Vanessa Hudgens & Tracie Thoms: RENT Debut Tomorrow!

Vanessa Hudgens & Tracie Thoms: RENT Debut Tomorrow!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps the sun out of her eyes as she walks with RENT costar Tracie Thoms in Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (August 5).

The 21-year-old actress plays Mimi in the play, which debuts at The Hollywood Bowl TOMORROW NIGHT! Tracie will reprise her role as Joanne — she played Joanne in the film version and on the stage before too!

Tracie shared with Access Hollywood about working with Vanessa: “I just want to put her in my pocket (laughs). I want to be like, ‘No, don’t be a stripper…you stay off the pole’”

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: DC/RR; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • lalabub28

    love the movie version… want to see the stage version too.

  • zanessaloverss123

    she looks amazing cant wait to see her perform pleasee someone record it

  • menna

    she’s beginning to grow on me……at least she’s not hollywood trash.

  • Zanessaxjoenessa

    Aww, they’re cute.
    But i dnt get the stripper part..

  • Katie G!!

    @Zanessaxjoenessa: i think it’s because mimis a stripper in RENT…. idk though i’ve never actually seen/watched it. lol

    her hair looks great! she deff cut it which is sad caus ei loved how amazingly long it was and i think it’s got red in it!

  • zanessa/scashley

    Love her top. :D And I really wish I could be there to watch and support her. Good luck Nessa !! And of course, the rest of the cast.

  • peggy


    Her character Mimi is a stripper with aids

  • mike

    go Vanessa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie1st

    @Zanessaxjoenessa, this the complete qoute

    thanx to bee925 at TH

    Tracie: “I just want to take her home with me && put her in my pocket. I’m always like, holding her into my bosom && saying, ‘no no don’t be a stripper, no don’t be on drugs. No you just come right here in my bosom, YOU STAY OFF THE POLE!’ [...] I went from the girl who couldn’t be cast in RENT, who kept trying-&&-trying-&&-trying && they kept saying no — to all the sudden in this cast, all the sudden I’m a veteran of RENT. && I’m always like, ‘if you have any questions, or if you have any concerns, ya know ask me I’m completely open, if I know an answer, if I can help you out’ — cause we have a very truncated rehearsal process here, we only have two weeks to do it. So it’s like, just add water && go, so I just kinda made myself available. && she’s just so lovely, && she just.. she asks questions if she doesn’t know, cause she came really prepared, she knew all of her music, she had been working with a coach for awhile to get herself strong — cause Mimi needs a to have a strong voice; && in two weeks you we don’t have enough time to actually build up your voice. Usually you have four weeks, && by the time the fourth week comes you’re like stronger – so she did her homework, && I’m so proud of her.”

  • annie1st

    love vanessa outfit and hanging out with her rent co star Tracie yay……shopping time :-) she look so cute, RENT…….RENT…………..RENT………….MIMI…………………MIMI…………..MIMI

  • 77

    Can’t wait for tomorrow night

  • 2

    Where is this at ?

  • Katty

    Good look, V! I wish I could see it! JJJ better take pictures!!

  • kami

    ♥ sweet. tomorrow night. ♥

  • daisy

    im really nervous for her ive been looking at all the info and no one really talks about her performance pieces or hows shes doing they just dont sound llike shes amazing so i just hope everything goes great for her tomorrow night shes amazing

  • tina

    Well Miss Vanessa, your honey bombed at the box office this weekend and now it’s your turn. As they say on Broadway…….break a leg!

  • 77

    it’s a joke

  • Joochi

    That’s our girl, I mean woman! Can’t wait for Saturday to see her, Nicole & Wayne Brady in action. I don’t know the rest of the cast but I’m sure I’ll get to know their names by the time I get back home to Hawaii.

  • Dee

    lol Tracie Thomas needs to move on from RENT though she is awesome as Joanne she definitely needs to branch out in other things. She’s talented enough!

  • Just Jill

    @Katty: We don’t take the pictures.

  • 77

    vanessa look adorable
    love her hat!

  • lol

    She looks amazing. I can’t wait for tomorrow

  • http://j cf

    i love her top:)

  • tatiana

    men i wish i could watch her at the hollywood bowl and be able to met her

  • Katty

    @Just Jill:

    Well, take some or find some… geez.

  • http://babyv_nickj Hana


  • ehryle

    good luck V!!! break a leg… your awesome and talented.. gorgeous :)

  • Sonia

    @katty They don’t have to and you shouldn’t talk like that! They don’t work for you honey .. sorry but I had to talk

  • blairr

    oh hey, great i’m stuck in the middle of nowhere.. not watching this:(
    man, wish i lived in caliiifornia

  • mykamicks

    Show off again your real & amazing voice on stage Vanessa. This once in a lifetime opportunity will break your detractors leg ( literally) lol!

  • Vanessa/Zanessa Freak

    She coloured her hair it looks amazing, I wish I could be there cheering her on, but Zac will be there he says he wouldn’t miss for the world, I love how they surpport each other and I know Vanessa is goong to be amazing once you give her something to do she blows you away, I will always love her <3

  • sunny

    Best wishes at the RENT show V!!!!

  • suzy

    can’t wait.

  • babyVlove1

    OMG!!!! 1 more day to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Her hat is back! ^_^
    I LOVE YOU VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nathalia

    I’m looking forward to today
    ‘m proud of vanessa

  • Tata

    Wish you good luck tomorrow, girls :)

  • W.S

    Hope that she has fun today, i wish her all the best. Good luck V and break a leg! :D<3

  • http://jjj marcy

    i’m glad that vanessa doesn’t follow the same artististic path as her bf

    goooooooooooo Vanessa

  • http://jjj telma

    she s gona be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOD LUCK Nessa!!!!!!!!!!

  • vfan

    She looks pretty, as always.
    I can’t wait for Rent.
    She’s gonna rock and do everyone proud! :)

  • DIamond

    Vanessa u r truly gorgeous!!! I love her style! I am so happy rnt is today guys it’s today!!
    I wish I could go see it soo bad but I know she will rock it and be amazing and the show will be great!


    I wish the very best for Vanessa, and the reast of the cast, and NPH. GOD BLESS ALL OF THEM, i wish i could see them.

  • -just.bella.

    I’m going tomorrow night!!
    I know they ALL will do so well!

  • 77


  • roxana

    v looks lovely! im excited for her.somebody pls dont forget to share tonight’s experience with us who cant make it…

  • Sam

    cant wait!!!

  • Sam

    it’s for her character

  • Sam


  • Sam

    I hope we get some videos

  • Unbelievable

    ToNight is the night and I know vanessa will do great. She just needs to be herself and she’ll be fine. Just wish I could see it.