Zac Efron Reaches The Summit

Zac Efron Reaches The Summit

Zac Efron cools off by picking up a Jamba Juice smoothie on Friday afternoon (August 6) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 22-year-old actor was later seen visiting Summit Entertainment, which produced the Twilight franchise and his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens‘ 2009 flick, Bandslam. They most recently worked with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me and the dance flick Step Up 3D, in theaters NOW!

Could Zac and Summit have a new project in the works?

Hope we get pictures of Zac out supporting Van at Hollywood Bowl’s Rent. They’re with Brittany Snow and Ryan Rottman!

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron meeting with Summit Entertainment…

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  • mikaela

    first :D
    hope we get pics of him and vanessa at her performance in RENT!
    GOOD LUCK V ! :D ♥

  • lauren

    i had no idea there was a jamba juice in

  • annie

    i love him¡¡ hahaha okayy… HEY post this in twitter¡¡¡ make a TT
    #GoodLuckVanessa Please¡¡¡

  • lauren

    i always wonder if people who work at starbucks or wherever are they used to celebrity’s coming in for coffee or whatever? im sure there used to it.

  • beatriz

    wow zac efron is hot <3

  • maria

    oh yes #GoodLuckVanessa
    and zac efron yumi yumi <3

  • zanessaloverss123

    everyone everyone hahah #GoodLuckVanessa check out twitter and tweet #GoodLuckVanessa wee loveyou zac hott he is there to support v


    att: itaG_ZVfreak

  • Lo

    Nicholas Sparks tweeted that Zac’s starring in a film adaptation of one of his books, so maybe Summit is part of that.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I wounder if Summit will help Zac on His next movie the Lucky One That starts filming this Fall.

  • Zanessafanforever

    YAY! We never get candids of Zac, and he looks sooo hot :]
    & right now, Zac is backstage with Vanessa at the hollywood bowl before RENT!!
    && Zac is gonna be at all 3 of vanessa’s RENT performances

    zanessa forever :)

  • kim

    Nice pictures and hopefully we will see Zac and Vanessa photos later! Hope Vanessa has a great time in Rent!

  • http://j cf

    hooooot.. i hope we get pics of them after the performance

  • pop86

    He looks good.

  • s

    emily browning is also there to support her, apparently. yay :)

  • maria

    I think he looks really good too. Very manly,scruffy, rough. I LIKE it!!

  • zanessa/scashley

    I like that top on him. It makes him look sexy. =)

  • Londonlemming

    @Bradley Bobst: Zacs rumored new movie is being done by WB.@Zanessafanforever: Zac will NOT be at all three shows.he Is attending the TCA’s tomorrow.the red carpet is scheduled to start at 6:30 and end 8:30 then there is the taping of the show at which he is a presenter and a nominee.he is scheduled to be seated next to the Glee there is no possible way he could attend when Rent starts at 7:30 tomorrow night.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks great in the new pictures saw Charlie St Cloud Last week Zac kicked Ass in the movie is one amazing actor.

  • Mimi

    soo hot as usual!

  • mike

    Zac is probably doing a project with the summit Entertainment

  • mx

    ugh. every movie you listed from that studio is garbage. and nicholas sparks? zac, you can do better than that!

  • amandaefron..

    hotttttttttttttttttt love him 4ever <3


    I *love* the scruff! Uber-manly; very hot.

  • eyeh8twilight

    OMG, Zac, stay away from Summet. Summet is a horrible production company that makes incredibly crappy movies. I mean, they make
    Step Up and Twilight, and those 2 franchises are full of bad actors and bad movies.

    If I were an actor and my agent said I got an acting job for a movie but it was under Summet, I would quit that job before he finished the sentence. You’re a better actor than that, Zac. Don’t go with Summet, you’re going to be in bad movies and be made fun of the rest of your life, look at Robert Pattinson-do you want THAT kind of attention? Everyone making fun of you all the time?

    …Although…Summet owns MTV or vice/versa, and this means that Zac would win an MTV movie award over Twilight, because Summet riggs the MTV movie awards. Then again, us HP fans give Twilight all of the awards. No HP fans vote for those awards, too immature. We have higher box office totals, we’ve sold more books, we have more fans worldwide, and our movies are praised. Do we need a couple American teeny awards on our shelves? I don’t think so.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!