: What you stated (very well) is almost 100% exactly what is probably happening. It’s always a little sad but that the way it goes.

  • kiki

    @steve: Yeah Debby pulled a Nathan Kress.

  • kiki

    @Cheyenne: No not really. Disney announces when shows end before they film most of their last seasons. So no. SLOD is still here, for the stay. It’s Disney’s most watched show in the kids and tweens demo, so obviously they’re not stupid enough to let go of it because some of its stars are leaving. sprouse don’t carry the show.

  • kiki

    @steve: No because SLOD has had so many 60 type episodes and that’s not what the show’s producer said. There’s more to come for SLOD. It’s not ending. Not now, not soon, not in 2011 or December so relax people.

  • BB


  • BB

    :D Plus I love Brenda and Debby so much more!

  • Blair

    OMG This is amazing ! Love Brenda’s show so much! She’s amazing and SLOD is just too great!!!!! SLOD rocks! so much better than the original show! spin-off are always better.

    BTW the people saying it’s ending, Disney isn’t stupid and always tells the World when a show is ending before the last weeks of production.

  • Effy

    Obviously The Suite Life on Deck isn’t ending.. they have two hot, buzzed about actresses, mainly brenda! and it’s a spin-off so no one cares the original Zack and Cody are leaving. That’s the point of a spin-off, those twins should have never stayed for 3 seasons. Their acting was always forced and they bugged me in the theme song. No one really cares they’ll be gone, it’s a rejoice actually! because now they’ll have more room for new hotter character, bigger stories and London Tipton romances (epic love!).

  • Sahina

    oh good!!! i can carry on watching Disney Channel (well there is Phineas and Ferb!)

  • kelena

    I knew Brenda was coming back!!! i knew slod isn’t ending next week filming! Thanks for clearing this stupid rumor, JJJ and Debby!

  • Roory



    thanks for putting an end to this stupid rumor. love brenda and debby!!!!!!

  • Roory

    I knew Suite Life on Deck wasn’t ending too! no one cares the twins are off. They sucked anyways and people only watched it for brenda and debby.

  • Drift

    Whoever believed On Deck was ending soon just got punked!!! LOL!

    i heart brenda ! :D
    she’s so beautiful and the epitome of amazing.

  • BSongFanatic

    Such a relief!!! I’m so glad! Suite Life on Deck is my guilty pleasure, if it ends I will die! omggg! I can’t live without seeing Brenda on my TV screen for more than 24 hours!

  • meeeee

    OK I just want to see the Sprouse twins get off my TV screens forever, they ruined On Deck. I love ON Deck so much♥ and the twins just ruin every scene they’re in. The show is as successful as it is because of Brenda, she’s the female lead and she rocks so much!!!! ♥ I ♥ Brenda she’s so gorgeous and stunning! she’s a living legend!!!
    ♥Love Brenda & Debby♥
    ♥Rome loves you Bren & Deb♥


    One day I die of heart attack with this news!
    brenda is VERY beautiful !!!
    and every time I see a picture of B, I got a fright, because I never saw someone as beautiful as her!

  • marria brazil ♥ brenda FAN

    brenda’s soo damn pretty !!! <333
    so glad to hear this news!`

  • Hales

    OOH such a big fat relief!!!

    damn brenda looks like a goddess, love her!

  • Hales

    @Janet: No one said season 3 is the last season but the twins are leaving when season 3 ends.. SUCH A RELIEF! I want to celebrate, can’t wait for TSLOD without them! ♥ Brenda will rock that boat more and more!

  • DizneyFan

    I just admire brenda! I can’t wait for her On Deck!!! this is so amazng! thanx for confirming the TRUTH, Debby! Can’t wait for more ON DECK epicness!!!!!!!! looool the show is legendary.

  • DizneyFan

    Oh and BRENDA IS SO GREAT!1!!1 GOSH, she’s such a goddess like character!!

>>>>>>> staging1